This set has two full minifigs and then a handful of mobs and the main structure here is intended to represent a player built house. That in turn has been shaped and colored to look like a sleeping, regular fox theres, an interesting contrast and stark contrast in appearance between the head of this giant scale, player built fox structure and the mobs the official mobs that lego has given us for foxes. Well, talk about that more later, but first i want you to see just a general overview of what you get here. You know what youre paying for a little bit of snowy area a little water. This is intended to be just a grassy ground area in a cold climate, so its done with the sand green, which i think is appropriate. I think the shaping overall of the structure is very good, and you know just just looks like a well done thing by a player, not too large, completely open around the back as well. But there are some small details inside. I think a reasonable number of details inside of there, but i wanted to see the overall shape of everything you get here and then we can go in and look at the details a little bit more closely, really quickly, theres, nothing in here right now, but ill Show you what could be put in there. The water has a single 2×2 jumper on it in trans, dark blue, i believe thats, a new color for that its going to be super super useful.

The ears well, first of all, the eyes are built with black, and then this is dark orange for the shade color here and up in the ears. You have the light. Nougat color formerly called light flesh for the shaded area of that for more of the the inner skin tone and other than that outside theres a torch and a berry bush, which is important for breeding foxes. Looking inside well lets look inside, shall we, you can see theres a little little seam in here, a little area that can be pulled off, that portion of the roof can be removed and also up here. This can be removed, but its not its, not complete. Just let you have a little bit more access in there thats it more lets light down in there. Then it really gives you usable access. If i can get this to, please kindly focus. Thank you very much purple color for the bed. You got a potted plant. There, a small crafting table, obviously furnace, which also gives you both options. As usual, both prints theyve got the furnace on, and furnace off versions square cake, not the first time weve gotten a proper square cake here and a map. Those are all printed pieces, no stickers. In this set whatsoever, and then up top just some jumpers to allow that to be easy to take off and thats thats, really it thats it for the stuff that you really build up the rest of the pieces just go into the figures and mobs speaking of Mobs here are the three foxes, so this is a fox cub, although its its kind of largish as cubs go or as baby animals go in lego form, theres, a regular fox, and then this is the arctic fox, which is a new one.

For this set new and thus far exclusive to this set with the white color for the head and its own coloring for the eyes, and then they just built it up with white light gray and the light aqua color. The thing about these and ive talked about this before is that the the faces just arent right? Obviously, they use the ocelot mold for the head, which a lot of people have complained about. I dont think the mold is the biggest problem here. I think that the print is more of a problem. Yes, the mold is wrong. The proportions are not correct, but i think that theyre serviceable. I think the problem is more the proportions of the eyes and where the, where the eyes are placed on on the face and how theyre shaped and everything i mean this, this just is not right it. It looks like the face of an ocelot to me. Uh almost i mean the face is supposed to look like that. Just just look at that that is thats pretty right right there, so if they had, if they had taken this exact mold right here and just done the proportions and the placement more like that, im assuming it would have been better im. Assuming that there are just technical production issues restricting exactly where they can print with the process, thats used for printing the front of this face, i believe that that is the excuse, which is a valid one, but not good, not a good enough excuse for me, as A as a customer as a consumer, i would like this to be much better.

This looks a little bit better to me. Actually, i kind of like this, even if its not entirely accurate, its still kind of special im happy to see this would like it to be better. The figures then are drowned on the right just another one of those and that one looks pretty good to me. I, like the printing thats used there, even though the quality of print is not perfect, but it feels feels at least good enough to me. Im happy to get another one of those and on the left is a brand new skin. That lego has not done before. Just a fox skin for a regular player and the player has a diamond sword and fishing rod and has caught a color matching salmon is, is the intent there? I believe the printing for this figure is not perfect. The white definitely could have been more opaque, but at least its consistent with the parts that are there between the printing on the torso and the head. So it doesnt stand out so much and you do see the difference between the light, nougat skin tone in the face and the white. So i think i think its enough, but i will always ask for better opacity until we get better opacity, especially since lego has shown us good opacity in the past. So lets lets keep the good stuff going and not keep the bad stuff going uh there. You can see that the printing shifted just a little bit, but it also illustrates uh the subtlety of some of those pixels in there.

I dont know i just i i like the drone i paid 20 u.s for this set and that changes things for me, because when i built it once it was all done, i felt disappointed i felt like i ex. I had previously expected this to be nicer than it is. I think i was spoiled a little bit by things like the was it chicken farm that they did before some chicken coop, and also the the pig house that they did before. I thought that those were both pretty excellent, especially the pig house, or something just really special about that to me, and i, like i like that type of set where its, where its creating a mob or a an in game, object at large scale and presenting it. As a player made structure but after being disappointed by the amount of stuff here and its simplicity and then went back and looked at the price and like oh 20 bucks, you know what this actually is: a very decent amount of stuff for 20 bucks. Like imagine just one of the tiny, tiny, tiny little 10 sets and then double that thats. How much were paying for were paying for two tiny, tiny little sets, and i feel like were getting at least two tiny tiny sets worth of stuff here, at least at least that said, i am certain that serious fans of the game will be so let down By the look of the foxes that that may actually push this off the table entirely for consideration, just that, i feel ruins things so much, because the rest of it is good and if youre not taking things too seriously and youre not looking for absolute accuracy, maybe Youre, not not even a player of the game, but you like lego minecraft in particular, because it is its own thing and you dont have to be a fan of one to be a fan of the other.

Then i think you might actually get a decent value out of this, and if you, if you just like the presentation of what you see here, then i think youre youre paying a respectable price for it. I dont think that youre getting gouged with this at all and the production quality of everything is at least acceptable. Um. You know your mileage may vary on that, so yeah kind of mixed thoughts on this overall decent value, not the greatest designs.