This is a four plus set with 73 pieces and it retails for 20 dollars in the u.s. It was released on october 1st and even though its marked as a no way home set, there is a little tag that says inspired by spider man far from home, because i dont think any of this stuff is going to actually be in no way home. However, for a four plus set, this has two amazing exclusive minifigures heres, the exclusive spider man minifigure. This is the upgraded suit that was seen at the end of far from home. That spidey will be wearing for at least the beginning of no way home. This is a minifigure that we were really really missing from the far from home sets. I cant believe that lego didnt make one back then and again for a four plus minifigure. This is absolutely incredible. We have dual molded likes here, a great new torso print and the legs are even printed as well. The only thing thats missing is arm printing and i do think it looks a little bit plain without it again its a great minifigure for a four plus set, but i mean all of the other spideys have arm printing, like like all of his regular blue suits For the mcu, so i think that he really would have benefited from it here. He also just has a usual web string piece with one of the spider webs at the end.

Mysterio is the other exclusive figure here. This is finally accurate to his appearance and far from home, because in the 2019 sets he was wearing the green, like kind of body suit, underneath the armor im guessing that that was a concept art thing, because it did look closer to his comic book costume. But im glad that were finally getting the armored appearance and again exclusive torso and leg printing in a four plus set like thats two high quality exclusive minifigures in a set for four year olds. This is why everyones gon na be buying this set. Hes got a little drone controller here and hes holding a ruby. In the other hand, the one thing i dont like about him is the one whole cape. You guys know. I really hate these its got some nice back printing there, but i get why there are one whole capes in junior sets its really fiddly and annoying for kids to line up um like a two hole, cape, so thats. Fine, i mean i can always replace it with a two holed cape of my own. His fishbowl, i think, is also a new color. This is definitely not the color. It was for far from home because that was just um clear, but i dont know if its come in this, like satin blue color in any other sets, and underneath hes just got a plain blue helmet. So the only way this figure could have been better is if there was actually a jake gyllenhaal face print included and, lastly, weve got nick fury.

This is a good figure, but weve seen him several times before i do like his guns, though they feel very. Like 2011, like alien conquest lego to me, which i really appreciate, so i think that thats cute but yeah still a good figure to get in such a cheap set, because for a long time, nick fury was kind of exclusive to much more expensive sets. There are two builds here. First up well take a look at mysterios drone. This is a pretty pathetic excuse for a drone, i have to say and um. Actually these arent even meant to be part of the build. Sorry i forgot to take these off. These are just extra ammo for the disc shooter thats inside, but i really dont like this, build it doesnt its its really blocky. Some four plus builds are okay. This one is definitely like one of the worst that ive seen. I think youve got a couple of these like guns at the end and another one of those printed pieces, thats really nice. I love that print um, but yeah it doesnt even have a consistent color scheme. I dont, like the gray, the black, the white um, the the transparent green, its just its kind of a mess to me, but thats, okay, because again this thats more about the minifigures, this shooter works about as youd expect. There we go. Sometimes i have trouble pushing those out and then you kind of reload it from the back.

I i like pushing it in from the front, but thats just impossible here, because its set so far back furys car appears to be a police car for some reason: um. Okay, then i mean, i guess this is the car that he pulled up to where um, spidey and mysterio were fighting molten man, but i mean this isnt a bad, build its got a consistent color scheme, which i really appreciate. The dark, bluish gray and the black looks good together printed piece up at the front, love printed pieces in four plus sets inside. You have room for one minifigure, although maybe you could squeeze another one standing at the back um but theres, no actual seat, which i think is kind of lame. I always like it when actual seats are included and then at the back youve got a clip. So you could put a minifigure there or sorry. Youve got a bar, so a minifigure could hold on there, but the clips on the side are actually meant for furys guns, which i like, because this way, if you clip them onto the side of the car, they kind of become like just like guns for the Car, instead of you know for a minifigure and thats what fury looks like sitting inside. I always like you know actually showing minifigures sitting in the vehicles so yeah he doesnt even see through the windshield, because hes higher than it theres. Just one extra piece here of ruby for mysterio the box for this set is a typical four plus box size, but i love the art for the no way home sets.

I really really like that. Spidey in the corner, thats like the integrated magic suit that hes going to be wearing in the movie that logo down there is nice theres the little inspired by sticker um. I think that i, i think the only reason i got made sets like this is so that they could give us, like all of the suits that will be featured prominently in the movie without spoiling the villains, because we know that there are a lot of spoilers. So im expecting some spoiler based sets later, but the back of the box is again just what youd expect with that nice logo. We have two really small instruction manuals here, so a younger builder could be building this with someone more experienced there. Arent really any ads in here, though, definitely not for the other no way home sets, but i do kind of like the new manual style, where they show. This is only for four plus sets where they show the pieces in someones hands, rather than in like a little bubble at the top. I definitely recommend getting this set if youre an mcu spider man fan because its got two great minifigures, but if you dont really care about them, then youre not gon na, find anything that you want in this set for 20. I think its a pretty like bad value like this seems like a 15 set if the drone was bigger or if there was two of them.

I could see the 20 thing, but i think its because a lot of budget just went into making those really really nice minifigures. If you can find this on sale like 16, even better, because i do think its worth buying for the figures alone, especially if you dont have a nick fury already but thats it for today, so dont forget to comment like and subscribe and check out. My website golden ninja, 3000.