Copter again, i was fortunate enough for lego to have sent me this set early, so let’s dive in and take a look hi. Everybody welcome back. If you like this video and want to see more like it, please do subscribe and hit that notification bell. If you want to catch me, live i stream on twitch three times a week head over to forward, slash between the bricks so set number eight zero. Zero two three monkey kids team drone copter is gon na have 1462 pieces. This is going to retail at 129.99. Euro prices are yet to be confirmed and keep an eye on the lego website for that information. Okay, so without further ado, let’s dive on and take a look at set. So with the set all built up you can see, there is an amazing collection of minifigures and accessories and, of course, the hero of this is the drone copter, the first two accessories are. These two spiders now they are mostly the same in their build. The body is the same. The underside is the same. The back end is the same. Both of them have this really nice one by one printed tile where they are different. Is this one? Has a laser gun compared to this one which has binoculars this one has like a pair of pincers in the front, whereas this one has a like a red um eye or something, and this one uses larger lime.

Green claws, as opposed to the lime green horns. On this one, probably the most exciting thing about the spiders is this new part where at least it’s new to me? So, as you can see, it’s a 90 degree bend and it has a clip on one side and a bar receptacle on the other. This part’s going to be super useful for mock building the next accessory. Is this cat cage and i’m not sure what exactly it is because i haven’t seen the tv show it kind of looks like an autonomous drone or maybe it’s a hover cage, not entirely sure. If you do know, please comment below, and let me know exactly what it is. It does use two trans red minifigure heads here for the boosters, which is pretty cool and, as you can see, the cage opens up and poor old kitty cat or punk cat is stuck inside there and the last one of the accessories is this jet powered hoverboard, Particularly like the use of the dark grey horns here, and this surfboard on top is in fact in dark red, which is the first time i’ve seen it in that color. I think it might be a new recolor and i feel like that’s, going to be a really really useful color for other builds. The hero of this set is definitely the drone copter. It was a really nice build. I actually quite enjoyed it. It has a lot of technic in the frame which is required for the strength of the copter itself and one of the best things about it is you can see here.

The tail is actually a handle for you to be able to pick it up and hold it and fly it around. There is a trigger mechanism in here which fires two spring loaded shooters, which are located up on top in the pilot area. If i turn that around you’ll see the spring loaded shooters there, so just be careful with that. Uh you’ll also notice that there, the whole pilot’s area does rotate a full 360 degrees, and the job of the quadcopter is to deliver these two containers to the hero. Characters so the dronecopter has a cool play feature all on its own. The cockpit here can just simply be pulled off the propellers rotate outwards, and now you have a craft all into itself. This here is printed, and these two on the side are stickers. It’S. Also, a sticker on the front on both sides. Each of the propeller sections of the drone copter are identical, so there is a little bit of repetitive building there and it does utilize stickers for all of the decoration on there as well. Probably one of the coolest features of the quadcopter is this gunnery station, which, on the box, is manned by the big fig sandy uh sandy stands right here in the center and, as you can see, there is a nice console there. These are stickers, and this one here is in fact a print, so that’s, pretty cool and the flags here also utilize a couple of stickers to get the decoration on these are all stickers.

On the side you can see here, there are some spring loaded shooters which, as i said before, are activated from this trigger down here on the pistol grip. So there are two containers that are delivered on the quadcopter. They do look pretty much the same from the outside, except for this one does hinge up on the front now. I think that this is monkey kids quarters. You can see here there’s a ladder upstairs to some bunk beds. These are stickers just a little plant there. In the corner has some nice decorations in the room there in the form of a guitar and just a workstation desk there, nice little lamp in the back corner and a bookshelf. This tile here is printed there’s, also just a bowl and a picture up on the wall, which is a sticker. The other container that is delivered on the quadcopter is for may now. This one opens right out and, as you can see, we can fold out the tv at this end. We have a nice arcade cabinet, just here, a computer console we have a couch and a drink and at the far end here there is just some accessories stored away. I really like the use of the teal or dark turquoise or whatever color. You want to call that in these new container sides, so that gives us a new option and color for that and the other container for the baddies uses the purple panel container side piece there’s a sticker up on the top here.

With this one, you fold up the radar dish. I really like the inclusion of this old school radar dish here, nice detailing of the handles on the front, and this one opens up to reveal a big gun inside. There is also a little bit of detail on each side here. This looks like a targeting system, that’s a sticker there and some form of machine over on this side. This slope here, if i get a nice close up on that, is in fact a printed 1×2 cheese wedge and, as you can see there, the details down in the gun. This does have spring loaded shooters. Unfortunately, i haven’t loaded this one and they are activated by these two technic pieces which push out slightly when the spring loaded bolts are put into place. Okay, if we take a look at the minifigures in the set now the first two minifigures that we have here are fey on the left and mr tang on the right and, as you can see, they come with a couple of accessories. Faye has a hot dog and a bun, and mr tang has a song book which does have a printed cover and if we open this up, you’ll be a printed tile on the inside. So, with the accessories and the hair removed, you can see the prints on the torsos and the double sided faces. The next two figures in the set are mae and the monkey kid and, as you can see, may comes with a sword.

It does utilize that dragon head for the hilt and she has a transparent light – green sword, blade the monkey kid comes with his trademark staff, which uses a red bar and the gold double ended. Lightsaber hilts, as you can see there, the monkey kid also has his trademark hoodie and may has a little bit of painting on the hair and a pearl gold shoulder pauldron. The monkey kit also has that really nice dual here piece with the bandana. So for these two, with the accessories and here pieces removed, you can now get a good view of all of the printing monkey kit does have those dual moulded legs and all of that printing on the sides, as well as the front all the way down from The hips down the legs and even on the toes mae, has a really nice dragon head print on her torso and if we flip them around, you will see that both of them have alternative faces. Quite cheeky, smiles and laughs, which looks pretty cool, may has a nice bit of dragon scale print on the back and the monkey kid has that traditional symbol on the back of his jacket. The next two figures that we have here are red sun, on the left and syntax on the right. Now. Both of these figures come with a backpack that has accessory hooks and claws that literally stretch around the outside of the body so i’m, not actually able to spin these two around on my minifigure display, so we’ll just spin the whole display around and take a quick Look at the back.

You can see there what’s going on it utilizes. Some more of those 90 degree bend claws and bar receptacles that we saw on the spiders earlier and red sun has a nice jet pack there on the back with a couple of claws as well. So if we take the hair and accessories off, you can get a decent view now of the torsos and legs without all of that stuff, obscuring your view. Syntax there has a nice torso print which carries on down through the hips and into the legs and, as you can see there, the pockets and the undershirt all line up pretty well considering red sun has a nice print on his torso as well. That is metallic silver and gold and, if i just get it at the right light, you’ll see that that’s, nice and glinting also has some nice printing all the way down the hips and legs as well. Neither of the figures have printing on the back of the legs at all, so i’ve left the skirt in place for red sun, but you can see their alternative faces and the back prints here. The last two minifigure sized characters are the spider queen and huntsman and, as you can see, both of them come with some really nice accessories. The spider queen comes with a a rather large sword and the huntsman comes with a gun really really like that. Mold on the spider queen’s head there for her headdress and loving the huntsman’s hair and shawl around his neck and that dark bluish gray color, just taking a look at the back of the spider queen’s cape, real quick.

This is actually uh plastic material, it’s, not cloth. It’S the same kind of plastic that we’ve seen in signs and sails and stuff in the past, and you can see there. The back of the headdress is all moulded as well. Now the spider queen’s headdress is that sort of soft rubber material with all the accessories removed. You can now see the prints unobstructed. They are really really nice and if we spin them around, you’ll see prints on the back of the torsos and the spider queen’s alternative face which to be fair, is just a little bit scary. Another point to note: with these two figures: the heads and hands are both light purple, which is not too common, so the monochrome minifig collectors will have something to be happy about. The last figure in the set is sandy the big fig and it is the same as sandy that was in wave one of monkey kid in 2020. So nothing really any different to see here. So there are some really nice spare parts with this set and if you want to take a good look at them, do feel free to pause. The video right here, but probably the point to note for the best spare parts in my opinion, have to be the four one by one printed tiles and the bowl. So those are my thoughts on the monkey kids team. Drone copter. I really did like this set. There’S a lot going on in it, the containers are really nice.

The drone itself is it’s a really neat build it’s, tidy it’s, strong it’s sturdy. It looks like a drone and it has some great play features. I particularly like the minifigures in this set, especially the spider queen and the huntsman.