So um this set, you can buy it in your store or lego shop at home and so lets get to review. This set comes with two mini figures: spiderman im, the vulture and the spiderman mirror figure is based of the new movie spider man and the vulture is based of spider man homecoming. This is this is how they are betrayed from the front. These minifigure both have back printing. What are great so lets take a look on the new fini minifigure. First, as you can see, the homemade thicker is all black and has gold printing with the hands. This mythical comes with um, only one head, which is this one and legs and torso, are both molded and both and both hands are dull. Molded too, and um spoiler ahead, just jumped like five minutes five seconds later. This is the inside out of his red and black suit from the movie, so yeah and um, very, very fabulous. Me figure would really appreciate if it wasnt like a bit better but its good for what we have so lets. Take a look on the vulture next and this is a vulture, its a completely new mould for the helmet and the torso theres its 2017 midfielder. It was not good, so let go. Did this music again so, as you can see, he has a green legs. Brown coat with um grey hands and his helmet. Well, you can um, his voice goes up and down.

I has this breathing um thing so lets. Take this off and see. Look at the head for his first say: you can see his eyes. The green and his mouth will has an angry expression. Really detail is on a dark, gunmetal um head, so in the second side slide you can see is almost his face. Is all available is based on that one scene weve seen spider man homecoming yes, but he has a spinning expression which is really good. I want to put the helmet on the side. He looks very good. Mythica could not ask for more and lets take a look on the vulture wings, and these are the vulturings very detailed and, as you can see, these are very large and these are based on the high altitude suit from the end of a movie. So if we just take a closer look and see this set use a lot of stickers from the main detail, we have these wings flaps these turbines and a lot of sticker emma elements. We would really appreciate like if they made it just like printed once for life is life so nice of really detail. It is a back pretty blind ball and it uses this nectar night shield to help him stand, but reality, if you put it down, he just falls and he cant even stand up straight. So not really good piece, as you can see its just a bit too large and he keeps falling off so dont really do really like it.

These are two separate builds and yeah. He uses he uses this um see through mln to um click, his vulture wings. On so really good mint um suit much better than the 2017 one from spiderman no way um homecoming, but still really give me a figure love. It lets take a look on the second and last build of the set next is this um? Is this drum? Where is black and gold? Really detailed, as you can see, is a spider like his logo, Music. These all of them can spin around. As you can see, really nice love it um. I love it for them lets just not appear in the movie at all. So disappointment arise again, its really nice detailed um. As you can see, this is the cockpit we can unfold you. We can put a spiderman main figure in here. He sits just fine and shut him in there and ready for takeoff really nice um. It has two stud shooters and thats last forever, so um it has this spider logo here, and this can move up and down and heres this a compartment. What i see holds a little spider spider droid. He said spider bill for yellow um stud on the back and just puts straight back in there now this part in the move in the set where you take the spiderman mate thicker, and you put this cable on it, and here you can see you put it And you can put your spiderman made figure on here, just clicks right in there and youre going to take him off.

He stays on the no matter. What yeah pretty nice and play feature, but i just did display my sets really nice um drone set so but um just supported too, that it doesnt show up in the movie. So lets look up at the box and the final verdict. As you can see, a generic box um for the 25 30 pound ranges its not really thick. As you can see, this is the side of the box. Top lets place a new suit inside and shows other things the button other qr code on it. As you can see, uk – and this is the back – so this is front – has the name and the number seven up to sir – has a spider no way her labeling on it, and it also says here that inspired by marvel studio, spider man, homecoming thats, why it Has a vulture in it for, as you can see down there um and he does come with um spider webs someone go see anime. This is the new suits on the movie, and this is the back of the box. As you can see, the lego logo and the number of the set spider man and vulture fighting safe side box hardboin lego has this thumb openers like a marvel studio spiderman with him again a mood menu, droid says so ill, be back just in a second. This lego set is really really good to buy the the 18 pound set price is really good, really worth it to buy if you can go out and buy before christmas arrives.

Um. Thank you watching my video today im sorry, i was not on youtube for a long time, but i promise i will redeem myself and have a happy holidays. Everyone maybe see you next year, but happy holidays and happy new year.