This in particular, said its based off homecoming, but that doesnt mean that vulture wont be in the way home. I have no clue if you will or not um but yeah. These two are based off knowing how masses homecoming but yeah pretty cool lets, get one into and start off with these figures, so its not for the vulture and well take a look at his wings. In a second but yeah starting off hes, pretty cool great compared to the one we got in 2017 with um the halter in 2017.. He gets this nice diamond and he also gets this stud shooter, which fires out like that um, but yeah, pretty cool. You can see im going to take this off and get that thats that im going to get this incredible new face print on that one too the mouth, then you get this new mask piece or remind me, not new, but i dont know, i think, an incredible Body print long back, torso, printing yeah super accurate, its a lot better of an upgrade compared to the one we got for spider man. Homecoming lets see we have the upgraded. This figure looks a lot better. I think yeah when you stack all that up. It kind of just goes like that, and just click it on like that, but yeah thats, the vulture, now ill. Take a look at spiderman and i love this new spider man figure. There are some rumors that this suits this the one suit inside out and um, because it looks like that and my spider man homecoming, you can see, you know flip it around yeah.

It looks pretty coy, is incredible detail, as you can see all around me. He gets amazing arm printing and they flip it around to the back and its incredible too yeah. Really, nice spider man figures, probably one of the best spider man, figures youve ever gotten and its a new interesting design for the movie, so yeah pretty cool amazing figure, but yeah um spider man also includes this white golden web piece golden web piece. Now its pretty cool – and he also includes a bunch of other pieces too, as you can see, it also gets these and theyre new in this color, as well, so its nice to get yeah now ill. Take a look at the main, build this set and ill. Take the figures out of the way for you guys, yeah and i got ta say this – is incredibly cheesy um theres no way so im gon na be flying in a giant drone in the movie um a little silly itll probably be like a tiny drone, like The size of mine holding in my hands yeah, you get spider man, a room for spider man to sit right there and get more up here. Um you get this new gold piece which i believe is new for gold, but i could be long wrong. Um! You get this sticker, which is like the camera for the drone, thats kind of cool and the spiderman fits there pretty easily. As you can see it just slides in there, you can push them down and close it up pretty nice, but yeah.

Moving on you get these kind of propeller pieces on each side, theres four of them, and they spin super easily get stickers right. There stickers back here, more stickers and then the studs just fire, as you can see, and those plug in super easily that nothing too hard and this stuffs up and the reason for that is because you can open this back piece and drop out a little spider. Drone thats what i believe it is and then that slides back in there super easily. You do have to angle it to the side, though, like that and just close that up and then close this piece up: yeah, pretty cool, build um, but theres. One more feature on the bottom of it: you can get this one piece and includes this kind of like rope piece so ill plug that in right there. So you can see pretty easy, well take spiderman out really quick, because now the spiderman figure can sit on this im going to plug his hand in to it and next you know hes sparring hanging from it. So you can see thats a pretty cool play feature um again. This is definitely not going to be in the movie. Um legos tend to do, builds like this, but yeah thats. All i have to say about this build yeah overall. I highly recommend this set. If youre um, i think its really nice because lego tends to like – and it is with like a 30 price point, but this thats 20, so thats new kind of thing um, but yeah.

Overall, the figures are incredible: major upgrade for the vulture and an amazing new spider man figure yeah. I highly recommend this thing.