Four minifigures retailing for 40 in the united states now lets take a look at those minifigures, so heres a look at that new spider man suit my gosh. This looks freaking fantastic. I love the gold, the black and the red just coming together for a very awesome. Color combination, the black and red suits, are kind of my favorite spider. Man suits honestly, you can see some back torso printing and this figure is exclusive to the set so far at least love the dual molded legs and the printing on the torso and everything just glides up with the legs perfectly. This is one of my favorite spider man suits in recent years, obviously, and of course, being a modern lego super set. We have these web blast pieces, which you guys know how those are built and those appear numerous sets. So the doctor, strange minifigure, is completely new and exclusive to this set im. Sure well probably get a similar variant with the doctor strange two sets next year. This design has a completely new piece with a rubber like cape design. Yeah, usually, we get cloth for capes, but weve gotten some rubber, like material for capes, for like the lego batmobile 89 set. This is another iteration of a rubber cape design. I love how this came out where its always fixed in this position and since the cape of levitation has a personality on its own. Something like this really does work. You dont even have to take apart the minifigure to put the cape on where you just kind of push it across the neck like this, and it will all attach just like this.

I think thats so cool other than that, though his face print is new. For my understanding, with an angry face on this side, also, the torso and leg printing is new as well. The hair printing is new too, where you get that hair piece with some nice side, gray, hair print designs just for the coloring, its also present on this side as well. You can see the back torso printing and he does have an alternate face where he looks a lot more confident. The long minifigure is exclusive, as well weve, gotten wong in a bricktober set, but to get them in a wide release set like this is pretty fantastic. The torso printing and legs are exclusive to the set, as well as the face print. I will say the hairpiece they use doesnt, really look like the hair. That wong has, i think, thats too much of a head of hair. They actually have a perfect piece, which is the piece from the sam wilson captain america, from the collectible minifigure marvel series and to me put that hair piece on, and that looks a little bit more like wong. Am i wrong? I dont know. Let me know in the comments, its also a shame that he doesnt have an alternate face, but because he doesnt have an alternate face, that hair piece actually works. And finally, we have a minifigure for zendey as michelle or mj. The design of this uses a torso print from the lego harry potter, summersets, which was the chess set.

So this is a little bit cheaper than that set face. Print is the same one they use in the far from home sets. Hairpiece is much more fitting for the character than the far from home sets, though you can see some back torso printing, which also has an alternate face where she has a confident smirk, but thats it for the minifigures. This set now lets take a look at the build so for the builder set. We have this giant bug monster and then the sanctum workshop, which well take a look at first, the same dumb workshop isnt another build for the sanctum sanctorum, which weve gotten twice, but rather this build of a very spiritual successor to the sanctum sanctorum. But in a design thats more of a workshop build – and you can see this back section right here – isnt as pretty as the front but theres still a continuation there, but we do have this frame at the front. I do really wish that these were prints. Instead, you got a bunch of these stickered tile pieces and thats just annoying to put on, especially since a lot of them use the same design with this corner design right here, but anyways beyond that section, with those stickered tiles to the left. We have a section with the computer as well as a chest with another beast coming out. I like how they did this, where they just have a very small, build with these tentacle pieces attached at the end, and then they just plop it into the chest.

Kind of popping out other cool trinkets include the new hourglass piece which was introduced in the summer with the frozen uh ice palace, set, which i still need to get thats a fantastic piece, and i hope to get that in more sets. Theres a boom box, as well as a sticker for the computer screen, which you can see, i believe, thats peter parker on there. We also have a 1×2 print of that keyboard design, as well as a cookie to the left on this wall here its nice to get the toolbox piece, which is pretty common in red in a dark blue. Also that power miners crystal right there at the very top some interesting builds with the astrolabe and this little uh hatched egg bottom, as well as with this little light to the right nice egg piece in tan. Even a spider web on the wall, then, to the right side of the workshop. We have a small little couch that has a gaming controller on it. Also that candelabra piece, which was introduced last year really nice to get in this, set a bike on the wall which is just attached with a peg connection to a modified one by one, with the knob right there and its kind of concealed by the bike. But you can see they use the geode piece from the legacy space sets a couple years back and thats present on a chima crystal thats, actually a really nice holder for that piece, and on this side we do have a bunch of different tools on the wall.

Right there and a nice appearance by that one by one from the lego dots line, and that comes in that interesting, translucent color, where it did appear in some of the random dots packs in that color. We also have a bottle a chalice to the left right. There a barrel which on the inside has two gems. We have a green and a red one and then, in these drawers right here, theres a yellow, syringe which thats the first time were getting that syringe piece in yellow kind of interesting another tool. And then, at this bottom drawer we have one more tool as well, but anyways putting that back a look at the back section of this workshop. We only have this small section here, as well as some extra details like this part, looks a little bit like a grotto build where you have a statuette figure at the bottom. There also a pink gem at the very top, with a spider at the top in black as well to the right, interesting design right here and then theres, even a scorpion to the left back side of the sanctum workshop. But i think thats it for the build of the sanctum workshop, just getting some views from different angles. You can see how this all comes together, but now lets move on to that interesting bug monster for this mutant monster. The design of this has an interesting part usage where they use the vine piece clipped on with that one part that has a pole connection at the top and you put six of those for the legs.

I just never saw that combination before and it works pretty. Well, you can move those up and down and it supports the main build decently, though most of the time itll fall on those claws at the front which the design of those claws are attached with a clip connection, so you can move them up and down making Them pinch, you also make them hold on to minifigures in that regard as well, which works pretty effectively, and then that section is connected at the shoulder to a miniature ball joint, which is connected to the base with another miniature bulger. So you can get some nice positions outside of there. The head design is connected with a miniature ball joint as well. So you get some nice movement. I like how thats built using one of those modified one by twos at the front in the black, as well as those little. I guess, light pieces just attached on with the clips at the side and then those teeth at the front. It comes together for a very interesting looking bug, but anyways for the rest of this build theres, almost a tail like design at the back right here, and these are just clipped on so you can move them around, but this base at the middle right here is Actually connected with a hinge connection, so you can get some nice movement just moving that up and down, but for posing heres one pose where hes like.

What do you want from me, or he looks a little bit like a crab here – hes just like jumping up and down like good job, good job and heres a pose that makes him look like hes trotting around, but i think thats it for the builds of The set lets take a look at the packaging and the final verdict and the box is that square 40 box size which, at the back, has some different shots of the set and the instructions dont provide an ad for the other no way home sets. But rather just some recent marvel sets so overall this is a great parts pack, first and foremost with four fantastic minifigures and great trinkets throughout, like the little crystal pieces that they give some interesting sticker and printed parts parts from like, say the frozen pallets with that Hourglass piece, or even that piece from dots or that piece from lego city with the rock the build i do feel is a little bit worse in person where it feels like some random parts just thrown together of this workshop. I wish there was just a bit more consistency with this front design and back design where this back design feels like a rocky rugged area. The front feels like an old workshop, but it just doesnt, i guess men together well, would be the best way to put it. It feels very random in that regard. I also dont like how they have aspects like those uh little wall designs, stickered.

That would have been fantastic printed, but at the end of the day, theyre still good stickers, its just annoying to put the same design on a bunch of different tiles. So if all things considered for this, for you ill replace that id rate this set an 8 out of 10., it may not be the best build, but its definitely an interesting one filled with some great colorful details throughout, and i think that four dollar price point Is perfect for whats included, you get some great minifigures, you get a great side, build with the bug and that interesting main build filled with interesting pieces with the workshop.