Cyber drone, three quad, four six plus 113 pieces, uh its a three in one thats fun, because its three one, three one one three one one one one thats got ta, be some kind of robot humor or something anyways. I got this from uh. I got free express shipping because of my walmart plus premium membership, so it arrived in one day. Maybe you heard why i got it but im doing a mock, and i need this wedge piece that one there i think its that one yeah its the left or the right theres, two of them in this set uh one left one right, and i thought that I would pick it up, so i think you know i was like hey. I want to open this. I want to get it uh going, so i can build my mock, so i figured why not do a video review of it uh. We got three forms here. The cyber drone so lets be honest here, not a drone, not a drone, not a drone drone is it the is the cyber drone, the boy, the the um this this guy. Here he looks he he screams classic space and he has the classic space logo on him, mind you, but he screams classic space with that expression on his face honestly uh, its a translucent piece, which is a nice touch. Nice touch anyways um before we we get before i open it. Um lets see components made in denmark, mexico, hungary, china and the czech republic thats pretty boring stuff, actually normal for once and its a box set.

So we get to punch it. Oh good, its not gon na its, not gon na punch because um the box is so crushed, but if i just gouge it with the knife seriously youre, just not gon na youre, not gon na just open for me, so thats, a new perforation. Okay, my new perforation worked except for theres, more cardboard underneath sure i dont damage the lego there. It is so inside the box. We have okay, okay um, it looks like we got three instruction booklets. This is interesting that theyve theres, an insert in here uh telling you about legoland, free for infants or something kids go free with an adult ticket, cool um and then theres a big picture and thats. Oh it opens more, is this? Is that it yeah so theres more pictures, thats interesting theres, a coupon code on there so go ahead and use that someone will anyways two bags. Three instructions uh that ones gon na, be the speeder bike, the swoop, copper and that one and then on the back of all of them. There are different ads and things thats its interesting. The win is on the back of the third model. I guess this is probably honestly the most interesting build to me so thats thats, pretty cool. Looking i like that theyre three different books, thats um a little bit more wieldy, and then i guess also they could have potentially known the main, build and started producing the set once they confirmed that but theres the pieces i need.

Only one of them is in here: okay, so lets open this other bag cool. So one two i think lets see which one of those do i want to use. So i definitely picked this one in the digital file, so i think well go with that. One. First, itll just change which way the angle is like itll, be the front coming around and going that or that i think thats, the more look we want so ill. Take that so Music uh Music, this okay, this guy, this guys pretty cool, though anyways guys thanks for watching this video. I sure hope that you enjoyed this ill, see you guys in another video or something assuming you guys still show up, because uh remember its.