This is set number 76240. The lego dc batman, batmobile tumblr, which is going to be available beginning on november, the 1st for 229.99 usd or 329.99 canadian. Now this is actually an updated version of the 2014 batmobile tumbler and i actually didnt have that one. I wound up just buying the figures on their own for, like 50 bucks, each and uh they re released it here and theres. Actually quite a lot of changes in this set. I believe every single sticker is brand new. Every single print is brand new as well, except for uh the one face which well get to, but the difference between the set is pretty interesting. This model has 2049 pieces, whereas the original one actually had 1869 pieces, making it a difference of 180 pieces but heres. The interesting thing originally the batmobile tumbler retailed for 199.99 usd and in canada, 229.99 canadians, so the difference for the us is only 30, whereas here for canada, the price went up a hundred dollars when i know on the outside, it might just look like a carbon Copy its, not it theyve got some really cool stuff now, thats, not to say that i dont have my problems with this set, which i will go over so without further ado. Lets go ahead and lets take a closer look at this set now. My apologies with the glares, the lights and yes, it does come in black, so theres going to be a ton of reflections here so bear with me with all the glares but yeah.

It is a brand new model and actually has a stand, which is where i guess the price went to as well as a minifigure stand, which well talk about spinning this around here. If you want to see, youve actually got it on this stand, which allows you to just spin around the tumbler and the wheels are quite big, so they will hit the ground occasionally. But this is what the actual set looks like here, spinning it around completely 360.. Now ive modified this because for some reason – and i dont know what the thinking was behind this this tile here – the the stand is actually further on in and its completely buried. So you can never see this on display. I looked at all the lifestyle pictures for this product. You know what they did. They just had it. I guess leaning up on something else with the minifigure stand like they never really show a picture of it underneath because why would they? Why would you want to display this? So let me show you what i mean so here it is with the stand. Where is it like? I just dont get the thinking behind that lets spin it around here, so you can see and look its covered here. You cant read anything on this. What is the point of this stand with this plaque like the plaque is just like i i get that the stand is here so that you can rotate it around, and you could do a 360 spin for people when they come and see it.

But you cant see the plaque its just covered, so you need to either pull it off or do what i did, which was just lower it and put it further down the plaque. But and all you do is lift on up the tumbler and it pops right off, and you could see the stand here and again, its very very simple. It has this spinning it around and its actually on an angle so that it is actually sloped forward there. But its a great looking stand its in line with the 1989 batmobile and the 89 batwing stands so thats pretty cool, but this plaque its completely covered so im, not quite sure what the point of that is. But for those interested you could see here the plaque in all of its glory. It is a sticker very difficult to put on as always and heres all the information. If you want to pause the video and read it, what you do, is you actually just line up the white section here underneath with the stand, and you just pop it on to the stand just like that now this is where the fun begins. Lets look at this on its own. It drives so smooth. It is a beast. This thing it is solid uh. Sometimes some of the panels will pop off, but then its very easy to pop back on, but i love the design of this. It is incredible and also its interesting, because the original model just had plain glass now its got that smoky glass, so it looks even more accurate and so much more like the actual tumbler and on the front here, youve got some little windshield wipers, which is really Adorable, i love that you could do that um throughout this thing, its got so many different flaps that you could kind of angle up and down some of the new things that they included with this model are the little ski pieces there, those werent in the original Ones, uh with those colors and youve got some little antennas here on the back, and you can kind of angle these up.

I was watching the old uh designer video about this, and they angle these up, like that. You could also just angle them down, and these little flaps here in the back also can be angled a little bit as well spinning it around here onto the back. You can see what the exhaust looks like there. It is really cool. I love the whole shape of that thats really well built as well as youve got some different, dials and nozzles there, and i love the tubes on the inside theyre, using some like gear pieces, which just looks so so great, and i just thought that i would Show you here the top part. I love all. These different teeth got these brown little exhaust, which look great yeah, just flapping it open here a little bit. You can see the inside, like with these big tubes there, these uh, i dont, know these gray cylinder tubes on the inside, which was really cool, and i love as well. You could see how the exhaust and how it is rounded there on the inside. I think looks great, but lets take a closer look at some of these prints, so you can see here theyre, actually the exact same two by two round tiles used on the other side. There repeated each time and its interesting to get on to the inside. Here it just sits there loosely these pieces literally like this. Is it thats the whole build like theyre, not complicated at all, theyre simple little builds that just sit on inside the tread there so yeah.

You could see the inside its a little difficult to see, but you could see the two seats there at the top. You can actually angle them. A little bit is so so difficult to get your hands inside here and just move around some of the computer panels. On the drivers side, you can see that theres actually that sticker there on this uh mechanism. That is meant for like batman to be driving with so yeah. If these could move, that would be great but theyre just theyre in the way there, which i understand like size like shaping wise and everything like that, the inside so youve got this uh drive, stick as well that can lift up and down and then on the Inside youve also got a ton of different stickers there for these computer panels. So youve got loiter as well there as damage on those stickers. You could see the control panels. There trust me when i say: if you lose one of these panels, they are paying to get inside, so you could see those two inside there and then youve got these four control panels on the inside, which are even more difficult to show you this one. On the left is loose, or i dont really know why, but this one like dont, even dont, touch them theyre just going to fall the other way. Then you got to take the entire front of this completely out to flip them back up.

It is so frustrating, and then this section here in the front its actually brand new and its meant to be the spot where he he like shifts into the middle and then goes on into the front to like blast their way off. The roof from batman begins – and you could see here that its on this printed piece there on the smoky glass and then youve also got another little control panel on the inside there and then. Lastly, here there is this side build here for the minifigures and honestly im, not a fan of this, because it just doesnt really line up with the dark knight trilogy, like i cant, really picture at all any gargoyles in the movies, its a very modern take of Everything so its just strange, like the reason that the 89 ones have this little stand for. The figures is because there is actually a prominent scene that takes place on top of the cathedral with the gargoyles, so for it to be included here. I just im not a fan of that, and i i dont know what i would have done differently like what they could have done for the stand, but its just a little too gothic for this take on batman, not to mention this stand is designed for three Minifigures one two three: so the fact that were only getting two figures in this set is a problem all on its own and heres. The christian bale batman from the dark knight – and i didnt mention this before, but another thing with the 89 stands and figures is they come with accessories? Nothing here, no batarang, no grapple gun, no knife for the joker, just a huge, missed opportunity there, its the small things that i think really add up so anyways.

This figure, though it is extremely detailed. Its got some beautiful, torso, printing and leg printing, as well as the face they didnt bother, giving us a christian bale face. They are using the same face from 10 years ago from 2011 in december 2012, very disappointing. This face as well its just so overused and done hes got the four plus cape which im fine with, since it actually makes everything a lot thinner at the neck, but the back torso printing is very, very detailed. Its a great looking figure, its just its a. I think its a downgrade honestly from the 2014 one, just simply because it doesnt have the christian bale batman face now this joker. On the other hand, it is much better than the last one. I would say this figure. It could be my favorite figure of the year. I dont know if i want to throw that out there, but it is really incredible. Look at these side arm, printing there. I love the detail as well as the torso printing there and how that carries on over into the leg, printing and the hair is actually a brand new hair color here in bright green. I like that it wasnt the regular green. I personally might go with olive green, but i still think that this looks amazing. He has a brand new face print here, completely different than the 2014 one. With this really great smile, i think that mine actually has a bit of mistakes.

You could see a few like gray specks there, specifically on the top that doesnt come off and i looked at the pictures online. You could see some around the mouth as well and i just got a misprint. So im probably going to order another one. You could see it a lot here underneath the chin, so its just a little distracting, but i love this like look at that face. That is the heath ledger face from the little prison cell in the gcpd building and the back torso printing is amazing, and oh, my goodness, i im even gon na go the extra mile here and show you the face with the hair. Like it looks amazing, i would say that this suit and this choice is just so iconic because of just that, the meme of him clap clap. I would honestly argue that this might be more iconic than the regular purple outfit just because of like the meme of him clapping, and how often we see that online, and i i think that even just that interrogation scene as well is just like one of the Most talked about moments, so i i think that this is amazing again just the fact that we have both of them for such a violent. Take on the joker, i think, is just crazy that we have both of them. So i i will do a separate video. Comparing these two figures with those ones as well as ive, got a lot of other ideas there you have it.

That is my review of the 2021 batmobile tumbler and i again didnt buy the last one. So i i kind of like the fact that its here and that i i glad i have it in my collection if this wasnt my job im, not sure if i would buy it, i think that i might have just stuck to actually purchasing the figures on Line again for the ridiculous price, but i dont really know. I still think that this is a beautiful model. It is an upgrade from the last one and im excited for the future of this sub theme, because if you didnt know, we actually have a smaller version of the tumblr, which you could check out. My review for ill link that at the end here – and i will do a comparison just so that you could see the size comparison, theres still a few things that id like to say about this set, and these figures and yeah again great model, great upgrades. I think the figures are lacking. Uh, like the fact that we dont have a third one and theyre trying really hard to keep in line with the other 89 sets should have given us a third figure. I think that gordon or rachel, or just anyone in here it would have been perfect and especially if it was rachel since the batmobile we got vicky. So what had been fun but the stand as well and the plaque its just its pathetic.

It really is that its covered, like one of the most interesting parts of ucs sets, is being covered up by the huge monster of a vehicle but anyways everyone. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have the 2014 one? Are you glad that you missed it like myself and that now ive got it here? So thank you all so much for watching this. Putting me in this position that i i didnt have to buy this and thank you to lego and land for sending this.