It’S got some pretty cool, artwork and here’s, the top, which has some really cool pictures, pretty cool and here’s, the back, which is pretty cool. So now, let’s take a look at the set itself. You get one minifigure in this set, which is the space android, and this guy’s pretty cool here he is all around. He has a really cool torso print, which only appeared in that space. Rover set from last year, which is printed on a silver torso and it’s, got like the classic space logo, pretty cool and here’s, the back printing and no printing on the legs, which are just silver legs, pretty cool and the best part is the head, and this Is an exclusive face print which is pretty cool and he kind of resembles that robot character from the old lego spireas theme, i think, that’s how you pronounce it from like 1994, so that’s, a really cool print, it’s printed on a transparent light, blue head, which is Pretty cool here’s the front and here’s the back, which is pretty awesome. I love this minifigure now on to the build, so the first build we’ll start off with is the cyber drone, and this thing is really cool is more of like a jet aircraft thing and they spent a lot of effort in this pretty awesome. I love it. So here’s the cockpit which uses a clear, canopy and here’s the inside and nice use of those little ball pieces that were used for mini ball.

Joints for like the control sticks, thought that was a nice touch and we’ll stick in our android. So here he is really cool and close that up pretty cool and here’s the back where it has like the tail fin and the two extra fins on the sides. Here, pretty cool and here’s the side like little engine boosters, which can move up and down you can pose it like this, make it look like it’s about to like fly up, which is really cool. I like it and they use those like wheel, pieces and those silver cones and at the back you got some like exhaust pipes or something i don’t know, but they use those uh transparent, light blue cones and those uh dish pieces same on the other side. Pretty cool and there’s an interesting technic piece, which is this big, like black uh square, shaped piece which is actually a piece which i think was introduced last year, but i’m i’ve never gotten this piece before but it’s pretty interesting. I, like it so pretty cool, and this build there’s like a lot of like technic and a lot of system in this, so pretty cool, and you have some sockets that are exposed on either side pretty interesting. I love this build, so i guess there’s not really much to talk about with this build, so pretty cool now on to the next build. So the next build is the cyber drone and this thing’s pretty simple, and you got the same exhaust thing at the back and you have those like wing pieces.

These orange ones are attached to a clicky hinge. You can kind of move it like up or down and they’ll lock into place, and you have those smaller wing pieces in sand, blue which can swivel, which are just regular hinge pieces, and you have a two by two plate in sand: blue and here’s. Our android and here’s, the inside you have a couple of clear 1×1 circular tiles and you have those t bar pieces for, like the control sticks and he actually just stands here. He doesn’t really sit so here’s the front. You have these two orange slope things and those like these things like wing pieces or something i don’t know that has like these silver cones for, like the blasters. These are attached on many ball joints, which you can swivel those anywhere you like. So pretty cool and here’s the front there’s not much. You have two studs kind of exposed and here’s the side. You have these two pieces on both sides, so pretty cool and i don’t think there’s anything much to say and you do get a lot of leftover pieces, which is pretty cool for this, build so that’s a lot gosh. That is a lot of leftover parts. So now let’s get on to the last build. So the last thing you build is the cyber mech and this thing’s also pretty simple. So here are the arms they’re attached to many ball joints. You can move those and on this arm he have another one of those uh transparent, light blue cone pieces for, like the laser gun, which is pretty cool and the lower arm is attached to a clicky um hinge, it’s, pretty cool and on the other arm.

You have this claw thing which uses those wing pieces which i thought that was a nice clever part usage and the lower arm can move attached to a clicky hinge and pretty cool. And here are the legs. You cannot actually walk, but they spin, but i guess it’s all right, considering it’s a creator set, so you can kind of walk like this. If you want to, i thought that was a little silly. I guess so for the feet. They use those square shaped technic pieces, so pretty cool and here’s the back not much to it. A lot of exposed studs on the back here and exposed pinhole and here’s the cockpit here’s our android, and he also stands there so not much to the inside. So pretty cool – i guess so i quite like this and you also do get a lot of leftover pieces, so pretty cool, so i guess that’s about it. For this build now let’s get on to the instructions for the instructions. You actually get three separate instruction books. Well, considering it’s a small set, i remember a lot of small creator sets had only one instruction book with three built in but that’s kind of interesting. So the first one is the cyber drone. The second one is the cyber mech and the third one is the cyber scooter and no ads on this one there’s an ad for the other uh 2021 creator sets here’s this safari treehouse set, which which we’ll be releasing in march and here’s.

Some more sets and same with this mech, this one also releases in march and the rest. You can get right now, so pretty cool on the other one same thing, so pretty cool and for the extra pieces. These are the actual extra pieces that are not listed on the instructions, so pretty cool. Overall, i recommend getting a set. I really love the durability of this jet, which is pretty awesome, and i really love the minifigure included in the set with an exclusive face print. So pretty awesome and so hope you guys enjoyed this video and be sure to like comment and subscribe and i’ll catch you guys in the next video.