This set is going to be available beginning on january. The 1st everywhere and retails for 19.99 usd or 24.99 canadian – and i think that this is a lot of peoples favorite set. It is also, i think, a lot of peoples favorite mob, so its really smart doing this. I think it is such a fun idea when they do these huge brick built animals and mobs for builds and clearly theyve been doing well, and we are getting a rabbit as well as a fox in the same wave, and i got ta say this thing is Absolutely adorable having it in the shape of like the little sleeping fox is just so cute like i, i cant like every time. I see this im just like its so adorable, so without further ado. Lets go ahead and lets take a closer look at this set. So heres the fox lodge and the only complaint that i really have with this thing is the fact that its not actually a lodge like you, cant, really enter anywhere youd kind of have to make your own sort of thing, maybe the back of it with the Door thats the only complaint that i have like. I thought, maybe from the pictures that there might have been like an entrance to the tail or maybe on the side or something like that, but unfortunately there isnt one so theres no real way besides the whole. Back being open for you to enter into this thing, but besides that i love this.

Setting like having another set set in the taiga biome, i think, is awesome. Getting the rose. Bush here is really great. The fox itself was actually exclusive to the tiger adventure set. So its cool to have that back here and having a whole set dedicated to the fox, i think, is really really cool. Youve got a little bit of snow here over here on to the side, as well as some water and im, not sure if this is meant to represent, like the bubbles when youre fishing, this tile im. Thinking that it is because this is included a fishing rod with a fish on the end, so i i could maybe see it being the case. Weve got a barrel here which actually has a diamond sword included on the inside there and uh just yeah. I love the texture and the detail here: im not really too sure like what color wool that would be for the flesh tone, maybe im blanking, maybe its like sand or different types of concrete, and all that um youve also got a torch here. Uh just sitting on top of a snowy uh little uh stone there on the side, youve got a stone or a cobblestone fence there for like a window looking out of the fox lodge and then on the inside. It gets even better. Youve got this two by two printed tile there representing the map, which is really cool um. We havent had a map in a while, so its awesome to have that back its also different than the last one.

Youve also got a cake there, which the return of the square cake, which was exclusive to the village set, and i didnt realize this. I only people only pointed out this year in this video when i did the reveal for this, but when the panda nursery set had a round cake. That was because that was representing the item in your inventory. Not the item, as you place it so thats really cool that we have the cake back here from the village. Youve also got a furnace here and if you dont know how that works, youve got it lit on one side and then you could also turn off the furnace when youre done smelting. Your stuff youve got a crafting table there and im going to lift this up. Show you you can actually take this side of the fox lodge off in order to get access over here to the bed, which also has like some sort of plant inside of a pot which is actually. I also have to show that. But it is on this new piece here from 2022, which is the one by one tile stacked on top with the hole on it. So thats been used for candles, thats been used for sea cucumbers and now its being used there uh for the planted pot, which is awesome. Youve also got this purple bed which you can take your skin and put them to sleep. So they can sleep through the night.

The rest of the fox lodge also pops off there at the top, but that is really it the rest of. It is kind of stuck in place there um, but yeah not sure like why. You would want to remove this because you really have access to the rest of it its almost as if they know you want to complete it and have a door over here on this side, and here is the fox skin, the absolute one of the. I think this is my favorite part of the set just because i love getting new skins and the fact that we are getting like mobs in as skins, i think, is so cool like this figure is so detailed here. I love the torso printing on the chest. There, as well as the the head printing, unfortunately its a bit like wobbly, i dont know if you see that like on the ears part here, but this is such a cool figure and on the back, youve got a printed tail there on the torso. But, oh my goodness, every time that we get a new skin like i just think back to one like some of the early days with minecraft and for years and years wed just get alex and steve alex and steve, alex and steve and now were getting new Skins, every single wave in these small sets alex and steve come in like one set of wave, theyre, forgettable now im so happy.

This is such a great skin. Now this is the fox lodge, so were gon na keep going with the little foxes, and this is actually a baby fox, and i absolutely love and adore this. I was not a fan of the use of the cat headpiece back in the tige adventure set, and i said that back in that review. Those reveals all those videos – and i still stand by that. They really needed to make a new head for the fox and when we heard that this was coming, i think that myself and a lot of people were like please lego, lets. Let it happen, lets have a new head, it didnt happen, they used the cat head, but you know what at least theyre progressing forward and giving us new mobs weve. Never gotten weve got a baby fox here for the very first time, which is awesome and uh. The head is cute and the rest of the tail. It can actually like angle up and down. If you want to and again the the head is a cat one – and here is a regular fox, and you can see like this is the adult version here again. The tail can angle up and down with this one as well, and then here is the arctic fox, and this is also exclusive to this set. But you know its its a lot harder to make since its got an exclusive print here on the face using the cat head.

Weve got a brand new arctic fox head. I love just the color and i think theyve really represented the arctic fox so well. Here i love that we did get this variant. I think this is really really awesome. So not only are we getting that skin were getting the baby fox and were getting the arctic fox here as well, and then very lastly, here we have a drowned, and this is actually a figure from last years wave and it came in the coral reef set. So its interesting that they decided to go with this, i i wouldnt necessarily expect this uh as one i wish that we could have maybe gotten you know some of the more rare mobs that are locked behind other sets um, especially one thats, so recent, but its Fine honestly, the drone its its cool to get here, and i love the head printing there, as well as the torso, printing and spinning it around here on the back youve even got some more detailed back printing. You know the trident is just so prominent now throughout all these different sets. I think that he definitely should have come with one here in in his hand as an accessory, but they have it everyone that is my review of the 2022 minecraft fox lodge set, and i love this set its also. I didnt mention this before, but it comes on a 16 by 16 sand green tile, but its just so cool like i love that we are getting that in that size, and this is just like a perfect expansion to the target adventure set from 2020 and i Think that just everything that youre getting in here, it is an absolute great value for twenty dollars.

U.S getting a new skin, getting four mobs. Two of them were exclusive to ten dollar sets in the past. Both the drought and the fox were both of the those 10 sets and then getting two new ones is absolutely insane for the price that youre paying here. I think that is so so great and i just again im sorry, i cant help, but not compare this to other sets, specifically looking at the dojo. That set is so expensive, so much more expensive, its coming with two mobs and two skins. This one has a skin and four mobs, like it. Doesnt make sense thats that comparing it to this amazing set and comparing it also to the amazing guardian battle, set, which i also have a review out, which you should check out, because that set like these two are just such phenomenal sets in this wave. I really love them uh. This is so great. I want to get another one, i think, and try and actually complete the back of the fox and add a door or something like that. So this can be little fox skins little little base to to playing in their survival world, but anyways. Everyone id love to hear your thoughts on this be sure to subscribe. Turn on the bell notifications, so you dont miss out on future lego. Minecraft set news and reviews, but i hope you guys did enjoy this video and i hope you all have a great day.