Music, hey guys, welcome to pizza boy bricks and today were going to be reviewing the lego, marvel spider man no way home spider, mans drone dual lego set. This is set number 76195 recommended for ages, 7 plus, and it has 198 pieces. This set retails for 19.99 in the us and uh yeah lets take a look at the set so heres the build. We have spider mans golden drone, we have vulture and all of spider, mans gold, uh spider web pieces. So first lets take a look at vulture. So here is the vulture build. It is a pretty big build for a vulture, but it does represent what its supposed to this is. The box did say that it represents this from spider man homecoming. The thing is, the drone is not from homecoming. It is actually from no way home so but vulture is from homecoming. So of course you got the vulture minifigure right there, hes attached with a clear piece right there well take a look at this minifigure separately, but now we have the wing bill itself. Here you have two giant engines. I got some posable wing pieces on the side here and these bigger wing pieces on the side here and thats thats it i mean you got a sticker on the back there and you got stickers on the front here. This build has 11 stickers on it in total. That is a lot of stickers uh, especially just for a build thats, probably less than 30 pieces.

I dont know if i like that a lot it does show a lot of good detail, but its just too big or too many stickers. In my opinion, i would have liked to see less stickers, maybe a little more print just because it was a lot of stickers, but other than that. Its a pretty cool looking build here is spider mans golden drone uh, it looks really cool. I will say i do not know what movie this is from. It has not been shown, it says on the box thats from homecoming, but i think this is going to be from no way home other than that you got some pretty cool engines. You got four blades and this is actually supposed to represent a spider. I did not know that when i was building it, but its supposed to look like a spider im, just not that smart and i didnt realize that so and that is represented pretty well with only four blades. Then you got the cockpit build right here, a sticker at the front there. This opens up separately with spider man inside you can also open this up to reveal hit spider man even more well. Take a closer look at this minifigure later and there you just got two studs for spider mans feet. They can just close up pretty easily like that uh. This set also has two stud shooters boom and boom. Now those go flying and, of course you have an extra stud piece.

If you lose any of the studs in the back here, this can lift up and in the back you have a little spider drone kind of thing that can go around and fight the bad guys and all that and that just fits easily in the back here. On the back here you have a rope from spider man to swing from its just attached, with a little uh pull looking piece right there and you can attach spider man. You can attach anything with a pole connecting piece right there, so yeah thats, pretty cool, and that is the drone. Now before we get to the minifigures, i need to show you the sticker sheet. Heres this giant sticker sheet, as you maybe can tell there – is 11 stickers designed for vultures, build and theres only six for spider, mans, drone, six or seven for spider, mans drone, which is insane. This is a 20 set and it has almost 20 stickers, thats insane lets get to the minifigures heres, our first minifigure. This is vulture, as you see on the back there. He has a clear piece, so he can attach to the wings that he comes with. He has a back printing on the back there and some front torso printing, with a little jacket, a little fluffy jacket to kind of represent that hes a vulture. He has a nice helmet, build there with this big, clear, glass piece that just goes up and down.

He has an also a nice mask piece which you get an extra piece of, which is always nice to see. In his right hand, there we have a crystal piece and in the left hand we have a stud shooter. So when you shoot it, the stud goes flying. He also does come with a extra stud. Now, if we take his helmet off, he does have another face on the back there. I dont think they should have done a separate face. I just dont think itll be used as much uh, but this face is a lot cooler. If we take his head off under there, he actually has a mouth uh. So if we put turn this over so thats what he looks like with the mask on and thats what he looks like with the helmet on too so that is our our vulture minifigure heres, our second minifigure. This is spider man and his golden suit. This is an awesome minifigure with some great back printing there. He has some nice torso and leg printing. It kind of makes him look like hes, going undercover or hes trying to be secret. This minifig also has arm printing, which is awesome to see. I, like the gold hands on this minifigure too. It makes it pop out head printings. You just have some on the back there and, of course, the eyes on the front. Now this minifigure also comes with a bunch of these web accessories, so heres this one and just got a bunch of other web accessories that it comes with, which is pretty cool to see and all in all.

This is a pretty good looking minifigure. So now, for my final thoughts on this set, it is a pretty good price per piece being 198 pieces for 20 dollars. I really like the golden spider man. Minifigure really makes i just its a really unique minifigure. I love it. I love the gold webs and all that its just really cool to see these web pieces in a different color uh, the vulture minifigures all right. I dont like the build, as it has like over 11 stickers and its just thats just too many stickers. For me, the drone itself is also pretty cool, its pretty big for a drone, but it works. It works for like a minifigure scale and i, like all the little uh play, features and all that and the stud shooters, so its a pretty cool set. I would rate this set a solid nine out of ten, so let me know what you would rate this set. Would you rate this set of 9 out of 10? Let me know down in the comments below, if you guys want to see more reviews like this one make sure you subscribe like the video and leave a nice comment down below.