Unboxing video today were taking a look at uh the one of the no way home sets 76184. I unfortunately do not know the name of it, because these instruction, booklets dont ever tell you the name. They just tell you the set number and i dont have the box anymore. But aside from that, this set is a four plus set, as you can probably tell by the builds um, it comes with three minifigures the. Finally, we got a far from home suit. Mysterio with different pieces definitely looks a lot more accurate and then the same nick fury from uh. The other far from home, sets uh and then a couple builds here, but nothing too major. But uh first were going to take a look at the builds and then were going to take a look at the minifigures all right so as for the builds of the set were going to start off with nick furys little vehicle here built on one of these Big base pieces that they use for junior sets a lot which has like these pieces molded into it. So you cant really take those off. Uh hes got a couple blasters here on either side that can be removed and you could probably put him in his hands and it just fell out hold on um. We got police lights up here. This front piece tile is printed uh its nice to get some of those pieces in junior sets, and then you can just sit him right in there.

I will demonstrate with him. He just goes in there come on just like that again for junior set this isnt a bad car build actually like its better than most of the other ones from the past um, and i mean, if you use the proper pieces, you could totally upgrade this to Be an actual like swat police car, or something like that, you know and then for the other, build this. I i dont even know what you call this this is. This is a monstrosity. This is supposed to be one of mysterios drones. It has a printed tile piece on the front here with like a target like a target locked and then two little mini blasters here, but then the best part about it is this. So if you push this green disc, it actually shoots out, and it comes with two spares the way these work is you just put them in like this and okay, that one went a little bit further and then you just push and that thats pretty much it Um, its a pretty good technique for the drones, but this i i really i know i have to cut slack on junior sets because theyre junior sets theyre meant for kids, but man. Sometimes these builds theyre, just theyre, just downright awful um. But again this build isnt. So bad, but this one not so good but thats for the builds of the set lets, take a look at these minifigures.

First minifigure we have spider man. The best part about the set is obviously the minifigures and the set was ten dollars. So if you want some really good high quality spider man minifigures get this set like this. Is the uh upgraded suit, the red and black suit from far from home, which he made himself, which i really like this suit, and especially the back? How its got the white spider logo on the back, which, if you really wanted to you, could take and edit it and make it look like a symbiote suit, but im not going to do that. But its got dual molded legs with printing and then it doesnt have arm printing. But i did order a specific pair of arms and im going to make a video on how to make this look more accurate uh. They used the same face print from the. What? If zombie hunter spider, man minifigure from the marvel cmf series which im okay with its got a little hint of silver in there um and also its a lot more common now so that you dont have to get the cms series one to get it um. And then he comes with a little web accessory here attached to a big web, of course, because you know spider mans always got to have a web in his sets um but hey at least the set isnt spider man with an unnecessary vehicle. You know, but um yeah next minifigure up next, we have mysterio with without a doubt.

This is the best mystery minifigure that has ever been made. Um ill get the accessories out of the way, but hes got this little walkie talkie with the same printed piece from his drone and then a ruby in this hand, now lets take a like better look at him. This is the like living lego, embodiment of him from apart from home. I dont know why, in the from sets, they gave him a green torso, but this set gave him the proper gold torso that he had in the movie um with different legs. By the way, its got more of that, like netted pattern on the bottom, its kind of hard to see um, no printing on the arms, but thats kind of the really. The only way you could upgrade him is give him better arms um and then its got. The one hole cape which i realized is the better option for mysterio because of the fishbowl speaking of is a new colored piece, and this piece is way better and they give you a like bluish like a baby, blue or sky blue head for this, and it Definitely makes it look a lot more blue, which i like um, but then hes got back torso printing, which still also looks great um. This again, this is the best with stereo minifigure and you can get it literally in a set for ten dollars. If you want, if youre like just getting into lego, marvel and you want spider man and a spider man villain get this set its the perfect starter set, and then, as for the last minifigure, we have nick fury if you dont have nick fury again cheap little 10 set, you can get him in its the exact same minifigure from the far from upsets.

My only issue i have ever had with nick fury is that they dont finish the printing all around the head on any minifigure im, okay with seeing like spider man and his webs not fully completed, but when it comes to nick furys eye patch. It looks so weird, it looks so incomplete you know, but who knows maybe like it will start doing that one day, but i doubt it so yeah. Nothing really super special about this minifigure, its just a reused one but thats it for the minifigures. Now lets. Take a look at the instruction booklet and wrap everything up all right, well, thats it for the minifigures of the set and then, as for the instruction booklets, it comes with two. So this booklet, one shows you how to build spider, man, mysterio and his drone uh. There is no ads in the back its just the win thing there and then instruction. Booklet. Two is nick furys thing, but man im telling you these instruction booklets for the junior sets have gotten pretty bad because, literally like two pages for one whole step like i get it, i need to put the tires on the car or one piece, one yellow piece In there you could just this is ridiculous. I mean i do like the little progress bar the minifigure, so it shows you how far done you are, but this this is a theyre trying to save paper now theyre wasting paper with this.

So i dont know what their intentions are, but you do you lego um, but thats it for this video um. If you guys enjoyed it, please drop a like leave a comment down below uh. Have you seen norway home? Yet if you havent, what are you doing? Uh hit subscribe button turn presentation over every time. Post, new video peace out guys ill, see you in the next one bye.