Cyber drone, this retails for 20 dollars in new zealand and has one for you let’s, take a look at them now, because this is a creator set, there are actually some alternate builds so we’ll take a look at them later on. So here is the pilot, and this is a pretty interesting figure, because i believe this is a remake of an insectoids figure from the late 90s. So this is pretty interesting that they re made it into this, create a three in one set, which is interesting because in my opinion, creative31 does not really have any interesting figures, but the exclusive part is the headpiece. The torso is not anything exclusive, but it is still really cool. There’S, a bit of a shine back here and also it’s like a bit of hair printing on the torso, so yeah and the head piece is pretty interesting: it’s, transparent and there’s a bit of printing on the back of the head, which i just love. How they put that little bit of added detail so overall, though i’m, not really the biggest fan of creative, three and one. I still really like this figure here is the cyber drone itself, and i don’t really like create a three in one um like it’s. Probably one of my least favorite lego themes, mainly just because you get three builds in one, but they have to make some compromises. So all of the builds can work and it just looks really unfinished in some places.

But this, i actually think, looks really good and i also really like the color scheme it’s sand, blue with some orange. It reminds me a lot of the infinity war sets um, but you can open up the cockpit, so you can get access into there and there’s. Some really nice part usage, they use the technic, sorry, no, not technic um the mix or ball joint pieces in there to kind of be like joysticks. I really like that and there’s just space inside for one minifigure sit down and yeah there’s, not too much going on. To be honest, if you want a top view there, you go, but this looks complete from pretty much any angle i mean if i could change one thing it would be. Maybe make this a bit more closed up and also. Another thing is that you can bring these down and i believe this is kind of like a hover mode for the vehicle, and, although something i think you could do is that you could rotate them more forward, and this could be like an attack mode. So you could just imagine, like energy blasts, coming out the ends of these so yeah, but that’s, basically it for the cyber draw now let’s. Take a look at some of the alternate builds here’s. The second build – and it seems to be this um cyber speeder sort of thing – it’s, an interesting design, not gon na lie um. You can articulate these parts back here, a bit same with the ones on clips and this engine area here it’s interesting, because you can kind of pose this so yeah, although personally i just like to have it just like that, because i just think that looks good Um, you can see these as cans.

If you want and you can take the figure out – there’s a space for just one figure in the other there’s a few dolls and some control sticks and yeah bit of an engine back here. But damn look. How much leftover pieces there are? I mean these are all the leftover pieces not encountering the average extras? I mean there. Are these wheels some technic pieces windshield like yeah? I mean it’s just weird thinking how little pieces go into this one, but let’s take a look at the third build and here’s the third belt that i’m gon na call the cyber mech so yeah – and this is interesting – there are some parts of it i like And other parts i don’t like, i really do not like this back i mean some of the leftover pieces are literally these tiles. You could easily put them there, so yeah or i don’t know. Maybe they are supposed to go there and i just misread the instructions but like these feet, they’re pretty interesting, although they spit around way too much for my liking, um, the figure you can just easily put them in and out it’s, pretty simple and yeah. This is definitely smaller than those small marble mix from this year and last year you do have a bit of movement with the arms. This is like a space cannon or a space drill, and this is a bit like a claw. You can open and close it and let’s see.

Can you put a figure in here um? Well, really, it’s just a bit hard, you probably need to move the hands a little so yeah and that overall that’s, mainly up for the set i’m gon na rebuild the first build off camera. So, overall, when i first saw the official images – and can this focus please pretty – please i’ll just wait for it to focus while i’m speaking, but when i first saw the official images i didn’t really like the set there. We go like it just looked too boring for me and i only really liked the figure and then i started to get it with a few looney tunes and minifigures, and when i built it i was pleasantly surprised. It was actually a really nice um vehicle. I mean it was a lot bigger in person which helped quite a bit because it looks pretty small on the front of the box in my opinion and yeah overall, this is just such a nice build.