Drone set now this isn’t us like a 20 21 summer, set that you don’t have to wait for from as far as i’m concerned. This. These sets are already in stores that you can purchase that, like anytime, you want to so yeah let’s jump into the review, so this drone is really cool. My opinion, i also like how the it comes. This set comes with the minifigure, because the last set that was like this in lego creators didn’t come with a minifigure which is not really cool, i’ve, never really liked that part or about lego creator sets where they wouldn’t come with minifigures, so it’s also very cool That they have a three in one that you can build uh three different things which looks very cool. That looks like a mech right there, which is cool. The entire build of this set in my opinion, is very unique. Uh. The drone itself is cool, the other flying will be on what you would call that that looks more interesting. In my opinion, if i had the option to build through um, all these three i’ll go with that other build, but the drone, in my opinion, is very cool, very looks very different, so i’m definitely looking forward to purchasing the set now onto the minifigure. Now the minifigure is cool. In my opinion, the legs are kind of uh plain, except that little dot right there uh the torso is cool. I like how um astronaut printing on it, but the arms had don’t have printing on them.

But overall i really like the front of this minifigure. It looks different than most astronauts that i’ve seen whether in lego, city or lego, creators um, the last astronaut besides another set they released. I think it was either in 2019 or 2020, but that last astronaut they had the face was cool, but the minifigure was like a very simple torso. So i really like the part about this minifigure that it’s um it’s a different uh customized torso for the astronauts. Now the back printing is cool. The head has a nice design on it, it’s also cool that the head is transparent but um. It has like a nice computer. Look to it back to the head. The back torso is cool there’s, not really much. I like about the back torso back printing, look different, as i said before, than most astronaut, torsos you’d, see in lego, city or lego creators and the pants. Our legs are like very plain, like usual, but this is just overall my opinion: a cool minifigure cooler than most astronauts and the fact that it’s a robot and has like a robot face to it and the head’s transparent, also like, is really cool. My opinion overall. This is a really cool um set, in my opinion, especially to get it just for 10 bucks. This is a cool set, drone’s really cool. That is definitely a cool part about this. Minifigure also is a different looking astronaut, especially the robot head, really like that part about it.

So, overall, this is a pretty cool lego set from like that is different from from what from most lego creator sets so yeah. Overall, i would definitely advise buying this set and that wraps up today’s review. Um, make sure you guys like subscribe, leave a comment and i’ll catch.