Maybe go try to fly my new drone. You know just don’t drink too fast get yourself brain freeze, what’s. The name is park way: the ranch all right, controller batteries, charger drone, this cool little bad boy right here. Everything folds out slap, your battery on Music connect, your phone you’re good to go so Music. Okay, so i only brought one phone with me today. Usually i have my second one and actually the funny thing is my second one’s got my extra memory card in it which would have gone into the drone, so i could actually got 4k video, but it will still let me record on the phone, the uh, the Video that it collects it just ain’t going to be high quality, but whatever we’re just trying to make sure we can fly this thing without breaking it or anything around us. You know what i mean so that i can start to learn to fly this out in front of the restaurants, the businesses and things like that that i’m trying to catch footage and make little films about you know what i mean yeah. So this is about to go bye, bye and you’re about to see me launch this bad boy, so that the next view that you’re gon na see will be pov from my little drone: gotcha, Music, Music, Music, so Applause, Music Applause, so Music, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, so Applause, Music, so Music – i am definitely gon na – have to take this thing out a whole bunch of more time before i feel comfortable flying it around any kind of restaurant, any kind of where there’s a bunch of cars anywhere there could be a person Or anywhere, i could easily lose this thing because i lost it once twice and thank goodness it has gps on it, otherwise gone, but i kind of get a little bit of a hang of it.

If i don’t try to get too crazy with my maneuvers and just try to get like some, some cool high aerials and some lows like that, i think we’ll be all right when you see somebody doing all them cool aerial shots that takes some practice or maybe, Like an upgraded drone, this isn’t like a crazy, expensive one. I don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money and then lose the thing crash. The thing hate the thing you know what i mean so contiko contika, i don’t know, but it’s cool. I got ta. Remember the sd card, so we get 4k but whatever it’s, what you got ta do when you try to improve your video quality. Add some extra cool shots in there. I guess you can see how long i’ve been here long enough to knock down 32 ounces of this good stuff. I guess that’s big mike certified so next time go find a way to have a little extra fun.