This set retails for 30 bucks in the united states and it does include three mini figs with doctor strange america. Chavez and wong three of the four of course represented on the box, art and unfortunately, dont get scarlet witch in the set you know, would have been nice to have the full slate of four characters that we see on the box in the set and apparently shes Going to be a big part of the movie, so yeah a little bit disappointing there, perhaps in a future set but shes also available in other things now so thats fine from that perspective too, but we have the gargantos, or at least i assume this big monster Thing is scar, cantos and then all the figures trying to fight it uh, the box art seems to be on the side of a big building in the city. As you can see, the cars down below top of the box shows off doctor strange in one to one scale, and the back of the box is gon na. Have the lego versions of the characters that we saw in the front. Of course, three of the four in the set, and then we have the actual thing on the streets of i presume new york there. So pretty cool looking set lets unbox it you wouldnt believe it inside of the box. We have legos theres two bags and an instruction manual. It looks like carrying over from lego star wars.

We have the progress, menu bar and also theres, apparently an issue with this build. That is supposedly a big problem. I dont know well find out later in the review ill. Let you know how it looks during the build process, but you know i couldnt tell anything just looking at it. That seems like its going to be a big problem and then they also advertise the three. Currently, on the back burner cancelled, marvel mechs that had their issue with the joints in the legs or hips areas who doesnt love a good doctor. Strange minifig hes got a couple spells in hand ill remove those. So you can see his torso better, though. Truly, a wonderful print on him with a lot of detail, very continuous from the torso to the waist to the legs. Thats always one of my favorite features of lego, minifigures, star wars, marvel and otherwise love his face got the big hint of gray there on the side of his hair piece, thats printed on love that weve got the cape, which is rubberized, so you can actually take It off just like it comes off in the movies pretty easily a little difficult with the way ive got it on the stand, but you get the point its something you can do and in the back of the figure you can see another really great print, which Is nice and then we have the second face underneath the hairpiece heres wong, who is also casting a spell? Hes got the pink pieces to represent his not printed, unfortunately, just like the orange ones, great torso print, waist print and leg print, just like on doctor.

Strange really good back print and unfortunately, no second face so a little bit disappointing. There definitely could have had a second facial expression, not really sure why not but yeah just not there and then. Finally, we have america chavez, another really solid, looking figure, she uses the mid sized legs and we can see the star on her back of the print kind of like a denim jacket. It looks like to me and then, if we take her hair piece off youll see, she also has a second face there. So two facial expressions on two of the three minifigs, not bad, but overall a really good figure selection save for the emission of wanda. So i mentioned there was an issue with the build, at least according to brickset and looking at their article. You can see that what they were specifically talking about is this part right here under the eye, this curved piece and the pieces to the left and right of it in light gray that allow you to place in some of the tentacles and essentially it seems that Those two gray pieces are ever so slightly angled outward because of the curved piece it just doesnt allow them to sit in perfectly, but, like i dont know, it seems like a big, nothing burger to me. It doesnt affect the model. You can move all the tentacles just fine, at least these two at the front right that were the the problem childs of the set its just not a big deal.

It certainly isnt as big a deal as the issue with the marvel max where they would literally just fall over so yeah. I feel like that. Article was completely useless like it. Just doesnt seem like a thing at all like this is literally nothing i like. I was building this and i, in my mind, knew that something was supposed to be wrong. It didnt catch. What was wrong so i had to go re read the article after i was done to understand what was wrong its nothing. All of that being said. This thing is kind of cool it. Doesnt, do anything necessarily like its got all the functionality of the arms that can move and spin and stuff, but like it, doesnt have any like shooting function, theres no flick fire missile, or i thought, even maybe these were kind of the discs that you could shoot Out of things that weve seen in some lego sets recently but theres, not even that to me the vibe i get from this thing is just very big rathtar and that just a much more solid, more well built version. I just really like the way. This thing is, you can see, i can push down, put a lot of pressure on it, the legs, i guess essentially arent like bending or breaking and thats, really nice. They dont push out of the way automatically. So you get that youve got some inverted tiles. On the bottom side, which just kind of hold everything together, dont serve any actual function.

I do kind of like that you can spin the tentacles at the front here. Basically, i guess this would be his mouth, so you could theoretically open it up. Have him eat a character like so and then have him try to close it up or hold on to them its its pretty cool? I like it as far as the eye goes well zoom in on the eye a little bit there, its actually a print for the eye, so they do give him a little eyeball and im not 100 sure, if its supposed to be off center, like that, but The white dot is shifted to the side. You could definitely spin this to have it be shifted up right or down if you wanted that, but i like the yellow color and i think that everything around it fills in nicely and youve got his eyelashes on top speaking of the eyelashes, i love the technique. They used with the cheese slopes here to get a practically perfect look on the top of it for closing off any gaps there. So basically, this whole thing is angled down and the one attached at the bottom isnt angled at all the one that we had the quote unquote problem with, i dont think its a problem, so the one up here is actually angled down with the eyelashes on it And thats, just to kind of create a more complete look to. I guess the eyelid of the singular eye there, and so as youll see.

If we pull one side of this off, you can see how the cheek slopes are angled down and how those perfectly line up with the angle of the back of this piece as its pushed into the uh front of the eye there. So i really love the look of that. I think they did a fantastic job. You can do a lot of funky things with it and move everything around as you please now im gon na stress test this, because i do have a feeling that potentially this is not going to be enough to hold these on if you pull down on them. Well, maybe they are oh, no there it goes okay, so it took a bit of pressure to get this whole thing to fall off, but it does have the attachment point at the bottom and its attached to the side. So i mean it seems like these things. Could fall apart, but i think for the play of like a seven eight year old, whatever its going to be mostly fine. So the supposed build error, in my opinion, is a big nothing burger on the set. It is not something to worry about. It is not going to affect your experience at all its literally nothing um its worth it for the figures alone, in my opinion, for 30 bucks here, but the gargantos is actually surprisingly good im, usually not a fan of big wild. Animal builds from lego like this.

Like i just prefer, like a symmetrical simple look of a clean, sleek starship from lego, star wars, but this is surprisingly very good and it is unfortunately still the lone set from the new dr strange movie so well see if we get more in the future. Hopefully we would, but, as of now, as your only option from the new doctor, strange movie, i dont think its a particularly bad offering in my opinion, this is about as perfect of a build as you can have for something like this. Its got a really good figure selection and all at a fair, relatively low price of 30 dollars.