This is superion, so we had a chance, but we are having nashans birthday tomorrow. So this is a lego set for him. So now let me do my magic yeah, so ishan build it. First, you have to build your video ill, be ill. Give you all your parts: okay, okay, yeah, take the that turn wheres. The legs play. Okay, so for those who dont know heres how you build a lego figure, you cant, okay, you can do it so build them together. First, we should join the head to the body. Uh. The hands are affixed to the the body first only, but then we should join the legs like this. Alright, okay play fast forward magic technique. Okay, so me and shan collaborated and made this richard did most of it. I just helped with the minifigure and these two engines he did most of it and it looks pretty cool. What do you think time for trust test drive we now i am going to show i i join movements. Hmm, it looks like a lot of movements. These are the cannons and they can also provide us extra engines. These are the positionable wings. I suppose – and this is a main back engine and also im going to now fast forward and we will be faced with a helicopter fast forwarding magic, so we have done it with my magic and vishans help because it was a large casting spell. We have done it, and this is the helicopter.

It looks pretty cool and and uh dont think that this wont open. It can open, also yeah. It has some flexibility here. You can open this. You can also turn it around to laser mode. The camera from minical mode to laser mode, the tail wings appear, so you can position them rudders. I think they call them and you can land and theres a drill for the player custom made little a person can drill into the ground and the missiles are also custom made. Looking like this now, this is a very nice looking thing, but the next one is the last and the most complicated neck. Now we must do our powers fast forward play okay, so weve done it. We finally both finished the fast forward spell and we finished them. Like it took a long time, oh man, the last as the last piece came together here – is the mech. So it looks pretty cool. It has a hand grab. You can grab things like this theres an arm. A flexible arm were going to put a rocket launcher here. You can put the character inside to control. The mech show him yeah, so you can put the character inside to make the mech the next legs are not flexible, but they can spin so guys. Thank you for watching this. Video may the false be with you bye. I finished the spell of customizing neon and we have done it. We have done the firing, the custom design, so youve done this drone like thing at the top, which can come off and fire uh.

The back also has some these white things that have upgrades this. The cannon has been greatly improved. Theres been these new orleans streaks theres, a drone that can fly around its just heaven, and this is a really nice set thanks to that Music. First uh thanks thanks to reflection, menswear for shipping and thanks to amazon for giving this great set to us.