Tumblr is kind of one of the best lego batman sets, or is it this retails for 40 dollars with 422 pieces and two minifigures lets take a look at those minifigures. So the first minifigure well take a look at is batman which is wearing his batman, begins outfit, its not the first time, weve gotten this outfit in minifigure form, but this is a recent version. The other versions came in much older sets, and this is a much cheaper way. I love that torso print. Also, we have a grapple gun as an accessory. You can see how that is built. We have a one hole cape, which is that nice cloth material at the back. You have some more torso printing for the face design. I do kind of wish they gave a print where the eyes were showing because thats how it looks in the batman or sorry. The dark knight trilogy you can see underneath theyre just using that face print that weve gotten for many years now, with the alternate face at the back for batman, however, we do get an exclusive face print for this headpiece when swapped out that looks fantastic. I love the nightmare batman design, its genuinely creepy and unfortunately it is one sided, so theres no alternate face or anything like that, but thats it for the batman minifigure found in this set. As for the scarecrow minifigure included, you get a simple stud shooter, which you guys know how that works.

The torso print and face print are exclusive to this set. Those look really cool. This is a creepy character, like i remember seeing. Batman begins when i was much younger in theaters and this character genuinely scared me so its neat to see him as a lego minifigure, and you got some back printing on the head and the torso there, which i really like the detailing on this figure. So heres a tumbler and i have to say its nice seeing a 2021 lego minifigure scale tumbler, because weve got minifigures scaled tumblers before. But there was this oversized one in 2008 and then there was this main one in 2013. It just didnt feel satisfying enough for the vehicle. This, however, feels like it lives up to the tumbler legacy, the design of this using some very interesting pieces right off the bat. I noticed some nice part usage with the wheel axles. You have four of this wheel. Axle in the set and that design only came in the porsche 911 set, so its really nice to see its in a much cheaper set for more interesting parts of this exterior design. I love how the sides are built with some more interesting part usage where they use like a 1 by 2 tail piece introduced in the cars 3 sets as a side guard right here. Also, this part clipped on with a technic pin just positioned right. Some sticker designs like one on a double cheese slope right here, as well as one at the front, and i like the smooth triangular designs at the corner.

Bottom part right here or with this tile here, add on some of those 1×2 gold bar pieces. As i call them, you have a really detailed side design, and this is present on both of the sides this side as well. Now the design of the front uses a 2×4 with a sticker. We also have two stud shooters, which uses a double stud, build and those you just press right down there and it launches out the bullets and, i think, thats lost forever. But for the cockpits i really like how this is built. You can see this plate formation here and its just clipped on. So all you have to do is lift this up and you have enough space to fit two minifigures inside there im amazing compromise that to only fit one minifigure. I also love how they use the side, windshield pieces right here and here in a very specific uh positioning and that just lines up perfectly and has the ceiling resting perfect. On top there anyways inside the cockpit, you have two more stickers, as well as some controls for the driver, which i really like the part usage of that bucket top right there and there you go with batman inside a really snug fit, which you can see from The front of the vehicle – you can actually barely see him there. You can see that translucent green cheese slope even more beyond that for the back area, which is the final part of the build.

I, like the part usage of that guard piece just clipped on right. There i also like the part usage with these guard pieces clipped on as well, and that exhaust design, which is pretty cool, also nice, telescope piece in pro gold part usage and the tires they use – are a little bit more uncommon tires. But they did exist before that wheel, axle in the middle, but i think thats it for the build of the set. You can see the underside right here and how that all comes together. Thats the only build of the set so lets take a look at the packaging and then the final verdict, interesting because the box uses that 20 thick square box size. But this is extra thick. I havent seen this for four dollars that before and then at the back, you have some different shots of the set. As for the instructions, i like the dark knight, trilogy logo and at the back, no advertisements for any batman stuff, but a rebuild the world advertisement is present, so this lives up to the hype i mean the design of this is a really solid, minifigure scale. Tumbler. I mean the best minifigure scale: tumbler thats, not a hard thing to say, were dealing with crap like the 2008 one. Well, i wouldnt say thats crap, but it was just really oversized and that bane won from 2013, which was just ridiculous. This right here is a design that has a lot of intricacy in its 40 build, and i, like the whole color scheme and the part usage that it makes for a very realistic down size.

It doesnt feel like they cut corners even with the interior. Having two seats and all the design of the minifigures is fantastic, where weve rarely gotten dark, knight trilogy figures, so to get them in a very cheap way and also getting our first scarecrow from the dark knight trilogy. I never expected to get a figure of that. Creepy character, but here we are, if all things considered, this is one of my favorite sets of the year and id give it a 9 out of 10. im in love with this one.