So you have to assume that, as usual, the specific combination of figures, their outfits and any events that are suggested here are probably not entirely accurate to whats actually going to happen in the movie. Let me give you a quick spin of this just so you can see the overall shape. What is here and what is not here. You know theres theres a bit of a wall, but not a lot of it and then a little bit of cave, inner, sanctum kind of kind of space and it doesnt look terrible around the back, but its definitely not designed to be viewed in a camera friendly Way from but one major angle, and with such a large door there, you know that that even i feel spreads things out to the point where it feels even more empty than it actually is if they had just shrunk this door down. Even if that would be inaccurate, i think it would have made it feel more dense and full of stuff. The stuff that is physically built up and detailed is pretty nice, though i really like the simple just almost industrial style rack shelving unit back here, because it doesnt use up a lot of space just for its own structure. They dont use bricks for the sides, so it stays fairly open and gives you a lot of space to put things on those shelves and all the shelf space is pretty much used up for just small random details.

Im sure that many of them have specific meanings in universe, but i dont recognize them myself and maybe some of them actually dont have that much meaning theyre just kind of background set decoration. But i like the stuff that i see here this i dont know if its supposed to be a mimic or just one of marvels, tentacle monsters that is either being stored there or is coming through a portal. Inside of that. It kind of looks like its just intended to be a mimic to me and the way they did. This is very, very simple: its not really attached. You know just put a couple of these on a rounded 1×2 plate underneath close up the top just a little bit and it works. Just fine got a hourglass back there, dual molded with the actual tan color uh boom box, here small table with that that works. Just fine, a small desk works just fine with also a little bit of space, even though its just a two by four space for the table top it even has some open space and the computer. You know like small details. It just makes sense in in lego. Minifigure scale, let me skip all the way across to the other side: uh the candela candelabra right, thats thats. What thats called uh is. Is nice not not new small couch got the video game controller nice to see that still being made available, uh the more of those they make.

The merrier. If you ask me mountain bike, not a new design for the mountain bike, just the medium azure color, with silver wheels inside full set of silver colored uh tools – those are those are up. You got a couple of of drawers under here which each have one additional tool from that same set and theres an interesting thing in here that is a yellow, colored, syringe, which i think is, i think, thats a brand new color for that piece. I dont, i dont recognize that color, i dont think ive seen it before so nice to get that and theres a spare in this set as well. This barrel also has a couple things in it: gems, one in regular old trans, green one in regular old trans red theres, also an opalescent or iridescent colored octagonal, gem type piece first introduced. I believe in dots there and on a small side table is a geode on top of a crystal. I dont know if its a crystal or crystalline or glass plinth. I have a feeling that we will be able to recognize that in the movie when we see it, it wont look exactly like that, but i think well be able to see what they were going for nice to get those pieces either way. Dark blue colored scorpion here and then inside of this area, you have just a little bit of the old stone work with some carved out areas got a gem in there spider up on top just for the spookiness and a small trophy bowl over here i have A feeling thats a specific bowl – i just i dont know i dont know what it, what its intended to be again.

No other details to be seen around the back of here and the main doorway archway opening uses stickers for all these decorations would have been nice. If they came up with a i dont know, would it have been one or two prints necessary to to really make this work? I think they could have done it with just one with like a a printed one by two, but this gets you more different variation in there just did require a lot of stickers, which i know a lot of people kind of hate. These werent that difficult to apply, though this kind of ant mantis scorpion type thing, is not named by lego officially, but i like it, i like the build of it. I, like it much better, having seen it in person than i did from the pictures from the pictures. It kind of looked a little bit non descript like okay, you got a bunch of legs and stuff, but when its, when its built up, you see it has a bunch of articulation, you can open and close the the pincers on on the sides. Well yeah. They would be just pincers, uh youve got ball joints, two ball joints for the arms thats thats a lot, a a ball joint for the head that you can move around. So you can twist the head sideways and everything, and then also the entire upper body or forebody area here can be shifted back and forward.

You can put this up on its legs right now. I have it just on the ground. It will stand up on the legs, its just much more convenient to to have it set up this way. So you dont have to worry about the angles of these things, but yeah. I i think its, i think its pretty cool i, like it uh uses a sticker for a little bit of extra detail there on top, which im fine with you can easily leave that off. If you dont want to include that piece, but yeah its a cool, interesting design to me, the set spider man comes with the usual white colored web blast pieces and ill show you the rest of those as well, and up close, this is a red and black Spider man suit. I am not a professor of spider man studies, i dont know the significance of this particular suit or if it will show up for more than a second in the movie, if it has grand implications to the entire mcu and the sony disney continuum. I dont know any of that stuff. All i know is hes got dual dual molded legs and good prints. The prints look very nice. I i like it. I just plain like it. The eyes are done pretty well with the silver color used for the the uh. The the sense of depth around the sides – just really nice and on the right, is mj with a fairly simple print for the torso that that works.

I think works well enough. Taking this big hair piece off theres, of course, an alternate face which looks appropriate. I think for this, this version of the the character yeah good stuff, both of these, and then we get to dr strange and a strange new wong. Now that to me looks like wong from a different time right its a younger wong uh younger in the face and has hair and an outfit. I think that we havent seen before i think it looks stunning, the the print so the graphic design work on on the torso, hip and leg pieces all together, look really really nice its going to be interesting to see what that character. What this version of the character is all about: im, assuming that its about time travel well see, but on the left. The cloak of levitation is a big deal, new piece, all one piece and you can take it off and snap it on to any figure that you want. As long as the figure doesnt have any major armor pieces or anything – and it looks great – i love the the the shape of it – you can use it in a build. You know use some clear pieces to make it look like its levitating and doing its own thing. They show something funny with it. Moving a a a drill around a hand, drill around on the box, art its really nice and its real contrast to what they did for the for the same thing with the the cmf for for what? If, when they put the same type of thing, using the traditional cloak pieces, uh on uh spider man, there underneath that – and we also take this off.

Of course you got the the printing on the side of the head for doctor strange here, but underneath there is more to see good alternate face, no alternate face, unfortunately, for that that was, that was a a poor surprise, although maybe were supposed to be seeing like, Like him, age is so maybe we need to see him with the hair off there. Im not sure talking about wong, of course, uh yeah second face would have been really nice, but the prints that are here, i think, are good and heres. This just just cuz cause. Why not, or rather, how could i not amongst the spares, are extras of some of the nicer pieces, including the new, yellow, syringe and the not new, but still very cool blessing part? These are the leftover web blast pieces that were not shown either around the place or originally in spider, mans hands, and this is what the sticker sheet looked like its a lot of little stickers for this set. Now i paid 40 u.s for this set its standard retail price, and the funny thing is, i dont feel too bad about that, like. I think i think if it was 35 dollars, i would feel it was perfectly priced and thats thats odd im a little bit conflicted because a part of me looks at this and sees well its not a whole lot of volume here. But then the details are good. The minifigures are good.

The side build is good, im, just kind of happy with the whole thing, even though it doesnt feel like a tremendous amount of stuff. I dont feel like ive gotten that bad of a deal here again about 35 – i feel, would be pretty perfect for this, so for it to be just 40 uh just 40.. You know only five dollars beyond what what my brain says at first and yet licensed and here at the end of 2021 kind of feels. Okay, so yeah, even though source material hasnt come out yet and im, not a super hyper hyper fan of what the source material comes from myself. Personally, i just think that theyve done a pretty decent job here and its not too overpriced. Let me know what you think about that comment.