This set is inspired by spider. Man homecoming its im, not sure really what what this build is from being lost with you, but we have here set number 76195 spider, mans, drone duel, this set retailed for 1999 usd or 20, and it had 198 pieces and too many figures and and like i Said i dont know what this is, so this set is inspired by spider man homecoming and it has the vulture and it has the spider man suit from spider man no way home, and that has this completely ridiculous build for a drone that i dont. I i i literally could not tell you what this is from its a very interesting set, though, and it does recast the spider man web pieces in gold, which is really cool. So without further ado. Lets jump on in take a look at the minifigures, and then he builds the set all right. The first minifigure is going to be spider man and he is super cool. His accessories are actually golden webs for the first time were getting all of the web pieces. Recasting gold, which is super cool and super unique and im, really glad to get that hes got a very nice web shooter build right there as well and thats, just like a really cool, unique thing and im glad they got that and then the spider man suit Itself is so detailed. This is, i believe, the black and red suit flipped inside out um, hes gon na do that at some point in the new movie and then run around for a bit like this.

So this is like the circuitry and everything on the interior. Very interesting, but he does have some fantastic arm, printing and detailing with gold there, some really great leg printing that continues fluidly from the torso to the hips to the legs, great facial print there, some more arm printing and some really nice belt and back designs there. Along with some cool webbing, just a really nice unique suit, its really cool to get a black and gold suit its something that i never would have thought we would get before and its really cool. Because im sure this has some basic in the comics and itll. Be really nice to have like all the suits he has in the new movie, because i mean they gave us a different, unique suit in every set, and i really really appreciate they. Didnt reuse, the same figure so its really great to get this suit here, 10 out of 10., all right and the only other, minifigure included in the set is going to be vulture and vulture is so cool. This is actually my first vulture minifigure. I know hes only been made in lego, i believe three times so its really nice to get a new version here accessory includes a stud shooter that shoots purple studs, a very nice purple crystal and some incredibly impressive, vulture wings. However, they have so many stickers uh. Three stickers for each of the feathers right there and then two more for the bases of the wings.

The wings do flap pretty well and then the feathers have full articulation and then the boosters can be rotated as well, very very nice, and you can pull off this back and then, of course, theres no sticker on the outside there for a little engine they dont Look too great from behind youre, never really supposed to look at them from behind and they simply attach on one of those over the neck bracket pieces and just hook into place. The adrian tombs figure is great. He has a very interesting facial design. There hes got a cool helmet and the visor lifts up and you can see hes got a breathing apparatus there and then pulling all of his accessories away. Theres a lot of them. You can see a better look at his prints. There and hes got an exposed mouth right there with some green eyes or really nice kind of like jacket, design and on the back. Hes got completely exposed face no hair pieces included, though, but you can see his eyes and his mouth hes smiling theres some cool techy stuff in the back of his jacket, meant to represent the wings. Very interesting. Minifigure does not look great without all of the uh breathing apparatus pieces and everything you kind of need that and the wings kind of make the figure, but on his own, its a really nice jacket and its really great to get another vulture figure here. All right with the minifigures out of the way now we have the build of the set and its really cool its entirely made in black and gold, which looks really great all for the propellers do spin, and then there are two flick: stud shooters on the top.

There you launch those, they just shoot the studs out, uh, nothing too unusual there, the spider man minifigure, does fit inside the cockpit theres a sticker on the very front there, and then this opens and you can look inside or if you want to put a minifigure In you can fold the whole thing down and then you can just insert spider man and then that put his arms down and it locks that in place and then that kind of covers up the front there. So if you want to just look at them, you can pull that off. Take them out. You can pull it down all the way. There is a sticker on the top here with the spiderman logo, and then this is two different stickers and this kind of lifts up and theres a little storage compartment in the back there and then theres a really cool, like spider piece with the yellow star. That comes out, maybe its a tracking thing, not sure exactly what theres also four additional stickers, one, two three and four and thats about it – for the build its a very simple one, theres also a golden dangling rope here, and so i guess what youre supposed to Do is take spider man and then have him grab onto the rope and its like a web. He shot onto the drone as its dangling and then, if i can get him to attach to it. Yeah that way.

Hes, like dangling from this drone and then like if vulture comes over, he can like swing into him. I guess i dont really know its a weird gold rope piece that ive never seen before. So i mean thats an option if you want im just really confused by the build of the set, because i cant place it. It looks really good its a really nice display model because of all the gold and the fun colors, but also like what is this from. Like did lego just sit down and be like all right lets, make our random spiderman like what was their inspiration for this, because i honestly cant tell its a very unique set and its nothing like weve ever gotten before, and it does actually look like a spider Which is really cool but other than that im im. Just really confused lets take a look at the box in the manual real, quick and then bounce back to the final verdict, all right and heres the box and its a spider man no way home set inspired by marvel studios, spider man homecoming interesting. Despite this being a homecoming set, we have this very strange gold drone and the brand new suit from the brand new, no way home movie that we saw on the trailer so im just all kinds of confused. Then we have the integrated suit on the side here. As opposed to this suit or the homecoming suit huh, i mean sure whatever floats you about, i guess, despite this not being a infinity saga set, we have the infinity saga white box griebling going around the sides, which looks very nice vultures run away from the drone.

There and then on the back well spin this around we got vulture attacking spider man on the drone, and then we have the lego version of the integrated suit on the panel right. There then some more pictures of the drone how you can fit spider man inside you know the stud shooters. Nothing too special, though heres the instruction manual, its got a very nice dynamic image in the front there, and then the integrated suit on the art panel. On the side, wind pirate on the back parts list and then an advertisement for the infinity saga sets not the other spider man sets, which is kind of odd, nothing else to say about this manual, pretty basic one, all right. Overall, im going to rate this set a solid 5 out of 10., the vulture minifigure is great. I love the wings. The spider man figure here is awesome and its great to get the web pieces in gold, but, like i said before, what is this build? Like its not accurate, its cool, but i cant read it highly because i dont know what its based off of there were. So many other things you could have done for a spider man set that actually appeared in the trailer for the new movie or any of the other two movies he had for himself or that he appeared in from infinity war and end game like there were. So many different things you could have done and they went with this really weird black and gold drone like its so out of place.

I dont know so five out of ten. If you guys disagree, please let me know in the comment section down below id love to hear from you. What do you think of this set? I do think for 20, its an excellent value. You do get a great vulture and a really nice spider man suit and a decent build. So if youre looking for value alone, i mean theres, some really nice gold parts. Here i mean its really good to part out, but its also just a really confusing confusing set, make sure to leave your thoughts about this and the other spider man sets in the comment section down below. Let me know what you want to see reviewed next and ill be sure to get to it asap. Thank you guys so much for watching ill catch.