This is legos at 76195, spider, mans, drone duel from lego, marvel spider, man no way home based on spider man homecoming the set has 198 pieces and two minifigures, and this side is 20 dollars and released on october. 1St 2021 now lets get into it. First off we have the box, so here is the box. It shows the figures shows an action scene, very cool and at the top it says inspired by spiderman homecoming up there, which spoilers for no way home um yeah. This wasnt in the movie, but they have more battles, more play, features and the levelified version of the spiderman integrated suit on the top nice box, art and now lets look at the instructions. So here are the instructions and it has the same art as the box and, overall out of all of its pages, it has 68 pages. So now we have the main build which, although it wasnt in the movie, still looks really really good. I really like all the stickers, especially that one and then the top one like with the tom holland, spiderman logo. I think that looks really. Nice has stickers on the insides. There has a sticker on the back. Some nice propellers a gold plated like thing that flips up and then that is actually the mech body piece that they used for the max that ive done reviews of and then it has a place to fit spiderman and that folded up looks really nice and you Cant really tell other than looking from the side.

Now. Oh no, my arch, nemesis stud shooters. So it has two yellow star stud shooters, oh okay, so yeah. That is a thing it has clips for spider man to clip on. If he will fit yeah, he can clip on if hes like diving onto it and another cool thing is that they use this piece for the web. Like the strand of web um, i understand why they did it Music but, like i hope they keep using it. Like if they ever did, like, i dont know like an oscar jet or something or if they ever did like a train scene, which oh please hope they do from spider man 2, he could like he can hold on to it like that and looks really nice. So i like how they use this one piece attached to there. They can use that for a lot of different scenarios with spider. Man like, as i said, the train scene like an odds, corporate jet or something yeah. They have so many possibilities now onto the minifigures. So first up were going to look at this, the spider man inside out suit. Now i really like the way it looks fun fact in the quote: unquote no way home wave. This is the only minifigure spider man minifigure to come with arm printing. As you can see, the integrated suit doesnt have it, and and the red and black suit doesnt have arm printing. So this is probably my favorite other than a red and black suit of this wave because well not spider, mans news in general in general, but like um just overall detail, because although this is the only spider man without doing molded legs in this wave, it is Very cool – and i would like to see maybe like gray dual molded legs – something cool to note is all of the webbing.

He comes with this web. All the webbing is gold, because lego, probably didnt, get anything with his webs, so they just assumed hey. He has gold accents, he must have gold webs, which is why you get all of these gold web pieces and theyre in that one pouch and yeah. I really like it and the hands are not red because i couldnt get good concept art so next up. I really like the vulture figure ill, take a look at the figure and then ill take a look at the wings, so heres the vulture figure. He has olive green legs. A purple gem emulating the um chitari weaponry same with the same with the blaster um yeah. This purple stud comes as an extra piece. I really like the torso printing and the helmet has this cool visor um. I havent seen that before, to my knowledge, its a very unique piece: ive, never owned this helmet piece and visor im pretty sure its in mecca bricks, and i see that whenever im trying to make figures, he also has this cool gasket gas mask, which also comes With an extra piece, i really like the way that looks, and it just connects with the head, like i think that looks really cool with the age of ultron ultra head. He has that piece on the back and taking off the mask you can see that face. I dont understand the mouth underneath the green eyes, but flipping it back: theres, a okay, looking michael keaton vulture face and heres more of the torso printing and the back of the torso printing, but yeah the michael keaton printing for the face.

I dont know how i feel about it: its not its not revolutionary, but also not being the worst thing ever yeah. So, overall, a very great minifigure and coming with a great minifigure, also has to come great accessories most of the time so comparing the wings from 2021 to the 2017 ones, theres a lot great about it about the new one, at least here is the back of The new ones with those stickers it has the giant engines which they did so much better on this than they did 2017.. The back of it looks great, it actually looks winged and the only place i feel like the 2017 ones. Um were better at was that they could actually have flames, but these are just great wings, perfect and yeah lets get to my final thoughts, so overall this set – i really like it, although it didnt appear in the movie at all. The only thing that did appear in the movie was this amazing figure, which i love. I love that figure a lot. It is cool to get the webbing and gold like these gold, handcuffs, theyre, really cool the vulture figure. Okay. So if you got the 2017 one this one, you should just get because its cool to have its so much better um the helmet just looks perfect for a vulture from homecoming. I love the wing builds and the actual overall build is pretty nice for something that didnt actually appear.

They did a good job on designing the overall look of it, but i think where theyre winning is the figures got the set for christmas by editor jack. Thank him out of 10 id give this set a 9 out of 10.. The only thing dragging it down from being a 10 is the fact that it wasnt in the movie, i think, if they uh. I dont know how to say this without spoilers, but i would have preferred if, in the designing process they would have either put like they put. Electro found a way to put him in there and maybe sandman, since this was in the trailer, its not spoilers, but it just would have fit better. In my opinion, they could maybe have still done the drone thing, but they could have just done a power line or two but yeah so value for twenty dollars. Figures almost perfect, the um wings, perfect, the drone wasnt in the movie.