On this 18, the main numbers of this set. We have only one different numbers weeks number three. On beginning edge, the rest number or number one, only wow and same goes for the numbers of the pieces, set it up two times a number one and the last place, which is different novels or a tree. Hmm. This is insane, but anyway, hello, hello, everyone, my name is hassan, and today we finally, we finally totally filled the first review of the creator with 2021 set, which is the first review of record creator. 2013 21 set in general. At this time. It comes a mini figures on this 10 bucks set for the first time ever. If we actually never see regular workout creator with me because on the 10 bucks set, so now we see so now we see it on this set its that psycho draw. I mean psycho drone themselves, which this is 18. Another drone set on 10 bucks to do. We already have we, we do it so do do we we already have a do. Do we already have 80 defaults, a concrete or drought, 10 bucks, cedric drone, i mean drone explorer, which it was actually is the fix set because of the design, but makes it right, but makes it right quick because im not pretty sure the cut some of them. So actually thats good but anyway so lets take a look at the box first set. You can tell its pretty much the same as kitty.

Last two years last two years of aqua crater set to set 2090. It sure may build, may build up this set plus the the other two, the plastic plus the other two, which is this one, should be, should be on right here to know this one is build b and this one you see. This makes no sense at background. Its definitely beautiful we cover futuristic, we can be thats. The background looks absolutely beautiful. We cover, futuristic, rocks at deep dee, dee, sky or definitely red that the city are mostly blue. I mean at the city, is definitely mostly a blue to have a to have. It looks to have a futuristic, looks its definitely sixes of this background, all stars here, which is, i love it and then the upside and then the upside of the box. It show up a void differently and then across the upside of the box, its a ddd and a custom. At the end, across the the upside of the box, it show up 80 different images of of 3 4 and p3 recycled road market speedo as well, and it have a the vehicles preset, which is 2×2 vehicle pieces on on flame. All styles here, which is yap its pretty much blend its just a the normal one. Its constantly this one is mostly a flame or starch. We cover we carve it. We copy all the leaf. One of these sets just like the anybody else of ergo creator, said 2090, so yeah and then the the right side of the box they are, they are too much say say, goes to the dow size as well.

We get the the red background, i mean and then across the left side of the box it show up the earth down. It show up the old styles of white bricks, cartoonish all styles, i mean all size of of red background flame, all stars here. What i believe and then the the left, one its just having Music a difficult and empty left. One is just the local live apps here and, of course, the title set and logos of records apps as well, and here of the as hell have it at them across the back side of the box. It show up one more thing and and at the back side of the are and empty and then the back side of the of the box. It show up one more time of different images. Of of those three form builds of this set of this set, which is what i get cycled road mac ethical speaker as well. It integrates default side of the box at the back back side. It show it it. It have eighty, the or the code i mean it its across the flat one. At the back side, it show up the the all sides against the cartoon is all styles of one and a three titles. All styles here, like just every record creator having them, and it also have the titles at logos of rocker cops cradle as well, which is but again its half but again its half a which is, but again like the old wrecker crater, its of the cartoonish.

All styles of white, one in the three titles at the names of of this set, which is mostly titles or styles as well so now lets so now lets so now lets open the box and lets see whats inside here so Music Music, and i guess thats About it, so here you have the instruction of cycle draw mode and its half, but again, as i get the titles of what the titles of three in the one plus three and then one as well, which is given a it, must mean german names. What i believe its kind of straight to think about it and kill caught as well the first page it show up how to begin it, build and empty next one. It show up it. It show up. How are you secure codes to scan on instruction plus abs here, and then it has the complete build of cycle drought, the road main build forum on page 47 and then the back side of of this set its sharp all six besides, i got lots of this Makes no set, which is for whatever way, thats two and two speak rate of the speak wave of a crater 2021 set, which is the act of oracle great above winter, at spring 2031 set, except with exam cycled roads, which is what again makes no sense and Its corpse but again the title set logos of coms cradle as well, and you have the mac one, which is the same as ask the cycle droid mode, one which i dont remember this.

Oh yeah, a silvaria white live tree house set, which is its definitely came out on speaker wave, which is already out right now and but again, its half the title of michael clubs cradle as well and tlt speedo, one which is, which is the same as well. And on and now abs as well, this is toxic, which is a disabled, because we we we already have two of them some, except so because of our mostly focus on only may build of this set. What images here so so! I will actually now talk about the alternate form of this set. A structure rocks only first, so here the mag built that this psycho macros definitely the best one t lex is pretty good its heavy from robotic rocks, but i disappointed because of ram pieces. Legs cannot move me at all, which is just a which is ridiculous, but still good to decide. The orange is also great. I love deep. The left at the right side have a different arms connected on the lower one. The left one have a laser entity right side, have a clock which is definitely a great job. Recovery be different. It said, have a the same one which is delegated. I love it. That salty almost is definitely good. If you are the old take out too much, especially special, the cockpit is pretty good. It feel like the classic space mac build, which is i love it robotic head, is definitely pretty good at pretty good recovery covered eyes like this.

We could use it black, so i really like this hat overload, so the mac build is obvious good and the orbs will probably have the possibility to do the opportunity of all of it more choice and direct one choice, which is the obvious copy possibility. Yet i will not show up and show up the possibility of this Music of this build of this build constantly constantly. I only personally what i get as its just say. I only focus at mostly buckets of the main build of this set, sadly, which is safe, because i really love this build so much and there we got the speedo one. This speedo looks absolutely great. It feel like the the classic space speeder built as well, which is i love it. The default side having hamburgers, which is definitely cappy movement, which is i love it and it have two configs which is really nice, expanded theres. Definitely two good top of those tiny, tiny, amazing gun built as well, which is i really love it. Is this one, and also the back side of the of the speed doll it have a fully weight, which is the up size of it, have a sad blue entity downsized having green, which is definitely easy to fix it. Those wigs are like actually different. The up size is just in normal pieces and detail. Size is 60, be built as well, and both of them can move me as well, which is i absolutely love this and definitely did a good good job and with these things.

But i will not talk about because its its its actually unsustainable, because because they wanted me which is actually or just about but its actually a disturbance but those pieces because they see they want to mix a defeat. Futuristic between i mean, futuristic 80s chills at the saddle built for a speedo build, which is the copic build, but i believe, but was it needed, but wasnt needed at all. At least we could actually at least make the old one whats needed because of the other ones, which is yeah, makes sense for this at edges, just good. What i remember i mean what i mean. What i actually remember so yeah so now lets actually go to speed build at tcp at if speed, build will be too long, then link my video of record critter cycle road speed build so now lets take a look at the minifigures next Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so heres the main build of this set cycle drone themselves at the site of this build. I have absolutely some problem here: it does the titles themselves. I really like, because i think another droid 10 10 bucks set floor, a concrete toy, and this time we get the psycho one, and i thought it could be a more like the record marvel revolt. We covered similar to a mysterious droid built, which i believe, and we get, but not quite yet. This one is more like a psycho helicopter and cylinder dab that as well, because what we know about the drawer droid is mostly id remote control, control, controller drought, entity cycle, one is definitely could be controlled by by instead, my mouth is actually, if i compute on It some keyboard as well plus t scream as well.

It makes no sense and we also got the first one week 2081. We draw explorer exploring us that decode soups to bit no more drought but its going out its actually because we have a helicopter, but its. This ikea plus mostly copper as well, and this one not just a psycho capital, but also cycle helicopter as well. If you expect, the wigs can actually place with the inches right here, is that the up size, its just doesnt, make sense, call it. They said a cyclone cycle, drought welcome. Monkey kids has also have the biggest set. We covered recovery. We covered we covered quadcopter as kit vehicles, instead of the normal, normal, normal quadcopter, again, drought, again quadcopter off helicopter as well and in on record on biggest economically set is obvious, makes now set record monkey kit mounted set. Is that definitely denim way better than quite comfortable and the access said the axle set themselves, yeah multi, yeah, yeah multi, said its definitely. The better komaki set Music said its definitely success, ska about it. Well, the quadcopter is definitely fair. Asking me because crossover gold is costly, called control. Quadcopter, it only exists off the road and the quadcopter is only exists as game awards called remote control. I mean remote controller at the capitol its only it mostly exists of a very comfortable head. It will makes a quadcopter ska but its because it just makes no sense and it makes it kit just embarrassing, but no more talk about making kids multi motor more time to to talk about about this set the conflict.

Its kind of weird using this white speed piece it its not as bad as x week, x of a4 plus x, sweet stalled, fido build but still im, not so it actually works here at all. I actually before we started else, we came with some pieces to cover these these, these this gap here and complete, build ghostly yeah. It does have a gap here so wow. Well, this white screen the dark side. With this d light build, it does give me id draw it draw. It rocks recovery lights constantly at least like draw. It have a screen light as well. What you guys believe but excuse it does it see right closely? It talks only one time. Oh, this one have a 200, so im not pretty sure about this, its more like animal head. Instead, also, we can add – and also you see deep detours pieces – ask the idea, holder of this, of this complex im, not pretty so that was actually a good idea, but you said, pointers its kind of completely wheeled rockies, but with using poetry species on sk80 control Of this build its completely weird lucky on my players: im not really excited how this one can actually do it at diy. Speed i mean across the right screen can actually open that point. Pull in me, because here here, what is what what there he comes and my god right, close it and you can write as well.

So i really like it the 80s, and that was just the inches. The ages know i dont like it actually thats the edges built and then we get the ancients and then we got the ancients built before this fight and the ancients build. I actually like these builds of law its using atds these these vehicle species, plus two by two sloped pieces. Do we explicit as well ski is sad blue. Its definitely six is very well on this set. I also love the ucid rain piece in the two targets. Pale gold colored pieces as well. The upsize its uc droid xp, set with black, which is six, is very well idea, two by two coin coin code: pc because key of the packet they also use it. They also use the id circle pc with a1 start at twice light blue called impedance kit, 80 switches – i really like it, and the belt of the 80s looks actually pretty good on my opinions, the only problem that it the only problem. The only problem of this is that the outside of the box, plus the background its show up it deletes needs actually moved me in two weeks, and it showed up the weeks. It needs actually moved me on to down forward, which is like this. Its yeah makes no sense at all. It probably stands so much. I dont know guys its just makes no sense of this build whatever i mean, why you you, why you wan na have the days ages, movement down for four worlds and start on the back, and this is now what d, but the steady has exists, even though Its still having some con built that it can actually build dead, but at least a lot better than what indeed whats the upside at the back side of the box.

So i mean show up and have it like this. It looks much better and then back of the pie, so the body build its kind of ugly with using those technique. Pieces im, not pretty so its a good idea. Good idea set its kind of a glocky, but its only way to connect with those with inches pizzas. So i at least accept that lets have a dog right right here, but at least do snot sticks up because we get more or great, but im pretty excited to left place picked the black one. Also white stick so sticks are badly out of this. It is such a good place, xd for great of all as well, and then the outside of the of the belt. It uses 2×2 tyre physiolic design blue, which is works very well. What is set on my penis, but i wan na, say that, and it also show up that its also ucid its it it lets. It show up a pretty way that lucky build right here due to uci those a dose one by two tire, ball cup fix some metal pieces that sticks out so so badly. At least they use it theyre using one by four entire street level, repeated it actually correct, correct, correct in incorrect at right level of them and definitely does not do not disappoint at all, and that sticks sounds instead be be better than what you what they use. It with this piece with this tie or ball cup pieces on right here makes no sense, and also one more time off right that sticks out so badly and the back size its not as bad as inside.

Here i dont fix whats good idea to do. It is as well, i know i just actually chose to negotiate you and also this build. Have it have a harvey, have a choice here, which is it can movement, which is this one can move me inside the size, which is i love? Yes, the aces have a swimmer here, which is to get moving side sides out. Some same goes for the garnet, but suddenly it doesnt move, but two weeks at least can move me up and down as well same goes for this one. This one same goes for this one, so yeah adapt the back sides of the build, so the back size of this build its with matt merritt. They also might say i like the ucit sad blue, wax pieces. Skt psycho drone build. You know its more like cycle. Psycho helicopter cycle side, psycho copter and its half possibility that it can move it up and down, which is i really like it and definitely enjoy of those possibilities as well as well. And it was fixed to the pieces that it was attacked by this. And here it can move me up and down as well Music, its thats about it also use led plates pieces with the black card ski as well, and some of them, of course, keep with all that rocks that works very well and we use it hand towards A milk, so its a good idea constantly right here have a gap here where, where is that lego very bad? What the heck and also what i get here! Possibility yt right here right here right here, right here, right here, right here, right right here, right here! Right here, right here and right here and right here as well and the last face about this set, what i really love about this set is thats.

The best part of this set of the course key. I really love the uca old said blue, the great and black, and that match very well and definitely succeed. Ski futuristic build and the koski of them. I definitely applaud them. Lets definitely did a great time of them, so i really loved this. This kosky of this set – so i guess thats about it so now lets do my final part of this set. Overall, this set is average its tough to alternate build with this mac at speedo, which is perfect. Them is definitely great, and especially for mac constantly the best alternate build of this set. However, with cycle drawed, the other hand is pretty much, not good. The compic isnt good, the body is bad. The the back size of this spirit is pretty mad at blood. Its even boy as well despite doing athletic movement and the 80s is only good built about about this build hd. Korski is definitely the best part about this set because ladykursky feel like the futuristic looks, and it looks definitely great. However, the true best part about this set ultimi, because its very gets to me figures on this worker cradle 10 park set. I definitely brought it finally point me because of this regular cradle checkbox set instead another expectation, one which is fake, fake, oh so much and steamy figures looks absolutely great and the head is the best part about this. Minifigures and even pc is definitely good as well because of the gold ski for reset at ascii hall.

I do not recommend this, but i actually recommend it for the alternate to build. I mean Music, no, no wait, and but i guess i do not recommend this, but i do recommend it to alternate build of this set, which is mac at speedo. Jikovsky d8 is built tp set, especially for me figures as well. So i give a five by four out ten.