I have here, the 2022 lego city police station, its the big one, the big headquarters set for the year. That includes five minifigures, a dog. This is a garbage truck. This is like an suv, but its really low, riding almost a station wagon, a very small helicopter and the base of it. The base of the station includes one of the large or 16 by 16 sized modern road plates and the rest of it uses just regular plates looking around different sides of it. I just want you to get a general idea for the size and shape of this thing, keeping in mind that it is a 70 dollar set, not a 100 set, like the major police stations have been for years and years and years now so its built to An intentionally different scale and budget. I also want you to see what this looks like with all the figures and vehicles and things removed, so you can understand just what you get for a structure by itself now. This is not a good indication of what you get in the set, because so much of the stuff has been removed from the scene, but for people like myself, who really like structures and buildings in lego, which we dont get all that frequently these days, especially, i Just think that this is a valuable you know, quick little scene to see so you understand is how much of it is just completely flat area and what you get for built up, building im going to go through the main building.

First, starting at the bottom floor. This does use the new doors, the double or doubleable doors for 2022 just been introduced. The door pieces have been. The frame is the same one thats used for the larger one by six by six window that we already got a year or two ago, but these doors are great youre, going to see them in a bunch of sets. They just allow you to have a double door set up with a lot wider swing overall, wider opening in a smaller space than you could before and without anything in between you know previously. To get that effect, you would have to have two one by four by six doors side by side, and then you have the big frame down the middle. This just has a little security camera up here you got a couple plants outside and ill. Take you to the to the jail area later on. This is a print right here. Its the one new print piece that they brought in for this theme on the inside the ground floor has a coffee pot on a table off to the side or a coffee maker, its a very simple build with just a few pieces. But i feel like its fairly appropriate and then over on that side is the greeting desks kind of the reception area where you have the desk sergeants behind there, no no seat, unfortunately no chair, so they just have to stand back there i mean the desk is: Is plenty effective as it is, and then just for additional detail in there youve got the sticker back at the back.

Doesnt really do a lot here this this space doesnt really do a lot at all, but it does at least have enough depth for multiple figures to be posed around there. Theres also access to the prison area, but again well get to that separately. The second level up has the space for taking a mug shot, so the camera on the stock there, and then this just has a few clips to hold on to accessories. As you can see on the wall back, there, youve got the height indicators for the mugshot itself, thats pretty much it for the detail on this level. There are also a couple donuts there and then back behind the the blue space here, thats angled, which is really just for aesthetics. This is just a walkway, so a figure can walk back here and then ultimately get out to the catwalk which takes you to the helipad which ill show you in just a minute. But this up here is the topmost level, which gives you an observation point for watching over the the prison yard, and just also potentially i mean probably a lot of kids will use this just for looking for crimes around the city in general at least thats. How? I used to think of it as a kid, so thats just a printed piece. There i mean you see exactly whats there and theres also access to the outside and a little bit of communication equipment up on top.

This can spin around also be angled up and down a couple antennas over there. I kind of like the fact that they use these large pieces to just bring in a little bit of angling. It it looks. It looks different. You know a small number of pieces that does good stuff. The balcony has nothing on it out here. Youve got the the pa speakers a light out here and then going across to the other side, theres a small bit of access actually up a level. So no other suggestion of ladder or elevator or anything except right here, which i mean this works were kind of used to that for going between different levels used to not having a ladder or anything going between different levels of major structures in lego, for better or Worse id say for worse search light out here is interesting. What is that going to be searching for feels? Like it? I mean just the local area for bad things happening or its going to point at the helicopter thats coming in for a landing its going to blind the pilot. This is the helipad. This is the the new color lego. Officially calls this vibrant green. You can call it highlight its going to be vibrant, yellow, vibrant, yellow. You can call it highlighter, yellow if you want neon yellow, if you want call it whatever you want, but officially lego calls it vibrant, yellow its super bright. I dont know if this camera right now is capturing it as bright as it really is.

It has a day glow effect, but you may notice that its a little bit translucent it lets a little bit of light through or a little bit of shadow appear appear through from the other side. I can almost see the studs beneath this. Its not a good thing, not a good look. If you ask me uh, i wish that that material was more opaque. I dont mind the color uh its its interesting. The helicopter ill show you the helicopter separately, but it just fits on the pad. I mean the helipad itself looks very narrow, but it does its job down below. This is access control. This is like a security office for access to the to the back to the garage area to the staff parking area, so this actually does allow you to operate. The gate from the inside its interesting, they use the red colored wire management piece here that is very effective, and then you just have the controls for the minifig another donut. But the thing about this is there is no garage. There is no parking space. Its all. You have to imagine it. I almost feel like this is not a good use of space right here, not because it uses the the newer type of of road plate, but because its like front driveway somebody can park here. You know a civilian, i guess can can drive up here and then park there, but then just a lot of it is not used all that.

Well, i i would have preferred to see this used for parking space in the back, because i personally like to have a garage or something a place to store police vehicles. Have them all come together and this damn? I guess you can park them out front, but it no doesnt, no, not the best balance. In my personal opinion, this is a police dog training area which is cool, so youve got the little balance beam there, some poop, of course, although nothing to clean it up. Thats a miss i should have had a shovel included, but yeah. This is usable and i dont remember exactly what these are called, but you know the dogs supposed to go back and forth between them, thats very nice. That is a good space to play with, and its nice to have the interactivity with a dog, and the set does include just this. Just the just the regular german shepherd dog, with the the most basic style of print i mean its, is it really i mean it? Has the german shepherd dog style, but not necessarily the the coloring but im im? Okay with it. I, like i like lego animals in general. This just has a sticker on it. More of the the highlighter, highlighter, yellow or vibrant, yellow now lets finally talk about the the jail area. This has the dark orange colored version of the new squirrel that was just introduced. The new mold for squirrel, which is wonderful – we have a few colors of that in the first year, uh the breakout feature, so the theres, a single jail cell in this and the breakout feature is different than usual because it breaks at an angle.

This is kind of nice, like the the level of detail out. Here is pretty nice and then it breaks open at an angle which is very convenient. It has a as a toilet there you got the the recycled, unbleached toilet paper and the plunger off to the side. When you remove this, you can see little bits of whats actually going down into the sewer there. So legos being a little bit more playful and and accurate. I guess more and more with bodily function related stuff. You can leave those two out if they bother you but theres the single bed, and then this is access to the cell. Now this is kind of nice here, just a little outdoor activity area, so theyve got a couple of weights, and this just potentially allows you to have a second prisoner in here. Even though you dont have a second bed, it just provides space for multiple to be in the space as well. At the same time, it feels relatively comfortable. They also have a tree, which is you know, which is nice. Of course, you put the squirrel up there. If you want or or whatnot – but you know it just greens up the space a little bit makes it feel a little bit better and i think thats it yeah yeah thats it for the structure. Lets look at the individual side builds. The police helicopter is small and simple, and i think both of those are good things, because the designer did not waste a lot of pieces on this.

Ultimately, a kid is just going to want to put a pilot in there and then take off and search around for bad guys or you know, chase them down and keep eyes on from the sky. So this does all of that without being a huge, build thats going to take up a bunch of space and contribute to the cost. It says it just has a suggestion of a search light down here, theres a printed console piece inside the cockpit. The tail does have stickers, unfortunately, one on either side, but you know you can leave those off easily if you hate stickers and you got the stripe of the vibrant yellow going through there. The main rotors are rotor blades are longer than than they need to be. What was i just hitting there felt like it was having a blade strike. Oh yeah theres, just a little bit of blade strike that that happens right there, if, if its not completely lined up thats weird, not a not a big deal but yeah. Just when i had it wobbling a little bit too much again glad this is small, not much more to it, the police, suv or station wagon, depending upon how you want to look at it is unique. It just looks different from what theyve done before and i respect that it has not too much of the new vibrant yellow in there. This is a sticker thats a sticker and then the police logo on the side is the printed piece once again, which is a 1×4 brick but yeah it just it just looks interesting to me, looks kind of cool and, and has enough detail, opens up in the Back and you can see that it is a a canine unit, so youd be able to put the dog back there and underneath the roof.

Just has the offset seating position, but is not able to effectively hold a second person side by side because of the full thickness of of wall or side body panels, and i think thats just fine. No, this is effective and you can imagine it being kind of fast because its low to the ground as well, so it does its job as well. I think, and then for the bad guys we get a garbage truck hey. I like getting a garbage truck. I like getting just generally usable utility type stuff, you know just regular types of vehicles and not to mention buildings along the way but yeah. This doesnt look too specifically like a bad guy thing, except that it does have the the funny mask sort of sort of deal going on with the the sticker on the top there. Of course, you could always just leave that off, but the rest of it looks like just a fine garbage truck, and you know you go around with it like this by default, its unfortunate that the tines here do not fold in but ill show you how this Works that includes this garbage bin and it just has a fish in there thats just a couple of technic pieces that stick out. You also got the wheels on the underside, which is nice, but you know. Obviously this just comes down and you line it up and get those in there turn this around to the other side.

So you see it a little bit a little bit better and then i can just pull back. Oops ive missed my alignment. There we go pull back here and open up the top, like so dump the garbage drop that down and youre good to youre good to go, or you could leave this up. If you want to again, i really wish that these tines could fold just one more or one more way now this does not have a dump back to it. So, in order to get the stuff out, you need to bring these two flaps down and then just turn the whole truck just angle, the whole truck up but im. Okay, with that, i like the the striping on there and then as far as the interior. This is concerned, you dont, expect too much and it does not have too much. It. Just has a steering wheel and a little, not even an actual chair or a seat, so just a an elevated platform to get the the persons head to be at a more sensible level, but overall yeah. This is not a bad thing. This could have been sold as an inexpensive standalone set by itself so thats, i think thats thats good enough. These three figures are all officially named characters from the lego city, adventures tv show, if you want them to be, or if you dont want them to be, then they can just assume whatever identity you do want on.

The left is, chief wheeler in the middle is allen and on the right is daisy kaboom, these all have respectable, looks to them. Overall, i think i think daisy is my favorite of the three figures on screen right now, but i do especially like the facial expressions of alan there in the middle and the hair piece of chief wheeler. Unfortunately, chief wheeler does not have an alternate face, would have been really good to have an alternate face for him, but there you can see the alternate faces for these two good printing around the back and that face especially that one i really like now. This set includes something that is unique and its a first, the daisy kaboom disguise. So her hair piece makes her look like a dude, which is just funny its just silly. You know, then, these two figures, i believe, are both officially unnamed, but i might be mistaken about that one on the right who is a character we see not just in this set, so they have kind of suggestions of stories between the different sets. The printing is pretty good between these two, however, especially it is good with the white print on the legs for the criminal over here, its much more opaque than usual and its good to see. Although the white stripes on this torso are not good, you can see the the green coming through there, so one of those is a step in the right direction.

The other is just what were used to and, of course, theres not a alternate face for that one. But i want you to see there isnt for this one either. Lastly, here are the leftover pieces and there are a few decently interesting ones in there. This is what the sticker sheet looked like in total. Many of those again, i feel, could easily be left off without you really losing anything as far as important details are concerned. So i paid 70.70 us for this set, which is pretty different from what im used to im used to paying a hundred dollars. For the main police station you know headquarters building of the year, so 70 requires a little bit of recalibration compared to what im used to and before starting this review, i went to brick set and i i looked for all police stations that are under their police Station tag for comparison, you know to have a good at least semi objective frame of reference, including looking back at the police stations that i wished. I had back when i was a kid so back in the 80s, like the especially the one from 1986 that one was deluxe like that was that was the pinnacle for me back in back in my day back when i was a kid and looking at the Different ones fairly, i think that for its for its price here, this is not that bad. I would love for it to be better, but it is a six plus set and it is seventy dollars and not a hundred dollars.

If you go look at one of the one of the larger uh, more substantive, 100 police station sets from years ago, you go back more years. Go back more years. You have to then account for inflation youre, going to start looking at what would have been a 120 police stations adjusted for inflation today compared to 70 dollars. Here i looked at it from a different perspective as well, something that i frequently do is piece things out. Part it out think okay. How much would i pay for this or how much would this cost? As i said, how much would this cost? As i said, how much would this cost to set – and i came up with all the vehicles with minifigs – to go with them – something something like that in a set separately that would probably sell for about forty dollars realistically would probably sell for about 40 dollars. Retail, maybe do something like that. Yeah i mean just just just from the amount of stuff there: easily 20, no 20, 15 uh five could even be 45, so im going to call it 40. could easily be 45 im going to call it 40.. So that leaves 30 for this. Is this 30 worth of structure by todays standards for lego? Yes, i think i think it i think it easily is. I think it easily is now a lot of people im going to keep harping on this, because not everybody watches every video, so youre going to hear a little bit of repetition.

But a lot of people like to look at the road plate, thats included in the city set and say well: road plates are ruining lego city, its making everything smaller and cheaper and simpler and super overpriced super overpriced. Definitely a lot of sets have been super overpriced that have also included the road plates, but the road plates lego has the road plate set available. Where you get five, you get four of the big ones and one of the small one for 20 bucks. A road plate can only contribute with its ramps about five bucks to the cost of a set. So is this set okay without the road play? Like imagine thats not there at 65 bucks, i think thats still, okay, i think thats still reasonable. So overall, i think that the designer has done a respectable job here. It is not great and it cannot compete against the 120 modern dollar equivalent great large police stations of the past, but for its price i think its, i think its pretty decent. I think its a a very respectable effort and and worth it if you can find it on sale all the better more.