It is uh cyber drones, they’re created three in one site, it’s, a new 2021 set, so let’s get right into it. This is the first and only minifigure of the set. This is pretty much the reason why i bought the set um. I, like the blue, clear, transparent headpiece with the print on the front and the print on the back same with the torso. I like the print on the back and the front has a little space logo. You can just focus right there. You can see right there. Um i like the white arms and the gray torso and then have some dark blue hands. Um. I like the metallic pants too. They don’t have any printing on the back or the sides or anything so yeah it’s, our only minifigure, very cool minifigure, so uh let’s get right into the cyber drone. So this is the cyber drone um starting from right. Here we have lights in the front. Then we have a little cockpit where you can race this piece up right here and you can put a little uh minifigure and on the bottom you have just a smooth some smooth, a smooth little build here. Um. Then you have a little spot right here where your drone can like stand up. Then you have these uh articulated engines which can go like this. They can go a whole 360 degrees and then right above the little engines you have these flaps. I can also go up then, on the side of the engines.

You have some more pieces now on the back. You have some more transparent pieces like which look like uh engines blowing out like energy or something whatever this is. You know supposed to be. Futuristic then near the back, you have this little um, these flaps. I can go up and down at first. I did not like this build, but it has grown on me a little bit and um it’s a pretty cool, looking thing, some other features, but the engine actually is attached. Um it’s, a pin and it’s a piece like this, and you just put that in right. There these pins and then boom that’s your engine i’m, not going to be showing all three posts only, but that will be showing but it’s a pretty cool. Looking build. You know, futuristic nice. I like the pieces that they use here these like sam blue pieces for the engine and then on the front of the cockpit. I also like the orange curved pieces they use for the side of the drone and on the tail, so let’s look at the box in the instructions. So here are the instructions there’s actually three um different ones. Here, that’s the first one, cyber john’s one i built here’s, a bunch of other sets on the back. This one looks pretty cool in this one, but i probably won’t get them and then it just shows some more stuff. Then the second build here is this: little.

Like flying thing, i don’t know what it is. This is my favorite build of all three probably build. I probably, ah, i will probably take apart the cyber drone and build this. One has one advertisement, the heart count and it shows figure and then the third build, which is also pretty cool. Is this mac right here a little blaster another little two flat pieces, um again showing more sets? This looks cool with the plane and the little tree shows more sets of build and then let’s look at the box. So the box here is a normal 10 side box. I just zoom out a little bit right there. My camera is acting up, so let’s go a bit more and then on the back here you have. I actually um did this for once correctly. So usually, i have a hard time pressing in the thumb thing for some reason, but here shows all three bills again: i’ll, probably building this one right here looks like cool it’s, not all three, the robot one looks pretty and it has everything else in the box. Um no stickers, just you know just bricks here, which is also pretty nice, so this is a pretty cool set. Definitely the figure is one of the main reasons to buy it and why i bought it. Um retails for ten dollars. So again it is pretty affordable. Some cool little robot, looking figure and the all three builds are pretty cool and it comes with some nice sand.

Blue parts, like i said earlier so again, this is a decent set. You know because i don’t really bike lego creator 301 sets, but this one i bought because again all the reasons i said before 113 pieces, so it’s, not high uh high piece count either it’s a good set. I recommend you guys buy it so um yeah make sure you all like comment.