I am reviewing uh the lego creator, three one, three one, one one one cyber drawings of ones in there, so uh, yes, lets just get straight into the unboxing, so were gon na turn. The box around weve got one of the pushings lets open this and see what weve got in here. Oh, yes, before i actually do that heres, the back of the box. I forgot to show you that, are we actually getting a minifigure in this, which is quite surprising and thats the front of the box – and we wont be doing these two styles here today anyway, lets open this box and see what weve got hey all right. We have oh, my goodness. We have three instruction booklets, so theres one for the drone which well be doing, and then there is the other two for the other two stars, which is the robot one and the uh. I dont even know what that is. Probably second style of the drone, i would say so in this video were going to be doing this one, and so yes – and we get two bags as well – lets just get straight into building Music. So im done with the building and im back so lets just get into the review of this. So as for actually well take a look at the minifigure first um we dont actually get many minifigures in creator, so thats all fred freeman sets. I think this is a very cool.

Looking minifigure like a robot guy with a transparent head here. Hes got something like a microchip thing in his head and hes got a nice. I, like the torso printing, there will be silver legs, its a pretty cool minifigure and then this is the sign form drone on a cyber drive cyborg cyber drone and um the wings move. As you can see, um you can just go up and down so its like. They go actually Music like that Music, so pretty cool uh set here and weve got. You can attach the back ring if you want there so uh, yes, and you can also put our robot guy up in the um drone. If you want there, so it looks pretty cool in there just chilling and uh there. You go guys. So. Thank you very much for watching this video and ill see you all in the next one bye.