First figure were going to be taking a look at here is the new spider man minifigure. This is the first version of the integrated suit and it looks great. It appears to be based off of the homecoming suit, which is the stand, the the first one that we see from civil war and homecoming uh, and it looks great. The gold printing looks beautiful. The printing overall in this figure just looks amazing. The arm printing is great it you can even see like the circuitry decal or details on the head and on the torso and arms and legs it looks beautiful. The spider printed in gold looks great theres the belt piece right here, which is printed in gray. That looks great, and the way you can tell that this is based off of the homecoming version is the eyes where, as the other ones, i dont have the other figures with me on hand, but the other eyes are bigger, and these are the smaller narrower lenses And, of course, as all spider man sets, they come with these nice web pieces. These are printed or not printed. These are molded in gold. In this nice pearl gold color, you get all of the standard ones. You can see they look great and i think thats all for those spider man next were going to take a look at the vulture figure, and this is a definite step up from the one that we got in 2017, 2018, uh already off the bat we got.

This nice, helmet and gas mask combo and im going to show you just right off the bat the face uh first face printing, its nice. You got the the beady eyes, nice mouth print. You can see that the eyebrows and the other mechanical details are printed very nicely. I like that silver detail and the green looks great on the eyes and on the back he has the adrian tubes, michael keaton, face uh, very, very nice, printing and the skin tone. Printing was very well onto the gunmetal, try not to say the word printing too much uh remove this gun out the way beautiful torso. The detail is great and something i didnt even notice. When i was taking a look at these before i started. The recording is that you can see the the tiny detail in there its very covered up, but where the the mask piece goes into, you can even see that right there, which is great uh, the zippers and the belts and the the the wraps for the arms. Look great um, no leg printing, which is okay, no arm printing none needed uh im going to take off the neck bracket. So, as you can see, the back printing not losing the head. Um back printing looks great. This is the padding that connects to the wings. Look awesome and so does the the fur printing uh. That goes all the way around for the coat that looks great as well, and just to show you how the helmet goes on.

You probably saw when i took it off, but im going to show you just in case uh, actually take that off. First put on this mask and then you put on the head uh put on the head. Mine does not like to go on for some reason, but once you get it on there, you go to cover up that face and then you can put the helmet on and when you put the visor down that looks great so thats what it looks like on. The front side, and then, if you turn it around man, this is not going on correctly. There we go. Okay fix it, yeah all right. So this is what the head looks like the other way around. You can put the helmet on and then just have them without the goggles and his gun is just a standard. Stud shooter, purple blast purple jewel in the back and yeah thats it for the minifigures. Now lets move on to the bills. First, bill were going to take a look at is the vulture wings, and these wings are very, very nicely built. Uh, you see the stickers you have all the stickers are or make up the wing pieces. Um got stickers on the nexo knight shield and on the two by three modified plate. Stickers, look really good! You got another sticker on the nexo knight shield and turn it around got this nice padding piece here using the two by two round plates, and you also have the turbines on both wings, and i love these wings, because not only are they smaller than the ones From the 2018 version, but theyre also better built too theyre theyre more sturdy and they fall apart, less and heres.

What the wings look like attached to the vulture. Oh, this gun came off there we go. This is what it looks like attached to the vulture and you could pose it. Of course it the wings flap and so do the the fingers or the feathers at the end, and the turbines are on a ball joint and of course they they can spin and the last bill were going to take. A look at is the spider drone, which is very excessive uh. I dont think spider man is going to use this giant drone in no way home. I dont see any purpose for it outside of just for playability, but the build is pretty nice nonetheless. So lets go into it. Of course you got the standard shape of a spider. Uh has the legs even sort of a scarab and a spider uh, but yeah i like it uh. You know you got. You have stud shooters on the front, those shoe, and then you get back upstairs in case you lose those on the back. You can open up this back panel and inside there im gon na move my hand, so you can see the light inside is a open opening panel and got a little spider guy in there. So it looks pretty good its the spider piece that was made for the 2019 wave of spider man sets, and that looks pretty good um the turbines on the on the drums spin.

Very well. All of them do they spin great and on the cockpit piece you can put spider man inside so lets demonstrate that real, quick and he fits nice and snuggly in there, and i love this beautiful gold molded piece uh for the for the windshield. That looks great. I love that, but uh were gon na, take spiderman out and then were gon na use the secondary function of this um. I can get them out there. We go heres a secondary function of this. The rope on the back spiderman can put can attach to uh its like a gold web gon na put his hand on there. There we go and yeah he can just he can hang off of the back of it while hes fighting the vulture also forgot to mention that on the back, this is a sticker. These two right here stickers is also a sticker and on each of the arms theres, a sticker right there and on the front of this nexo knight shield is also a sticker all right. Moving on to the instruction booklet uh its the standard uh, this is 20 uh, instructor booklet, 100, piece 200 piece instruction: booklet, uh inside you got standard building operations, uh skip to the to the back. You got. The piece counts its great uh on the page. Before that you got the final bill and then the advertisements for the october wave. No, this is the uh the september wave, uh yeah, and that looks great and on the back, you got the wind thing and moving on to the box box is your standard.

Twenty dollar box size uh lets zoom out just a tiny bit, so you can see the rest of the box uh. Of course you got a vulture spider man, drone spider man, vulture spider man up top the beautiful render spider man on top of this new suit. That spider logo at the bottom actual size uh. Let me get spider man off of the thing, so i can do this bit: okay, uh, so for actual size, spider man lets put them up all right, thats, pretty accurate uh. On the side. We got some spanish on the back of the box. We got play features there. They are again spider man, drone theres, a spider at the top cant see it there. You go spider at the top uh thats, a vulture spiderman um marvel bottom of the box. Life, recycle barcode and yeah thats. It now lets go on to the final thoughts and there you have the spiderman no way home spider. Drone duel this set is pretty good. All things considered, even though yeah i feel like everybody, can agree. Spiderman doesnt need a drone, but getting a new mysterio in spider. Man is great, so i say its not all bad um, so i say pick this setup uh just for the the figures again, which is, i feel like most of this way you can get the set for the figures um. You can also get the set for the the beautiful gold spiderweb pieces which look fantastic but uh thats like thats all i got to say so.