We get a set of these web pieces, which is the first time its being used in pearl gold. Of course, vulture has brick built wings, and i really like the design of them. You do have to apply a lot of stickers on this, though it has a spinning turbine on both wings, which can move around by the way while they are a bit oversized. I still think theyre better than the one from 2017. now lets get on to this drone. It has four propeller blades, two stud shooters, a seat to hold spider man inside and the back can open to reveal this secret compartment, its a spider robot. We also have this really long rope piece which allows spider man to swing around im, really mixed about how i feel about this set. Of course, i like the minifigures, but this drone is honestly whatever the drone is just a really weird design and is vulture going to be in no way home. Well, probably never know until the movie comes out. So i give this a 6 out of 10..