This is set seven, six, one, nine five, this that comes with two minifigures uh, a drone and vultures wings. So well have a look at the the drone. Then the vulture wings or with vulture, then the minifigures and then the box, so lets go so here weve got the spider drone heres a 360 look at it, its a pretty cool design. Uh. All the propeller pieces can move like that, one that one that one and that one theres two stud shooters one here and one there at the back. You can open this bit up and theres this little piece here that you can open up and theres this little spider here, which this piece was in the uh nexo knight sets uh at least the last wave that came out and theres nothing else in there. Then you can close that back down and theres this gold piece here which, which you can put spider man on just clip it that on and just lift this up and then you can have the uh drone fly spiderman around uh and the last play feature is That you can open this up and put spider man in there and then you can close back up and then hes controlling the um, the drone, so that was the spot of drone now well have weve at vultures wings, okay, uh! So now weve got uh vultures, wings uh. The major play feature, i guess, is that you can put him on the uh, the back piece and then thats what he looks like when hes on air.

You can move these little pieces here which look like theyre kind of swords, kind of and the same on that side. Uh. You can move this up and down. Look like a bird and or in this case a vulture uh. You can move these pieces around and that yeah the same and you can move them around 360 degrees and thats the same with that and uh yeah and theres, the back, which is ha, which has a sticker, which is pretty cool and uh yeah thats vultures wings. So here weve got spider man and vulture heres, a 360 look at them with spider man, hes got uh golden webs, uh and thats it for spider. Man hes got arm printing on both sides and just good detailing i guess, and with the vulture hes got a stud shooter which can fire and hes also got a purple diamond and uh. You can lift this up and you can see his eyes. You can turn the head around and could also do that or you could just um take that off and then well. I dont think you want to do that, but you could also do that. Uh theres his jacket and then the back is just the back of his jacket and uh yeah thats it for the minifigures heres the front of the box, heres, the top of the box and heres the back of the box. I hope you enjoyed this video hope.