It is a review on the spiderman no way home drone battle, the golden and black one. He if youve seen it, you know what im talking about. It comes with the vulture and spider man as 2k as two main characters. So let me get everything together: Music and um, and it should. I got it right here: heres the vulture hes, a new, updated version with a cool gas mask its really new, and i really like it and im happy. I got it with this set and so thats like. I always love that, and so it looks really neat and then you have his little wings that connect to his back theyre built well, but theyre kind of flimsy and they break occasionally like right now. It just was missing a wing piece but thats, okay, and then you put it on his back and he can you can make it where he flies around its pretty cool its very flexible, but it breaks a little easy but thats all right. You just got to put it together very easily here and im about to show the drone. One piece broke off: theres only a couple of pieces that like to break off heres the drone battle with spider man inside each spider. Man no way home set comes with a different suit, which is pretty cool, but they, but i wish they gave us the uh homemade suit and the mysterio battle the other one. Instead of giving us the same suit.

We got like last year, but i dont have that set, so i cant really complain about that one. This drone has stud shooters and propellers on it, and it also has this web to put spider man on. Let me show you, let me show it off. Uh and im fine im hoping for 2022 to be a year where im active on youtube a little more, i probably wont be because i just i dont, have much ideas for youtube. I just try to do youtube when i feel like – and i see a cool idea for a video to do. Im also deleting a few videos that i dont like just because theyre, random and dumb, but i will have more upcoming stuff like this one, like. I hope to do more toy review stuff, like i did with an old channel. I did when i was like five or something, but this drone battle i really like it and im really happy. I got it its twenty dollars.