This one should be far from home. This one should be homecoming, also theres the no way home down here. These two are the more accurate ones so to speak. Lets see if it holds true, because i also have the previous versions right here, such as the vulture from homecoming also mysterio from far from home, also theres, the sanctuary two from end game includes captain marvel im man mark 85, as well as the mini thanos. As you know, im a pretty big spider man fan, as you can see behind me already, so im really excited to open these three spider man box sets. Also, you can check out my lego, marvel minifigures, review and unboxing of the whole set in the link down below. As always, please remember to like the like button and subscribe to my channel for more stuff like this. This one will be checking out the homecoming set. First weve got the vulture hair as well as the black and gold suit. Spiderman dont know why its here, instead of being in the third movie you put a glimpse of the suit in the latest. Trailer on the back were seeing more action here with the black and gold suit spider man, fighting the vulture and also with the mac at the back. The voucher is definitely a bit more accurate in comparison to what we have got last. You guys a quick comparison. After ive opened and assembled everything, speaking of which i actually have the comic version as well, which i have not yet unboxed ill – be opening the spots down the line as well.

So we got stickers the instruction manual, as well as the three packs of legos. First pack is pretty much just building vulture. Second pack is the spidey and the main body for the drone or mac, and the last one is just finishing the mech off right, so ive literally just finished building it so lets go through the spider man figure. First, there are tons and tons of details with the black and gold suit, similar to the previous hot toy preview that i have shown you guys there are tons of these techie areas within the layers of the wear painted in gray hair. So a lot of details, as you can see already what is for the head, the torso area, as well as the legs and waist, and also lets, take a look on the side as well. Its got the similar motif as well on the side printing for the arm, so its pretty nice and on the right side as well. And i really like the golden webbings, whether its on the head or the body or as a whole in general. And i think the spiderman logo in gold just makes it stand out so well and lets have a look on the back as well, even bigger spiderman logo in gold and complement it again with all these gray areas, with the more techish motif and its pretty cool. As you can see with the head so much details its just great looking im, just really thankful that this figure is looking so great, so im, not just minus boxer for the updated voucher, but also for the spider man figure as well and its really great.

It comes with the same color, i.e, the golden webs and stuff. Next up, weve got the voucher. So initially, when a nice building here, i can see already the torso area as well as the pants i.e. The legs area are just so great looking. They really do depict the vultures outfit and the movie i.e michael kims character, as well as the oxygen mask so much more accurate in comparison to the flat one that weve had previously and also with this visor, its really really great. Looking also with the toss area. It comes with the furry bits, as well as the buckles and everything that kind of clips together in different colors as well me, i add so its really great also with the hair. It comes with two expressions. Let me just take it off to show you guys on one side: there is the glowing eyes mode, i.e the vulcan action and also, if you switch it to the back theres the normal mode. For me personally, i will definitely have the side on, because i love the green eyes and also its just great looking its a lot more menacing and in terms of the wings. Quite like this update, because number one theyve got these stickers here and there with the different areas, i.e the body of the wings as well as the tips of the wings. So i think its a more accurate portrayal of the tag and the individual wing or feather pieces should i say its all here and also weve – got an updated engines as well on both sides.

So for this one, it actually spins, which is pretty cool again theyve got the all rounded pivots as well as you can see here. Quite a nice function for maneuverability switching to the back its a bit plainer and also we can see the back of the main body of the wings. So some nice details here and lets do a quick comparison with the old voucher that weve got from the first homecoming movie, and here we are side by side or ones on top of the other, should i say so: first of all lets go through the color Scheme first wave our emerald green complemented with some black as well as gray pieces here, but on the new one. The gray areas are the pixels by sticker form, so its not as bulky or as big area wise, and i really like the sticker details, because its number one more condensed and to the point. Secondly, it doesnt take up so much space. Secondly, with the feather areas, i really like the individual pieces with the update, because the sticker form really gives more details as to how the wings are designed, as opposed to the bland and blank pieces here, as you can see at the top its the immersion factor. That really counts the engine areas with the previous old design, thats just a whole hair and the middle, as you can see where my pinky and i like how the engines can pretty much rotate.

One thing i like about the previous version is that the back piece actually more detail in sticker form, as opposed to the singular piece down here at the bottom, with the update. So i defend this is one of the better areas of the design from the old one for the minifig itself, the new one on the left and the old one on the right new one, the colors more accurate. What is the torso leather jacket area? Also with the details of the leather jacket, the fur on the neck, the zipper the bell etc is all nicely crafted hair printed. Obvious version is just all black, so lesser details for the head area, more apparent as you can see, there is the oxygen mask that they have put in place, as opposed to the singular piece that they have printed on previously and its quite a fun way to Interact with the visor, as opposed to the flat head here on the right hand, side with the eyes, i think, its more menacing and new one before you remove the helmet, you can actually see the entire face, voucher and the previous one here on the right and On the back of the old one, there is nothing new one seems to be giving a greater depth of detail as opposed to the old one. Here on the right. We have got the mac here. There are the pellets all for them surrounding the legs area, which is pretty cool or functional as well, and also they are complemented with these same motif as where youve seen on the black and gold suit spider man hair with the head area, you can kind of See the eyes here and also it opens up here, as you can see, with this big gold piece, you can bend it over.

Just bang in your spiderman weve got two guns here that can shoot the little pellets of lego as usual, with all the lego guns and also at the top, you can see the spider man, logo and gold hair and also on back. I really like this piece. Actually it actually flaps up the sticker. Design is really great as well, and also there is some mini storage at the back here. So its used for storing silver peas head spaghetti thing that i have mentioned. You can actually stick your spiderman onto the spaghetti piece when the drone flies up. He can just hang on to this piece and fly along with the big trunk thats pretty fun guys.