This is at lego stores and then it sold out. However, please wait because it says its temporarily sold out, so that means theyre going to restock dont spend 75 dollars for this set its not worth that price. When you get it for 37, if you just wait a little bit but either way, this is the 2021 santa sleigh set with one minifigure and a total of 343 pieces. So the santa minifigure of the set is exclusive not only for that accessory of this 2×3 nice list, which thats freaking awesome. What a great print, but also the face print is exclusive and slightly different from the one in the santas visit set, but well get to that in a little bit. He also has a teddy bear accessory. You got that torso printing that has been used in some other sets. I think around five other sets nice printing at the back. There, nice dual molded legs there, which i also use in the santas visit set, but yeah with that part removed. You get a look at that new face print thats exclusive to this set, which is the slightest difference from the one in the santas visit set for the main build of this set right away. You see those four reindeer thats, a fantastic inclusion, because thats the reindeer piece that was introduced in the elf clubhouse of last year and theres. Only one in that set so to get four of them in this set is fantastic.

The printing at the front and everything is actually the same – the color scheme got that little tuft in the middle there. Also, each of these are topped with these one by two sticker tile pieces, and you could replace those if you want to disconnect them from the actual sleigh just with these replacement parts where they include the filled in 1 by 2, with a 1 by 2 tile And then you can just have a regular reindeer outside of the sleigh once you put that part back in, but anyways its kind of cool how thats attached, where they just use one by one tile, builds and then in the middle, a one by one modified with That clip there and you just attach it to this – build at the side and voila pretty awesome how that works and the continuation of how those reindeers are attached to the sleigh is more clip connections. Actually, a pole connection with this base part right here and those are just clipped on to each of the sections really cool thats all built up, but for the design of the slay itself. I really like the sticker. They use at the front there with the sc for santa claus, and i love the overall shaping of this. We havent gotten a sleigh. This elaborate from lego santa sleighs would be a lot smaller from other sets. This feels like the right size for santas sleigh with all those presents and all you got some more stickers at the back, even with a license plate and then those two at the top there, and you can see the detailing continuing at the side – love the use Of pieces like the star piece here or these pieces just attached with a pole connection at the base there, underneath you even got these pieces attached for landing gear, you can move side to side.

You got enough space to fit actually too many figures sitting at the front there, but for santa just being in the middle, it is pretty comically oversized, but for once that actually fits for a vehicle in the lego world, because those oversized motorcycles dont make sense. But for santas sleigh i like it, i like how theres also a sticker of this navigating design like they went all high tech with santa here, thats, pretty cool and thats a 2×2 stickered tile. But finally, the presents are overflowing. Some just keep falling out, even though we got enough space. There are a lot of presents included in this set theres a bunch of builds for actual boxed gifts, and you can see a total of seven different present builds thats, pretty crazy, but also they have some separate parts like this design for the skis. You got two ski sticks there and also theres a nice inclusion of this guitar piece which was used in steamboat willy, as well as a ninjago set. Oh, my bad theres, actually one stuck in the back of the slice so theres, a total of eight presents in this set im, putting all of those back as well as a little teddy bear at the top again overflowing and theres. One last part which i really like a secret compartment. All you have to do is push forward this bottom section you can see it opens up like a drawer and inside you have some snacks for the reindeer.

Where you got a carrot – and i guess a pretzel to feed them again – really nice compartment on how thats built where it just slides in very easily its easy to remove. But it sticks in place when you need it to stay in place, but thats it for the build. This set lets take a look at the packaging and the final verdict. The box for this set is actually an interesting box size. I cant really put another set that has the same box size. This isnt like a 20 block size, so its i dont know i dont know i i got ta. I got ta compare this other box sizes. I know im. The only sucker cares about lego boxes and the instructions have no advertisements in them. So, overall, even though this set is ridiculously rare now, where its double the price, i say cool off again and just wait until this gets restocked, because its not sold out its just temporarily out of stock as it stands as a 37 set again such a weird Price, this is actually a pretty good deal. I think the build here is the best santa sleigh weve gotten from lego before in minifigure scale, at least, and the design of the reindeers is fantastic to include in such a cheap set, the other stuff that they come in is 100, and that comes with one. This one comes with four for 37 dollars and thats, just a great piece to get the build is very well done and how smooth it is, and just the shaping and those elements at the side theres, even some nice exclusive parts with the face print or that List design, with all things considered id rate, this set an 8 out of 10.

A very strong lego store exclusive christmas set. I hope we get these cheaper alternatives to winter village sets once a year, because this is a nice selection.