Here we basically dont know anything apart from the fact that this is most likely one of these suits, but inside out, which is honestly quite weird, not exactly sure why that would happen. But taking a look at the minifigure, you can see, we have all the gold and printing here which honestly this just looks really well. You can see his arm printing, which just looks so detailed sort of reminds me of the vibranium arm from bucky barnes in the cmf. You can see the back printing there, the back of the head, which is really cool and the arm printing, which looks really neat. As well, you can see the spider man figure there. Honestly. This video has just been detailed, really well, but its a shame that we dont have this quality for all of them, like the new black suit doesnt have arm printing and the one that i go back to always. I am spider suit from infinity war and has obviously appeared in more movies since has no jaw molding, so yeah its definitely a shame, but at least this figure weve got some really cool printing and then quickly taking a look at all of the gold webs. Honestly, its really cool just to see all of these like web pieces now that weve actually got translucent, blue and weve also got black, so that is really cool, so yeah. Those are the gold pieces which is pretty neat, and that is the little contraption there.

So then, taking a look at the adrian toons minifigure aka, the vulture of the mcu or batman, of course it was played. He was played by michael keaton. Taking a look, you can see, the wings are definitely an improvement over the previous 2017 variation, but i think they still definitely could have been done better. You can see we have the stickers and then there we have them going all the way down the wings which honestly i just feel like the wings definitely could have been done much better. You can see that there can see that and then taking a look at the back, you can actually see that there is a piece missing, and that is because, because if you actually put that tile in the figure, cant actually stand up, which is a massive building Floor so yeah that honestly is absolutely insane that the figure really cant stand up. Theyre. Taking a look, you can see the pack there. You can see the back of the wings and the engines in that which, honestly it looks okay, but it just doesnt work. The proportions are off. The sides are off honestly. I think what they need to do. They need to get the falcon wings, extend them, make them a little bit bigger, add some, maybe a couple more prongs or three each side at the end then add a new engine part for the bottom, then wed be great but yeah there. You can see that now lets quickly take a look at the actual figure.

So then, taking a look at the adrian, tombs, minifigure himself, you can see straight off the bat he actually uses that new skydivers and breathing apparatus piece which honestly, i think that looks really neat. But my only concern and problem is the visor honestly looks way too. Big it just doesnt work im, not really a fan of the piece like i was happy to get it. I think this it might have even been my first time getting it, but i just dont think it works. It looks absolutely humongous it just doesnt. I just dont feel like it captures like the essence of the character it really doesnt. They can see the back printing there. Honestly it looks really cool but removing the breathing apparatus. You can see his face print, which, honestly, i think that um face print is really neat. I like the way theyve done, that you can see the printing, the printings really good, but again the jacket actually should be dark brown. So again, this figure, i just think theres lots of improvements they could make, although that michael keaton face is actually pretty good, but yeah theres, honestly quite a few improvements, i think they could make this minifigure. The jacket needs to be darker. I think the trousers are all right. A bit about printing and buckling would actually be really nice and also new wings, new helmet, so yeah, i think the vulture mcu, michael keaton minifigure has still got ways to go to be perfected and be really good.

But still, i think, were sort of making improvement, especially at this piece, though i think a new helmet would go nicely and also he does include a stud shooter which honestly just now im really getting over these now i just dont think theyre the best they just Look too comedic, and also we have the shitari power core, which is pretty cool, so taking a look at the actual drone itself straight up the back you can see, but this honestly is actually quite a humongous building, honestly its kind of ridiculous. How big it is in comparison to spider man here, but still it is kind of unique ill, have to give it that you can see. We have this gold part, which honestly looks really neat. I do like the gold cockpit, it does actually include the body armor piece from the mex, which is pretty unique to see there. I have to me i thought that was kind of a surprise and taking a look at the propellers and the blades. You can see that there honestly, i think they are dumb, really cool in the sense that they have just these blades sticking out. They look really neat, but my problem is: is that where does this actually appear in the mcu? If this appears in a new spider man movie, i think ill actually be a little bit annoyed. But taking a look, you can see the stickers there. Honestly, i think the stickers look really cool.

They do look nice, but i dont know its just to me. I dont get the logic behind this set like you can see that there you can see that one there i just dont, really get what lego are going for here, like what concept art has spider man driving around in this, i feel like lego. Just literally got a bug, pun intended sort of not really, i guess about just giving spider man. Vehicles like he doesnt need them like the occasional one i get like. I dont know a boat. Why dont? We have the spider man boat. That would make sense like a little nine pound bow dont actually make sense. I saw like the penguin scout one, but yeah. This is pretty cool the stickers at the back. I do actually really like those stickers you can see. We have one of those shield pieces which honestly looks really nice. You can see that there we have a couple stud shooters on the top. Also we can actually lift this up, so you can open that up, which does have like a spider bomb in it. Something like that, so that is pretty cool. We also have this as like, i guess, the rope or the string of the set which, if you actually want to move it, you can just simply do it like that, which honestly, i think it looks cool. But again, where are you gon na? Have it dangling like im, not really sure, apart from kids, which i dont even think kids, i cant see being that interested in this set im, not exactly sure what the purpose is.

But taking a look at the window shield piece, you can see the interior, which doesnt really have anything theres, nothing really to show there. You can see that then. If we quickly put the spiderman minifigure in there, you can see that there, which honestly, i think it looks pretty cool – i have to admit with him in there. It works really well the black and gold suit, but still i dont really get the point like what? What is this i dont know it looks okay, but yeah thats. What it looks like so yeah lets go on to my phone and thoughts of this set, which honestly ive got a few things to say so there we have it. I hope you did enjoy this video overall, i couldnt miss. It honestly is quite a disappointment. Im not gon na lie. It is just i dont really get, maybe if it becomes more of a thing in the movie but honestly, where on earth, would they stuff this into a spider man, film, honestly, if they did, i think id actually be a bit annoyed. Like i dont get the logic like some things might make sense, but for me this doesnt really make sense like. Why does he need it? I just prefer him swinging through the city doing his thing, maybe joining on a quinjet, something like that, but yeah. This honestly just feels really just weird like honestly, the only thing that i think is really worth it is this minifigure here its definitely good to have the vulture michael keaton here because of like the collection purposes.

But apart from that, i dont really see a point in this set for me personally like that is what im gon na be keeping out. This set literally im gon na be putting away really shortly, because i just dont see like a point in keeping it out. Like i just dont see, why do i need to keep this out it honestly just isnt that interesting its kind of interesting, but just in the sense of marvel, it really isnt and also what did you think of the new intro style again, i will be using That like more going forward and hopefully on all my reviews, ive just done it for the a polybag as well, but yeah its going to take some more time. So hopefully you dont mind the longer way between videos but yeah. That is what i think in this set honestly. I really hope we get a couple from spider man no way home featuring some potential multiversal characters, maybe like green goblin, doc, ock electro, lizard, sandman, literally anyone who could be in the movie venom, literally anyone who could appear so yeah. Thank you for watching this video. What do you think of this set? Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below and dont forget to leave a like comment, subscribe and ill catch.