Like you, you know i’m, not a robot, really. Why do you sound like one? I don’t sound like a robot. If i was a robot, i would sound like this hello. I am a robot, hey that’s, actually, a pretty good impression: hey i’m josh! This is josh, build stuff and, like i said today, we are talking about the new little creator three in one set. This is the cyber drone. This set was just released in january, 2021, contains 113 pieces and only costs 10 dollars. So my initial recommendation is this: yeah buy this set it’s only 10, it looks pretty cool and with it you can build one of three potential sets. You can build the cyber drone. This is the version that uses all the pieces in this set. You can build like what i’m gon na call like a little glider a little hovercraft that’s, the first one that i built and you can build a little mech robot guy. My first thoughts when i saw this new set, is that it reminded me of a different lego time, a time without, quite so many ips on the shelves. No, this was from back when lego themes were simple like space back, then your big themes, weren’t star wars and marvel, and whatever else not that i’m complaining. I really like those sets, but back then it was like these are the aquanauts and these are the blacktrons, and these are just the guys that are in space, and so the sets were simpler and creative and just kind of came from nowhere and that’s.

What this set feels like it feels like just a fan, getting some pieces and going to town. At first glance, you can tell that this set is obviously sci fi based, even though it doesn’t have to be tied to any specific franchise, and i really like that about this set don’t. Get me wrong. I love star wars and marvel sets as much as the next guy but it’s nice to see something entirely original look. I know this set is only 113 pieces and so you’d think how much inspiration could really go into the thing. Well, actually, there are a lot of references in this set and i learned about them from the creator of this set himself. I make it sound like i called him up and asked him some questions. No, i just he tweeted about this. Not long ago, the creator’s name is george gilette i’m, probably pronouncing that wrong. He’S at george gilligan on twitter – and here are a couple fun facts about this set. First, this color scheme of, like the orange accents with the darker main colors they’re, inspired by the 2004 set 4508, the titan xp. Second, my favorite fun. Fact this little curved 2×2 shoulder looking piece that i call it. This is the first time that it has appeared in a set in this sand: blue color, since the jedi duel set, that was the little lego star wars set with count dooku’s little speeder and him fighting yoda.

I had that set and i still do have that set. It is just right now in a box, in a storage unit, third fun fact: the mech armor alternative build that you can make in this set. He has one arm that’s a laser and one arm. That’S, a scissor that inspiration actually comes from the grand titan from the exoforce theme and the final fun fact here that george included was that our little robot minifigure included with this set. He gets his inspiration from the spyros droid minifigure, whose head you can see here, looks very similar to the head of this new robot guy. That was the very first robot minifigure ever included from the 1994 space sub theme spireous. I don’t know if i had anything from that theme. I thought those facts were super neat and it makes this set seem even more special knowing a little about the inspiration from the designer himself, and it felt nice to include some slightly nicer slightly kinder facts than may have been included in the recent jeep wrangler review. Video, maybe you should watch that and you’ll know what i’m talking about, but hey. This is a creator three in one set, and so, as per usual, i built all three different variants that you can build with this set now with only 113 pieces in two of the builds, not even using all those pieces. This was a far less tedious process to build and unbuild and build and unbuild than in the much larger creator.

Three in one variants, the nice thing is the other three three in one sets that i have yet to build, are also of this smaller to medium size, so looking forward to building those as well as for the other variants of this particular set, one is a Glider, it looks okay, i’m gon na call it a glider it’s another spaceship looking ship, but it seems slightly smaller and more open air than this variant so i’m, calling it a glider. Now this is no green, goblin glider, but things didn’t turn out so great for willem dafoe with that one. So maybe this one is a better alternative. It’S nice it’s simple again it kind of harkens back to the early days of lego. It reminds you of something that you might build yourself out of a big miscellaneous bin of lego. However, this was obviously built by a professional, and so it has a little more refinement to it. The second alt build in this set is a little mech robot power suit. Looking thing, first of all, i think it’s a funny visual to put a little robot inside of a larger robot so that he can drive it. The only thing wanting here is an even larger robot to put the robot mech armor inside of let’s. Give these mechs the russian nesting doll treatment eh. I think this mech looks all right, it’s a little small, a little undersized, but i mean that’s kind of what’s expected the set’s only 100 and some pieces after all and again, this build does not use all of those hundred and some pieces, but it definitely looks And feels like an exo suit right off the bat all these exo suits like this.

They just make me think of that big mech suit, that that general guy in pandora was driving around something i always found hilarious about that mac suit was that it obviously takes place on a foreign planet, millions of miles away where technology has far exceeded anything that We can imagine, and yet what does he resort to when his mech suit gets slightly damaged? He reaches behind himself and pulls out a giant knife it’s, just ridiculous. The picture of him in a mech suit, holding a big old mech knife that is sharp the lone minifigure for this set named. The cyber droid again immediately reminded me of those old school space sets, and it even made me go and find a single minifigure that i somehow cannot lose because i’ve had him at least for 20 something years. At this point, he is a little cyborg, looking dude from the old, like space spin off line the ufo sets. Otherwise, i think it’s cool, that this little robot has the classic lego space logo on his chest and his legs are like a pearl sheen. I don’t know that i have many minifigure legs that happen to have this same color, so my final thoughts on this set, as i prove once again, that i can talk for too long about just about any lego set. I, like it it’s only 10 bucks it’s worth buying, especially if you’re craving a little taste of those space sets from our youth.

But hey. Let me know what you think about this little sets in the comments down below and let me know what other sets you’re. Looking forward to in 2021, i bought a bunch of them go watch my lego haul, video. Maybe you can tell me what set you think i should build next, because i still have a bunch of them to get into as always. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to like subscribe and tell your friends again. Thank you. So much for watching i’ll see you next time. Alright, alright, let me try the distant future. The year 2 000. it’s pretty good hold on that is then future the year 2000 man.