Three in one robot set thing uh once again, there’s a minifigure. I know i said i wouldn’t show them, but in case you’re only interested in one particular model. I said i decided i’d show him in each one: here’s, his body print nice head print there and that’s the back of him with some print on the back of the transparent head. Also so this model there’s, the instruction manual – is a hovercraft speeder type thing, and i think this is a really really good model. Um. You are still left with a large abundance of parts. Let me just push them into camera view. You are left with loads of parts i’m curious to see exactly how many parts you’re left with when you build the larger model, but anyway this is the speeder, and i think it looks really really good. I’D. Happily use this for many things in a sci fi. Stop motion film uh. You have these that can be adjusted at the back here, they’re on little ratchet kind of. Oh no. There goes that piece they’re on ratcheted little pieces at the back. You have these fins that you can adjust as well. Uh these at the front can kind of be adjusted yeah. You can pretend these are cannons and you can, like you know spring into attack mode, and then you can like tile it down for just when it’s driving. You do have room. If i get the minifigure, he just goes in there and you just kind of have to bend them a little bit i’m not going to.

But you can, just you know, bend them in a bit to grab onto these handles to actually drive the thing um, but he fits on there anyway, you can fit a minifigure on it. You do have a nice use of kind of. You could pretend these would be the frosters to lift it off the ground as it takes off and there is the like engine detail kind of like the flame coming out, the back of the the thing uh you don’t have any printed console pieces just like the Mech, you just put these two in here: instead um, but yeah that’s that’s, pretty much it for, for this model, they’re very small models. You know there isn’t a huge amount to cover um on these little models, but i think this one is definitely one of the better ones and the mech is cool and all, but it just doesn’t do it for me, but this one i i really really like This one and i’m excited now to finally see what the the final one that takes up the majority of the pieces is so we’ll move on to that shortly.