We got it at target and im excited to take a closer look now. This is inspired by spider man far from home, so it doesnt look like it has anything that would be happening on the new movie thats about to come out, spiderman no way home, but we do have um all these cool minifigs right here, and this is our First, if ive not mistaken, first red and black suit, uh that we have for spiderman, because we did have the red and blue one from the other set that came out with far from home, thats kind of what he looked like kind of. Well, exactly what he looked like, and here we have this so guys lets go ahead and get started before we get started not already subscribed to our channel. Please hit the subscribe button below hit the notification bell next to get notified every time i have a new video come out talk to us in the comments below wed love to. Let us know what you think of these action figures. Well, these minifigs and this playset. So what do you say? We get started right now, Applause, what is up vincent ggg, vince and gigi on super channel g, so tight dont stop doing what youre doing. Congratulations on all your success! Congratulations on everything! I will see you on the tv! God is this all right, friends, welcome back to vincent gts, super channel g and im so excited to get this open.

I found this spider man no way home lego set number 76 184, its a spider man versus mysterious drone attack. Now, if you do notice, it does say inspired by marvel studios, spider man far from home. However, we will be doing this one next, so keep an eye out for that one: look how this one is from the movie. However, both of these sets look great im. Sure they might even make more sense, but i was actually a little shocked that i was able to pick this up because um you know target is notorious for stuff being put on the shelves that is street dated. But this one apparently was supposed to come out right here, so uh lets get this open lets see whats in here this is spider man, nick fury and mysterio. In this set, and of course this is very similar to the drone attack set except uh. It is a smaller set from when that movie came out. This is everything thats in here and were gon na build it and see it does have 73 pieces, so it is not a big set and then it is a junior set according this right here. But look how great this looks, lets get it open lets see whats inside and i didnt want to destroy the package. This one does not have tape on the side so lets see. If i can do that without destroying it. Maybe not, but well try just kind of lifting as i go across, instead of punching the side of it, but well find out right here and obviously looks like were doing okay.

I definitely dont want to cut myself, but i definitely dont want a cardboard cut either on my finger, which is way worse than a paper cut, all right. That should be good enough right there oop, oh, maybe not! That should be good enough lets see how many bags we have right here. We have. We have two books: okay, so it breaks it down as if its two builds right here, so thats kind of cool – i guess, make it easier and uh theres nothing else in here. So lets see we got our two little bags and this would go this this and we have that right there so lets lets, get it set up and do one than the other alright, so lets start with bag, one Applause and our tiny little bag right. Here. Applause, all right cool lets, bring this just a little bit closer and see what we got going on here. This looks cool and get started with wow cool these little um animations showing what to do. Obviously we open the bag heres our hands put that together and in that order, so lets get our spider man and interesting Music. Okay, so lets go like this put our spiderman together, just like that and voila okay. Next is, i guess we have this loading right here as hes moving along next. We have this piece, and this piece attaches with this one and there we are so as we continue loading right there.

We put this in spider mans hand. Here we are well set that aside Music – and here we are building mysterio, Music and uh kind of interesting. Its got like this pearl quality to it right here, so well, open this to get our little cape Music. Put this on right here and interesting how it doesnt uh overlap, like ones weve done in the past, where you put two on there uh one two holes, one on top of the other, so here we are theres his i mean i guess they could have put His actual face there, since this is going on here and maybe just put one that we couldnt see through, but nonetheless there we go and because this doesnt fold over, like the other one, this kind of sticks out like that. But i dont know its definitely different. So well set that aside and our little loading spider man, progress, symbol right here is moving on: oh okay, cool and im. Seeing these are the pieces, we need thats what that is right here, so we have – and this and this give that to mysterio. We have our walkie talkie, which not a walkie talkie im assuming its to command right here and well. Give him this big jewel. Those hand was turning so set that aside right, there keep going. We have this piece which goes right here, for our drone put these two right here very cool and then these right here.

Okay, our progress is moving right along well put these clear short one by twos two by ones and those are kind of cool. Then we have this piece which is going to go right on top, so its going to be a big drone, its going to be very different to the original ones. This will go here, and this will go here and now we have this piece and this all right and okay lets see. Okay, forgive me, i had to sneeze okay, and this is gon na go right here. This is gon na go right here, and this run away from me its right here on the top, and then we have these, which it looks like we can shoot them out. I guess put them right in here and push them in the back end. Okay, it did shoot out and then theres our suggested um play right here, and that was pretty cool. Okay lets. Try that again put this right here and Music click it into place and wow it did shoot out. Let me put focus on mysterio lets see. I guess its going too high lets aim it down a little put it right there and boom, so thats kind of cool theyre right here and then wow. That was pretty good. Okay lets look at our mini figs right here and check out this spider man. I am liking the way he looks. Look at that hes got that tech, spider symbol.

Look at that lets turn him around and yeah. You know what i can probably find, the one that was released for this original movie and well compare and then heres mysterio, and this mysterio, i believe, probably looks actually even better than the other one that came with the other set look at his suit. So that looks great and let me compare them all right so here we go just gon na set this over here and youll. Remember these little drone guys and the spiderman i forgot. This was a the red and blue suit, so im gon na bring them up right here. So we can compare these two spider man action, pigs and this one is way cool because from that scene, obviously he would have the red and black suit. Look how great that looks, and even the face is better look at that better detail on the cow theres, some great detail on this action figure so cool and we didnt have a red and black one in the first set oops im. So sorry but um. We do now and then look at this drone. This drone is definitely different and got a little uh a lot more small details and can fire off from here. When you press that but um, i actually thought it was a lot smaller and its not a lot. Smaller its slightly smaller Music but um, at least in the area. It takes up its definitely a lot shorter, but yeah big difference and its kind of cool.

How this one shoots like that, and this one shoots through here and these pop off so lets, set that aside and then heres the mysterio lets. Look at our mysterio look at this. This one is definitely more movie accurate. Look at that and it looks like wow interesting, even look at the detail right here on the on the legs. Look how theres right color of a purple right there, but only on that one side, thats very different from that, so great job on making that more movie accurate and then, like i talked about earlier, like it has the two holes in that cape to have it Overlapping and it brings the cape down like that and then look for the head sculpt this one is this like metallic liquid metal, looking color with a with a clear um helmet there, and this one is this one – is more pearly blue, so theres your differences right. There, let me go ahead and move these aside and oh, and by the way we did have two in that set. Okay, lets move these aside right here and lets. Do our other um. Let me throw this away and do our our second bag here we are here is our second bag and we have um nick fury right there and obviously you know in the movie it wasnt actually nick geary, but look how cool that looks. Lets get this bag open and see what weve got in here, set that aside open up our bag right here and take a look at our book, so there we are, we already dumped everything out, use this um body frame for the car and theres the pieces.

We need so heres. Nick hes only got one face on his action figure lets find where his legs are um. Im like, where are his legs? Hmm, oh theyre, right here right in front of me, you know ill go ahead and compare this one right away. So we have this nick fury as opposed to this nick fury, and is there a difference it looks like there is not. I want to be absolutely sure. Look at that. It looks like this is the exact same action figure, thats cool, okay. Well, this is definitely the same action figure and i think, oh i was gon na say we may even have that same gun, but no, we dont okay, so check this out. Now that we have this nick fury well make two of these. Here we go okay, making a little progress there. Okay, so one of the steps is just put him in his hand, have the left one slightly higher than the right one. According to this picture, now he may end up leaning forward, so we might have to put one facing down, but he can stand. We did either have to lean him way back. We can just do that or we can lean him. Uh im sorry stand him normal and have one pining down like that depends on how we want it to look. Okay set that aside lets keep going. We have our little nick progress bar right there, so we have this and thats it.

We just have that. Okay, so were gon na make these the wheels and tires uh together lets see which one do we want on the outside? I guess the one with all the uh, the writing on the top and the bottom versus just the top. So that way, it might look a little bit more like a real tire, so thats a decision im making here lets, get this Music there we are, and that way they all match Music. This one right here, im sure the next step is yep. Put these tires on right here. Look at that there we go. They roll pretty! Well, look at that okay, so this looks like this can go on either side either side would be the front or the back, because it looks like its um definitely symmetrical. Lets get this right here, put the steering wheel and man in all these years. These steering wheels have never changed. Definitely when i was a kid we would have these steering wheels and for cars and sometimes even the spaceships, if it wasnt the little stick that they pulled out like this but um yep. So then we have what appears to be like a bumper, maybe that we would have right here im surprised that we dont put a piece under it. Honestly, okay – and we have these clear short – two by ones – might have made sense to have uh round ones. There circles, but anyway, okay now we have this piece thats gon na go here and this piece thats going to go here again with nothing under it.

I guess lets not leave a finger smudge. This one piece here got taller. We have three of these and i will say that the way they built this instructions are are really easy to read. I mean obviously, but it is a vast improvement to make this easy for everyone. Okay, so well, go ahead and put this here. Put this one yellow piece here and lets see, i guess we can put this right there except this right here and we are getting close. So this goes here. This one goes here. This one goes here and like were getting close to the end. This little hood goes right here with this going right here there we are this. One piece will go here on the top and it looks like were going to use these clear ones to look like a police vehicle or an emergency vehicle. I should say, and there we go tada theres nick. We can actually put these right in here – Music, very cool, okay, and then we can sit them down like that. Put them right in here boom and there we go. I guess he would have to turn all the way to the left to see, since he only has one eye, but yep that looks cool, and here we are lets get all of our dudes out here. I have this going on and this is just an extra piece. So let me know what you think and get a little bit closer and we can put nick outside the vehicle for a moment.

Lets get a little bit brighter because this Music is looking a bit dark here, so well put mysterio here with the controller to the drone, and let me can i change this okay there we are. I wanted to definitely brighten it up, so we could see here a little bit there. The detail is definitely sharper, probably had a little too dark there. Okay awesome: what do you think guys? You know. I just realized that chair was making us noise, listen, leaning, side to side. I guess im, not gon na use that anymore cool heres. What this little uh utility truck vehicle car looks like heres, nick heres, spider man and heres mysterio and theres our little drone there. We go all right. I want to thank you for hanging out with us here and what do you say? We look at the other set.