We got a lot of practical skills controlling the drone and like making the turns and everything, so i feel way more confident in doing the test choice yeah exactly it kind of brings you like the confidence that you need to continue practicing and kind of get the Skills set like skill level that you need for a test and like for the real life uh that you need to control, definitely very useful and yeah. I enjoyed it, yeah very hands on, but very enjoyable cool, so you guys are going to be flying a dji. M600, with a very expensive lidar scanner underneath whats, that for and who do you work for we work for a company, a startup called silvera. What we do is we are trying to get a better estimation of amount of carbon in in the forest. So what we do is we fly a drone that is attached to a very expensive lidar data and we kind of get the data to construct the 3d version of the reconstructed version of the forest. So, given that thats a very large and expensive drone, do you feel confident now to be able to go away and start operating that definitely definitely, i think we need more practice with the drone itself, because its a very huge drone and its a little bit different From the small ones but uh personally, i have the first one yeah. I have now the confidence to to kind of go and practice with it and then eventually and also we know what to practice, yeah exactly what exercises to do.

So. I think its very useful, perfect anything else to watch yeah. Thank you, phillip.