5 and the reason ive chosen this quad is that a small little three inch is unlikely to break itself, as i crash the crap out of it, whereas a five inch. If i smash it enough times, perhaps it would break now. Let me just acknowledge that im not making my life easy by trying to trippy spin around this tree, but this is a specific challenge set out by ghost branch and by god, im going to try to live up to it. I think the first thing i want to do is just hold the quad in my hand, and see what its going to look like when i do it right. A trippy spin is like an orbit which is like this but youre facing up like this. So it is going to look a bit like that, but so heres the problem. If im looking back at the top of the tree, the quad has to be pitched forward at least a little bit in order to get any upward thrust. If i have to go like this, its going to be pulling itself down and obviously it wont work so the more up tilt, i have the easier its going to be to do this maneuver in theory yeah in theory. I could do it with less up tilt, but then id have to be closer to the tree in order to get it in the camera views i think, pulling this camera forward and up tilting.

The mower is going to help me do this maneuver, so we pitch back and we roll around. I feel like thats how i like to enter them, because youre kind of there lets see if i can come around to the outside here now see im swinging so wide im going to go right into this tree huh. That is not a classic way to enter it. I dont think i dont know its what feels right to me. So one of the ways that people said to try to learn this move is to get inverted and then pitch around until you got the sight picture for what it was supposed to look like. I just dont feel like i have enough room to fall to really get a sense of that sight picture. I feel much better getting that sight picture by coming in and kind of establishing a pitch angle where im looking up at the object and then trying to roll into it Music, i got ta get that sight picture. What does it look like when you do it right? I wouldnt know because i aint done it right yet that did have the tree in the right place: im just tanking it into the ground every time i think im pitching back too much trying to get too much of the tree canopy in view and then im Losing altitude because im losing all my downward thrust. I got an idea what, if i just came in and pitched back and got that sight picture from before.

Just like that, thats my sight picture – and i can i know i can maintain altitude because you can see. I didnt start to fall and my throttle isnt even that high thats thats what it should look like. I know its doable with this amount of up tilt. I need to be higher in the throttle. I have to be pitched back more and higher in the throttle and just turning more aggressively. Damn it yep i want to just the ah is the i dont have turtle mode. How did hip rc ship this with no turtle mode configured? How did they ship it with no turtle mode configured get brassy well, it seems like gepperc shipped this without turtle mode activated, and i apparently never set it up. So i just grabbed this little doohickey that i always keep on me. This is the speedy b adapter. V3 – and it makes it easy to configure your quad in the field with your phone uh ive got a whole video about that and ill put a link in the video description uh. You might not even need this to use the speedy b app but uh. It is pretty nice for making quick changes like that link down in the video description. If you want to check it out, im falling, why am i falling? Am i pitching back too much? I must be pitching back too much im pitching back too much and then i can see i can pitch back so far and not fall.

I dont understand. Ah i wish that tree wasnt there at least i have turtle mode now, thats good! Oh, oh! I felt like i was a little in control. There can establish that angle and establish that throttle position see im climbing there thats the correct throttle position, but youre gon na need more throttle to turn arent. You yeah. You need more throttle to turn than to go forward, youre going to be at a higher throttle to do this than you are to go straight. So as soon as i start to turn, i fall because im not raising throttle and then i fix it by pitching forward and coming out of it. I just have to establish it and then see, but i cant see the tree trunk, so i cant tell where i am what a great video great video idea, bardwell just watch, you crash a thousand times great video, hmm that was sort of it. Music, aha was something like it: Music, its a good camera. I like it, it looks good Applause, it didnt hit you it landed on you are you posting on social media about me yeah? I should do that. I took a good picture of the um, the guy who threatened me yeah. He looks like a real problem yeah. What is that on his shirt, some kind of graffiti, probably gang related to graffiti yeah yeah? Definitely i do want to take a second to thank rely on for sending me this battery uh.

It is a lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which means that it holds a lot more energy is a lot lighter and lasts a lot longer than the lead acid. The deep cycle batteries that a lot of people are commonly using its also much more expensive, so its not going to be for everybody. If you want a comparison of this battery, a lead acid battery and even a tiny little generator, i did a roundup of field charging methods ill put a link in the video description. If you want to check that out, if youre at all interested in field charging, i highly recommend it. Oh my god that was it. That was a full 360.. I mean i dont know if it was a trippy spin, but that was an actual full 360. thats. It thats the first time thats exciting im, starting to get how the like the sight picture is supposed to look and how its supposed to move thats, how youre supposed to correct when things are going wrong, no, no, no im falling! So, if im falling, i need to pitch forward a little more just a little more oh jesus christ. Did that just happen. I just went through the center Music thats, a trippy spin thats, a trippy spin, thats, two Music uh huh thats, starting to get it thats, starting to get it thats, starting to get it Music. That was twice that was two its coming well folks, i think thats were gon na call the end of the video um.

I obviously got a lot of work yet to do before. I could call myself competent at trippy spinning, but i feel like ive, made a lot of improvement and i have done at least one full uh double rotation, 720 rotation, and so i think that is worthy of ending the video and saying i learned a trippy spin. Also, thank you to ghost branch fpv on my discord, server uh, who originally set this challenge before me. To this day. I have not achieved it, but i feel like i can finally hold my head up and say ghost branch challenge accepted challenge, completed um. What should you take from this video? No matter what, if you pick something that you cant do and just set yourself the challenge of working it until you do it, you will make progress. You will make progress. You will become a better pilot and theres nobody out there who can do everything, except maybe van over or okay theres, a few people, but not me, and probably not you either if youre bored, if you think flying, is boring its because youre not pushing yourself hard Enough thats one possibility, and the answer to that is to set yourself a challenge and achieve it. Thanks for watching happy flying, you guys, i dont know where i am, and i i dont know whats going to happen, but if i dont make it out of this, i just want to know that you subscribe to my channel or maybe join my patreon or click.