First were gon na be doing the minifigures. So, first up we have the vulture, which is a very nice minifigure, very nice minifigure to get – and it has the nice blaster with the purple stuff, has the gem of the purple stuff. He has this nice helmet with a removable face shield type thing: hes, a pretty nice print. He has this back thing which connects to his wings. There is a second facial expression expression which looks like this, and i believe this is a new piece, the gray piece. I believe that is a new piece, but coming from wrong in the comments – and this is the first minifigure second minifigure – that you get – is the one and the only spider man very nice. First time we get this spider man very nice mask back printing nice back printing arm printing too, which is always good to have on printing. I like how they did this minifigure very nice and now its going to show some of the accessories for spider man, spider man can come with this. This is actually in the building instructions made out of these gold pieces and this invisible piece, so it could go together and then now you can get this im shooting his little web. You also get this little string piece which ill be showing you later now for vultures wings. Very nice wings right here very big too, has a lot of stickers in the set very nice, and it does have these movable ball joint pieces, and these are also movable.

The wings can flap back and forth and to connect the vulture to his wings, just press in now you have vulture in his wings, looks very nice, and that is it for the vulture. The next thing is the spider drone, its very nice. So it has these propellers with jackie spin, a lot of stickers theres, so many those theres a spider sticker theres two stickers right here, theres another sticker right here, and that is it – and there is this old gold piece very nice to have because the new gold Pieces, look like this old gold pieces. Look like this. I really prefer these pieces so im glad that lego is taking them back this stud shooters on top yellow things and it is pretty big and then you can open up the back portion and you can see a spider drone inside and then you can also open Up this front portion top and open, and then you can sit down spider man inside it is not very big, but you can fit spider man inside it looks really cool and then now the next feature that this has on it is. You can actually take this little screen piece, theres, actually a little tiny piece in the back that you can connect to the string piece, its not hanging down from it, and then i can actually connect spider man to it like this, so that now he is hanging From the spider drone, that is a pretty cool feature.