Mans drone duel its at seven six, one, nine five, eight eight, seven plus it has 198 pieces and two mini figures. Now. I also got this at lego shop at home from a couple weeks back, and this set costs 20 us dollars here in north america and around the world for the lineup. So without further ado lets take a look at the mini. So here we have the two exclusive minifigures in this set, and that is the black and gold spiderman and vulture. Now both of them are exclusive to this set, and this is the only set that you could get them right here, so theyre really nice. Looking i totally like the detail right here. I love the new black and gold spiderman minifigure. He is so freaking awesome. Look at this figure if we do get a new vulture right here, which is michael keatons vulture right here, and he has that same silver. Stud shooter right here with that purple its not easy to fire that out right here. If you lose one of these, they only give you a couple of spares right here and he has a purple diamond or jewel right there. If you wanted to call it right here, so that is so nice looking, i love the gold webs for spider man. That is the first time we have these web pieces and gold, and that is so freaking awesome and, as you can see, the black and golds body has arm protein right here for the right arm and even on the left arm.

As you can see, i love the face torso and leg printing right here, so that is really awesome. I totally like how that turns out. I love the torso printing for vulture right there in that updated look that is more movie accurate and he has that glass. Visor that you cant open up like this, so that is so really cool. Looking right there here are their back torso pretty scenes right here, and this is what the back head pretty looks like for the black and gold spidey. I love that spider symbol in black and gold, so that is so awesome right here, and this is what the back torso pretty for vulture looks like and he has a double sided face now. This is what the face print looks like, which is the adrian toons michael keane, and face print, looks like it looks really good in my opinion, and also for the other face we have. Let me try to twist it right here. There we go so yeah. This is the other face that you can see through that breathable mask part right there, so that is so awesome. I totally love that face print right there, which is really cool, so that is it for the minifigures. Now lets go ahead and take a look at the builds in this now before we get to the drone lets take a look at vultures glider right here, so this is a brand new glider right there.

That is based off of homecoming in 2017 right here. So yeah this is a new, updated look for his mcu look. So here we have the whole front part. We have some stickers on the left and right wing right there. As you can see, we have those same design, parts for the nexo knight shields right here and some right here, as you can see – and there are some stickers over here for the left or right wing for these flat parts right here – and we have these ball. Jointed turbines right there, which is really nice, looking actually like how that turns out right here. So this is the front heres the side of it heres the bottom. This is what the back looks like. This is the top of it, as you can see heres the back now i really like the back part because of that sticker. That really looks like the vulture right here and also those flat pieces right here. They can move in and out same thing for the other three right there, while the other six of them, i should say – and this turbine is on a ball joint as you can see, since it is on a ball joint, like i said, and this turbine can Spin, just like so and the wing can go in and out like so you cant put vulture on there, since you had to put that back piece right there, which is really nice.

So you had to put that back on and there you go now. Sometimes, when you have it on a table or on your lego base plate, sometimes it collapses it. So you have to adjust the turbines to make the wings stand up for vulture right here. So its a nice build right here. Well, i wish they could make something to make it stand out. Well, you cant make the turbines help him stand up right there, but it is what it is, but thats it for the glider right here and now lets take a look at spider, mans, black and gold drone. So what in gods name? Is this thing? So i know its a drone, but we didnt see any trailers for this. We only see trailers of spidey running from the other people in that building with this suit on which is peter, taking his mask off from that first trailer, but anyways here we have the whole front part of the drone, so we have stickers in some statues right Here we have a sticker on that black nexo knights piece right here, since it has some of the five eyes right there, so that it looks like a spider but with out the six legs right here. So anyways heres the front part heres the side of the drone, which is really cool. Looking we have the side of the stud shooters right here, and this is what the top of the drone looks like.

We have stickers of that spider man, symbol in black and gold. We have that this piece right here. We have two stickers for the top of it right here and the back part, and this is what the back of it looks like. We have a gold rope that i will show you guys later on, and this is what the other side of the drone looks like with the same thing and again, if you guys dont know how stud shooters work, that is how they work. I already said the same thing with vulture and its that shooter right here and also these propellers can spin just like so, and also you cant put spidey on that gold rub. If you want to so yeah, you cant attach them right here with or without the web and also yes well part. Let me try to get it on there come on or you could just hang them on here. Let me see all right: there we go. I was just putting his hand on the wrong place right here, so yeah you can attach him on the rope if you want to or if you dont want the rope on the drone you cant just take it off so yeah you cant, take it off and Inside of it, we have this little cup. Well, this little trunk part area inside that trunk. We have a little spider bot right here, so we have a little spider bot right here, as you can see, which is really nice looking and we have a little cockpit inside of there.

So nothing much right here. If you guys dont want spider man on the rope you can put them inside so yeah, you cant put them inside the drone right here. So you had to lay him down like this, and we have that black chess piece from one the max right here, which is from that thor max set and some other places and easy to close that up. Well, you cant see him well only a little bit from the left and right side of the drone, so yeah there. You guys have it also right there. I forgot to show you there are some stickers right here too so thats. The only part that i forgot too so nothing much to say about this step, but that is all weve done so far right here, so that is it for the glider and the drone now lets move on to the overall. This set is really all right to me, in my opinion. Well, i understood, lego is not gon na add any spoiler, since we dont want to get spoiled from the movie, since we have one more left up, i mean one month left. I should say sorry about that until the movie comes out so anyways, i still like the drone well im, not a hundred percent sure its gon na be in the movie, because we didnt see any trailers for it. We only seen the black and gold spider man running from that little restaurant place that peter takes his mask off and he runs away from the other people that seen him with his face right here, but anyways.

I, like speaking of that black goat spidey. I really like that minifigure for yes, this set costs twenty dollars. This is the cheapest way to get it. It is really cool here. It is a good value, because this is the only set that you could get him and the brand new vulture minifigure. I like the new vulture right here and the glider and stuff. Well, you had to use the turbines to help him stand up with this its sometimes when you are done building this set, the glider keeps falling off, so i had to use the turbines to help him stand up with it, so yeah thats what it is so Anyways this is a new looking set. I still like the drone itself and you it does come with a gold rope right there and as for spidey, he has these new gold web pieces that are introduced, so that is so freaking awesome right there and i totally like the sticker. Let me stickers right there, sorry about that, but yeah. This is a really nice build right here, but we dont know if were gon na see this in the movie, since, why does spider man need a freaking drone for gods sake, since he has power, so he doesnt need a vehicle. Why understood we dont want spoilers involved, but still but anyways. This is a nice little build. I like how you cant put the spider bot in the back of the drone like that little trunk compartment, but this is a really nice value and it is so cool.

Looking so nothing much to say, but that is all ive got so far for the set for the lineup, so that is it for now.