But more about these other builds in a moment. Let’S first take a look at this really cool minifigure, and this minifigure is some kind of robot with a translucent blue head with a printed face, a torso with a lego space, planet, logo and some kind of white harness. He has white arms and blue gloves a silver pair of legs it’s a little bit shiny, a little bit metallic. That also goes for his torso. He has also some metallic gold printing on his torso. If we turn this guy around, you can see there’s. Also, some printing on the back of his head and also on the back of his torso and it’s, just a continuation of the front. Of course, the head is a new one. The torso only comes in one other creator: three in one set the space rover explorer from 2020, and here we have his drone and it looks a little bit like a helicopter, but without the propeller, and actually there are no propellers on this drone at all. There is a nice cockpit. You can of course open. This windshield place the minifigure inside on both sides. You have these really nice engines with some translucent blue details. You can move these up and down here. You have also two metallic silver parts over there. You have two headlights and then there is this tail it’s quite a simple build, but i think it is really effective and it looks really cool and i also really like this color scheme with this sand: blue and the bright orange that’s.

Just a really nice combination of colors, but this is of course a three in one set, so let’s break this one apart and build one of the other models that comes in this set Music, and here we have the cyber scooter. Of course, this one uses the same minifigure and the same parts, but not all of them. I do really like this build as well, but one thing that annoys me: a little are these two parts they’re connected with this ball joint and it’s quite hard to line them up straight? The back of this scooter also looks really cool with these thin pieces. Although you have kind of the same problem over here as you have on the front, the shape of this thing is quite familiar. I think in a way, it reminds me a little bit of star wars and things like that, and you recognize this in combination with this minifigure as some kind of space scooter or cyber scooter. Just a really nice small build but, of course, there’s. A third build in this set so let’s destroy this one and build the third one, the mech and last but not least, the mac – and this is also a really fun small – build uses some more parts than the cyber scooter, but definitely not all of them. Yes, some movement, so he can walk well sort of walk. He has a laser beam on one arm, and here he has two of these flag pieces, so it’s a clipper or something you can pick something up.

Let’S, try if you can pick something up and yes, if you put something between these flags, you can hold it so that’s, a nice detail. The robot can’t stand behind this window piece or windshield, but doesn’t have anything to do, but maybe he controls this mac with a wire we can’t see or something like that, because it’s a robot in a robot if we turn him around he’s a little bit unfinished And flat, but you can do something about that if you like, with all the spare parts, i think the id for a mac is really fresh and it’s, not a vehicle, so nice to have two vehicles and one other thing in one set yeah. I think lego did a great job on this one for now, thanks a lot for watching.