Today we are taking a look at the spider man no way home, but not really spider. Mans drone duel. This set retails for 20 bucks in the united states. Now, im, not a big fan of random spider man vehicles, but, like other sets in this wave, the minifigures are the main, draw and hard to pass up. The first figure in this set is this black and gold spider man. As of now, we have no idea what this suit is gon na do in the movie, but it looks dope. The color combo makes for an awesome and detailed heavy suit im, especially impressed with the arm printing and this rune type lettering engraved in the suit lego. Really went the extra mile with this figure. Spider man also comes with these golden web pieces, which i think is the first time were getting them in this cool pearl gold color. The set also comes with plenty of other gold web pieces, as well as some other extra pieces. Vulture also comes in this set. Getting a much needed upgrade from his appearance in the homecoming sets from 2017. from using the correct colors for his costume to not reusing the iron man helmet again, hes just so much more accurate. He also comes with a stud shooter and a drool piece because when in doubt give the lego bad guy a jewel, i swear almost every theme. Does this taking off all his gear? Vulture has a dual sided head with michael keatons face on the back to me.

This just looks comical, but its still cool giving vultures gear back. I much prefer these wings to the ones from the homecoming sets. While they seem a bit oversized, you could probably still complain about the accuracy. I still think they get the point across well, especially with these sticker details. There are plenty of ways to pose vultures wings, as well as these rotors on them and the clips on the sides, or you could just make a vulture sandwich like me, while not the worst spider man vehicle weve gotten from lego. This one is definitely one of the strangest i get. This is to match the new black and gold suit, but without the spider man stickers, it just looks more like a batman vehicle to me. The drone has these cool gold blade pieces and propellers to spin around on him. It should be noted, though, that at least for me, the plate that connects them to the body of the drone just falls apart, a lot which is really annoying. There is also a cockpit that you could put spider man in despite a lack of controls and a windshield he cant, see out of on the back of the drone theres a container with a silver spider inside. I guess this is a bomb or some sort of spider bot. It reminds me of the ones from spider. Man. Ps4 is also a spot to put this gold piece which doubles as a web for spider man.

I guess if he doesnt want to fly his drone. He could just hold on for dear life. Instead, to be honest, i would have rather them cut the drone build entirely in favor of beefing up vultures wings. It feels weird to say i want less from a lego set, but this build just joins a plethora of unnecessary spider man vehicles that will be taken apart or ignored after a short time.