This is set seven, six, one, nine five, its recommended for ages. Seven and up and has one hundred and is eighteen, ninety eight pieces. This is from the upcoming new marvel movie, spiderman no way home and it comes with two minifigures black golden suit spiderman and the villain vulture im booming in this set and then before i go see the movie. So if you have any any problems, dont blame us. No spoilers too in the comments: oh well youre, youre! Lucky that comments are disabled, so yeah, you wont be telling any spoilers in the comments since theyre, disabled, alright and heres. A look at the back of the box. So lets open this up and see what we have inside so heres, what you get. We get bag free bag, two uh either a web piece, a golden web piece or something for the drone bag free, an extra bag that doesnt have another boot with spidermans, wet and pieces instruction booklet. We also get a sheet of stickers man. The vulture gon na has a lot of stickers anything else. Nope thats it alright time to build in three two one, all right guys. I just finished the set and then were going to take a look at the minifigures first up. We have the black suit spider man hes, all black and gold, webs all around him golden hands. He has a spiderman logo, doesnt have a space face. He only has his spiderman mask on and he comes with a golden wet piece that you can use on him.

Next up we have the villain vulture. He has some green dark pants on with his jacket on with feathers on his hoodie hes, holding a jam a mask with his helmet on. He has two faces. One with this is a normal face on and one with green eyes on him and he comes with a little stud shooter. So these are some of the features it can do. You can spin the propellers move, his feathers, his wings, and you could attach the minifigure on it and theres also some stickers on it on each of those theres a vulture and a little, and you guys know what the stud shooter is. It is present and then you just push it down and pow, and i actually see it so im gon na put it back on this doesnt even uncommon in the santa but uh its. I have a little vulture headed from one of my spider man homecoming sets. I got a few years ago, so yeah im going to touch on and see how it looks. Oh, how does it look now all right but well leave it gon na go the way it was in the first place, so that was another one. The minifigures now lets take a look at the drone heres, a look all the way around so now lets take a look at it so right here we have a little sticker sheet with a little windshield. I suppose a few more secrets right here with the wet pieces right there and the spiderman logo right here, which is another sticker and a few more stickers on the wings.

This set has a lot of stickers, almost like a speed champion and right here, theres a little rope right here for where for wheres, spiderman and then hang on there spyrin is on the drone. They get him off and right here. There is a carpet and you can open up two machines and theres no controllers inside just a c for the passenger, so i put the black so i put spiderman in here there you go theres spiderman inside so now lets close them. There we go theres four propellers, that you could spin that yeah like that and back here theres a little chest that you can open up and inside theres a little spider with this yellow stud on it a little piece on it and to make it easier to Open up the the treasure you can open it up this side and there you go. That was an easy choice. There you go and theres two little stud shooters right here and two red lights right here, so yeah lets push them. Okay, so yeah lets put these back on and boom easy. Well honestly guys, i dont think spider man needs a drone because you know hes called spider man for a reason. Why does he need this all right guys? So that was my review of the lego spider man. Drone duel im really excited for the new movie to come out, but by the time i mean yeah yeah were gon na decide for the movie to come out and make sure you guys to check out the movie too.

It comes out on december 17, 2021 dont. Miss it im really excited for it. So always so, then, make sure you guys subscribe to the channel if youre new and turn your notification bell on now, you never miss any of our future videos and also hit the like button.