This set has a hundred and thirteen pieces and retails for ten dollars in the u.s and is a part of the lego creator. 2021 wave. This video will be the same as all my other creator reviews where i go over the main build first and then i will briefly touch on the other. Alternate builds at the end, so the set does come with one minifigure, who is currently seated in the cockpit and we’ll, go over that first. So first, taking a look at the minifigure for this set, i do not believe it is an exclusive minifigure. However, i still love this. I love the face print on this guy. I, like the clear blue headpiece with the printing on the back, because there’s like a little port there, and i always just cyborg at the front there, with the uh with the like computer, looking face and teeth uh the torso is nothing special. Just kind of it looks like it’s from an outer space set with a couple uh the vest and it’s a two two tone: colored um and then the legs are just a totally plain print. So the torso and the legs are not that interesting. But i absolutely love the face print on this guy, probably one of my favorite minifigures of 2020, probably like i said this face, has probably been around for a long time, but nonetheless, i really really like this guy so now on to the main build here.

As you can see, the minifigure does sit nicely in the cockpit, but he has to lean back in order to fit in there um. So he sits just like that. A little in back and this overall build is relatively small in scale, but i really liked it. I, when i saw it on the box, i really liked it and now that it’s built, i really like it. I like the color scheme here with the uh orange and kind of off blue color. You don’t get really any play features in this, but what you do get is a really good solid, build the, as you saw earlier, the hatch windshield for the pilot cockpit does open these flaps back here can also move, as there are hinges and same with these Uh this entire section that i will worth noting this entire section here can move, so you can have them both pointed downwards, for example, as if he was flying upwards or they can just sit to the side like they do normally. So there is a little bit of functionality around that, but overall, like i said, this is just a good bulky build you can see. The back tail here is just clipped on and same thing with these side pieces are actually connected using a series of technique. Bricks to make them connect there, sorry for my camera focus, but there are some technique. You can see it better from this angle. Some technique bricks uh in there that are used to connect the engines to the bulk of the build uh it’s, also there’s.

These little uh connector pieces that are used uh down below by the cockpit, as as like joysticks for the minifigure to pilot this ship. I do like the usage of these clear, blue bricks at the back here that light blue is a really nice color i’ll. Just briefly go over the instructions and the box and then give you my final thoughts. So, taking a look at the instructions for this set, we get three different instruction books, uh the main instruction book for the main, build which has the cure at the bottom again standard instruction size for a set of this size. Uh, nothing extra special here uh at the back of this, we get to see the new creator three and one sets from this year and then the other two books i’m, going to spend a little more time in because i’m going to talk about these alternate builds Briefly as well, so we have a mech build here. I’Ve never been a big fan of mech builds. So to me this is pretty underwhelming. Like i said i just i’m, not a big mech fan there’s room for the minifigure in there, which is nice. This is not of a very big interest to me. Uh, the other alternate build here. I do kind of like a lot. This reminds me a lot of the pod racers from star wars actually that’s the the vibe i get from this build. I think it’s pretty cool.

We haven’t necessarily uh, seen something like this it’s like a little uh air speeder uh. Definitely definitely i like this more than the other alternate build again. Both of them are significantly smaller than the main build here, which is already small. So i don’t have too much to say on these other than i like. One of the two alternate builds for the creator three and one here and just a quick look at the box it’s a standard again 10 box size. You can see the two alternate models on the right here as well, and then on the back. You get all three again uh different models, doing different things, but pretty standard basic box. So overall i really like this set. This is the only set from the 2021 creator wave that i have purchased and it’s the only one i plan on buying, i think it’s, a nice little build when you get here for ten dollars is well worth it. Uh and i’d only buy it because it’s, a ten dollar bill, it’s a nice small, build that’s different from stuff that we’ve got in the past and that’s. What i find appealing about it, nothing too special, but a nice easy little display piece overall. I’M. A big fan of this set and i’m, not a huge fan of the creator wave overall. It also has a couple decent alternate, builds so really high on this set, i think it’s a good purchase for anyone out there who’s looking for a small, easy build.

I had a lot of fun building this one and i think it’s, just a nice little added piece to anyone’s collection, that’s. My thoughts on the lego creator, cyber drone guys. I hope you found my review here helpful and if you did, click the like button down below to show your support stay tuned for all my other lego reviews that are coming soon subscribe. If you want to see those as soon as they come out, i have a whole bunch.