This is the spider man bridge battle, which you can get in stores some stores theres one place called shields. That has this legoland discovery. Centers have this for five dollars. I got it from ebay, so lets take a look at the minifigure included. First, this spider man, minifigure included, is actually not a bad inclusion. This is a figure that only came in a four plus set. This two by three is a sticker only found in this set. This is actually a poly bag with quite a few stickers in it. Its new practice that lego is starting to do, which is including stickers in polybags, and this one says tower bridge, which is actually a scene from the movie using that sign as a shield. So thats, actually a pretty cool thing thats only in this set and of all things, its a sticker which im usually against. But i like, when theyre easy to put on like when theyre on a rectangular tile like this one, either way that design for spider man. As i said, comes that four plus set theres, also exclusive mysterio in that four plus set, though so, theres still an exclusive figure just for that set. If you skip this, poly bag still its great to have a very cheap way to get this really nice design of spider man, which was present in far from home. I love the dual molded legs there and the black and red just blend together perfectly theres that web slinger piece which, if you push down here it launches but yeah, i dont get the best launches with those for the builds of the set theres.

This drone build, which is different from the design of the no way home and far from home drones. This design actually uses that newer, stud shooter piece, which is kind of interesting on how that works, theres a two piece assembly with that trigger being a separate piece. You load two studs in there and pushing it down stud flies across the freaking room, oh my gosh other than that, its the same with the launcher on this side. Theres some gun designs at the front using those blaster pieces, the stickers are present at the top. With three stickers just to finish off the design there, this isnt the most stable design. As you see, these guns at the front tend to fall off. If you push them down at a certain angle, so its not the best design out there and in general we get a lot of drones from various themes, including the lego, spider man sets so its nothing too special. But if you do want a drone build of mysterios army, this is a cheap way to get it. While this polybag is the first no way home set of 2022 dont expect any special sets revealed this way on the instructions they actually have. No advertisement whatsoever, not even for the spider man 4 plus 2022 sets oh well well, have to wait and see what other spider man that far from home no way home sets we get in the future, but for now this is the only one for 2022, the Small polybag, with all things considered, as i said, its a great way to get that cheap and interesting spiderman minifigure without having to buy the four plus set, though you are missing out on the mysterio exclusive to that set.

The design of the drone build really isnt. Anything special aside from those newish stud launchers and how theyre integrating stickers into poly bags. I actually like the tower bridge sign in particular as the exclusive part to this poly bag, a nice sticker that isnt found in other sets, if all things considered id rate, this one a 6 out of 10 for 5, its not a bad poly bag whatsoever. The builds arent anything too special, but its a good way to get a good minifigure. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below i have to say. The sonic review comes out tomorrow. Ive been working on it all day, but it just wont be finished in time.