The spider mans drone duel, so this set is for the spider man no way home wave of sets that released on october 1st. This set cost 25. Canadian dollars and is inspired by spider man homecoming but does come with a suit from no way home being the black and gold suit. Another figure vulture who i guess technically, could appear in the film as the sixth or whoever in the sinister six uh. So this set is for ages, seven and up it has 198 pieces, the box art similar to the previous set. I just recorded my review for the drone dual or this is the drone dual. The mysterios drone set uh the four plus one. It has a similar box art, except on the back you have like. I guess it would be the new york skyline there. In the background, you cant really see any major buildings, but i guess thats what its meant to be uh. The drone theres two builds theres. The build for the vultures wings and theres the spider man, black and gold, uh drone theres, the two minifigures being spider man and vulture on the box theres the integrated suit, which looks quite nice on the box, the spider man logo no way home on the top. It shows the black and gold suit there. It has the uh infinity saga, but it looks like theyre using it for uh other sets now uh different characters throughout the boxes, which is quite nice.

I quite like it. You can see spider man outside the drone and the vulture flying the inside of the cockpit of the drone it closed and on the back. You have the lego version of the integrated suit, which looks quite cool so now ill. Take a look at the build. So here is the first of the two builds in the set, and i would say the main one and its these uh spider drone. The black and gold drone matching the suit colors, so uh this i dont, expect at all to be in the movie. I have thought maybe on the back or front of the suit, maybe he has like a drone attached to it and a drone pops up that looks similar to this and, of course it wouldnt be this size compared to the minifigure. It would be quite a bit smaller, but maybe thats how something like this could appear in the movie, but i highly doubt that he rides around in a drone at the end of the movie, but well see when no way home comes out. So uh, like i said this has a primarily black and gold design. It has quite a few stickers throughout it, one right here and then theres four throughout it, the exact same sticker, a couple stud shooters up here, theres two more back here, one right there and there this one, which i quite like the logo on it and throughout It theres the four spinning turbines there theres also or i dont.

I feel like thats, not the correct word for that um these bits here for those in the set theyre. Quite nice theres this where spider man can swing off. It hang on that can uh twist here and just hang off it uh the theres, this back bit, which can open up, which reveals a little bit of a storage area which inside when you open up theres a little spider drone. I guess a mini spider drone. If i can there, it is, and there is the drone, its just a piece with a stud on top of it. I think it works. It is quite tight to get in there. I originally had a kind of difficult time getting it in there, so that can just close up theres a few translucent pieces in there for lights. I guess theres, not too many uh pieces in here that really dont go with it. Like the color color wise, you cant see any like blues or reds. There are these tan pieces right here, which i dont love, but i i dont know what other color they could use. I wouldnt i dont know if that piece exists in black, but if it did actually, i believe it does actually no its a longer piece than what i thought it might be: uh, but yeah. If that had been in black. I would have liked to see that so the cockpit area can open up, which you have access, uh or space in there for one minifigure, which in this case, of course its the spider drone, so should be spider.

Man that goes in there fits in right there and closes in right there. You can see him on the side there. You can also open this flap right here that you can see him in there like that that closes. It goes down all the way. All the way youd like it to dont know if i really like the spacing there thats one thing: im, not the biggest fan of, but really this build is not the best build ive seen for me, the builds uh from this way for just all right. I, like the sanctum build, but there is a building this set. Do i that i do really like and ill take a look at in a second uh, so yeah? That is the drone. I think its good uh, i doubt its in the film, but you know i think its decent. I like the ideas theyve had here by having one set thats, not really spoilery to the movie, like the sanctum workshop. That has characters in the main suit of the film that you know be in the movie will be in the movie and then some other sets inspired by the film or other films and then including the new suits in it. I quite like that, but i do hope we get a few sets in the future like that. Have spoilery bits in it. I love a doc ock minifigure that would be really cool, so uh here is the uh vulture, build, which i really like.

Probably my favorite build out of all this wave. I really love these wings, ive loved, vulture and homecoming, and i really really like these wings. These do use a lot of stickers, though three on each of these bits here, two on the shields and two more right. There – and there is one on the back here to add a bit more detail, so theres these little bits there they can spin. They can also move quite a bit theres you theres quite a bit of articulation with the wings. They can move theres. The point right there and then these bits can also move, so you have different poses for the vulture, which is nice uh. He just clips in there with a back piece right there because of this shield piece it goes longer than his legs. You cant actually stand them up and because of these, but if you did want to push these back to try to make them stand actually that kind of does stand him up a bit uh, but i you cant, actually have his feet touching the ground. But overall, i really really like this vulture build and uh is for sure my favorite build of this set, and probably my favorite build of this small three set no way home wave so now ill. Take a look at the two really really nice. Minifigures of this set so like ive previewed previously mentioned, there are two minifigures in this set being vulture and the spider man in the what is called now as the black and gold suit uh, so that suit will appear in no way home weve seen in the Trailer in that feast scene, where hes werent running through it, so the first minifigure of this set is that ill take a look at is the vulture, which is a really nice figure.

I dont own, a mcu vulture. I would like to get that beware. The vulture said probably one of my favorite, maybe even my favorite uh spider man mcu set. So i really would like to see that set in the future uh the torso print is nice theres no, like printing, which i dont think theres much uh detailing on adrians outfit throughout the film. So he comes with this gem piece which and the purple stud with the blaster, which i think is meant to resemble shitari technology, the back clear back piece, which is what connects to the wings theres. The visor piece which comes down on this helmet, which i dont believe i own, this type of shaped helmet, but the figure the head has a few different pieces. So the helmet. Oh, let me get that to focus focus on the head. Oh there we go okay, so theres the mask there, uh, which ill take off because there is a bit of printing but ill. Show you just the back right now but yeah. So that goes together with the head this mask bit and then there is the helmet as well, so the face printing theres a face underneath it which looks quite nice. I really like that. I didnt expect that until i saw some earlier reviews – and i was really impressed that they included that and theres also some face printing under here, which you see the mouth and the eyes which look quite menacing those eyes, those green eyes uh, underneath the uh face.

Uh theyre having some problem problem focusing today, are we? Yes, okay, so um this figure. I really like. I uh. I really just really really like this figure im happy to get an mcu vulture minifigure in my collection, and i think this one doesnt disappoint for me. Now i feel like this is probably the main figure that people really like about this set, and i totally understand why that would be the case, because this is a really nice figure. I quite like this suit. It is quite different im interested in what this suit will be. I know theres some have been like thats uh. The pattern underneath is very similar to the homecoming suit in the civil war suits pattern or would be homecoming. I believe right. The stark industries uh suit, not the iron spider, but the one before that uh. So the printing on this figure is very nice, as you can tell, there is arm printing, which is always really nice to get on minifigures and youve, seen quite a bit on spider man figures. Let me move the vulture and hopefully it wont focus on there. The face print is nice uh, the torso print. You have that spider logo. That appears on quite a few mcu peter parker spider man, figures, uh, the leg, printing and hip printing uh theyre, not dual molded, like i dont think that would make really much sense. You cant really do them on these legs, because the colors of the legs just doesnt, make sense to do that.

Uh, the back printing is nice. I really like the spider logo back there and overall. This is just a really really nice figure and two really really nice figures, so this set, i think, is really good. I think out of the 225 dollar sets of this wave is for sure my favorite uh, the spider drone build, is interesting. Its for sure doesnt super interest me necessarily. You also get this gold web pieces, which is nice that can click the spider mans hands there uh, but the vulture wings are really nice and the minifigures are also really nice, so i think uh for 25. This is a really great set. I do quite like it better than the uh four plus set just because i didnt care about those builds well theres one build here. I do really like uh. The spider drone is interesting. I dont expect it to appear in the film, but nonetheless im happy to get this minifigure in case we dont get any more no way home sets im happy to have the main suits of the film and vulture really cool. So now, yeah thats uh thats. My review of this set, i think, its a good one uh i would i dont know this might be my favorite or the sanctum workshop is my favorite im, not sure, but i do really like this set and id highly suggest it for those minifigures and those Vulture wings, especially if you dont, have that beware of the vulture set that came out for homecoming.