So this is the f7 gb2, its got 4k wi fi camera 3 axis gimbal, brushless motor night scene, shooting function, modular design of the gimbal tripod and super long remote control range a couple more little strips. We got to cut off back here. Oh shes got a slider disclaimer and safety guide and a user manual and a quick start guide ill get cracking on those in just a few minutes all right. So the first thing im going to say is i, like this case: weve got pouches with zippers in the front nothings stored there at the moment, but at least ive got some place. I can put things lord knows were always taking stuff with us. When we fly zippers got a sweet tab to hold, as you pull thats on both sides, cool idea, velcro to hold it in place Applause. This is the be wine f7 wow. Is that compact, its got instructions on the side for how to open it? This looks like a locking mechanism. Im gon na just set this down and im gon na open it after i check the manual if we dig down to the bottom. This is a sweet way to hold the batteries in place. There is my battery friends, weve got extra blades screws and inside that same pouch is where youll find the charging cord extra blades the little silica gel. This is our controller love that its got the grip underneath power button right now.

These are protected. Lets pop those off the antennas also come back underneath and everything is looking pretty darn sweet love, the feeling of them in the hands. Friends, im gon na get these batteries charges and we can get ready for our first flight. Hey friends, i just want to remind you make sure you peel off the sticker before you record your first video all right friends, so i have charged it up. Lets run through a few things i read when we were checking this out. It says ensure that remote control antennas are open correctly before operation. It takes about 40 seconds for the aircraft to connect to control im, going to peel that off now, im also going to peel off the other stickers, because i wont need those anymore. So friends lets quickly run through the quick start. We need to add the drone im going to add mine to my iphone, obviously just scan it and add it charge the batteries which i already did. This clip simply pulls off like this. Also underneath we need to take off this clip easy peasy. Now the gimbal is free and then notice the f7 logo, these two arms pull forward, and these two flip down and under so make sure where youve got the be wine in the back and then, when you flip this down. If you find your propeller is not quite right, there is an angle where you can bring that up.

Just like that there, my friends is the wine f7. In all her glory shock. Absorbers 4k camera lets see a couple more steps and get ready to take her out for that first flight. So we unfold the antenna ill do that outside unfold. The handle already got that attach our phone thats easy peasy were going to select a place to fly. Going to lock it at 65 feet starting out, make sure theres nothing on the return home power it on until the aircraft plays this down press two times to power on the transmitter. The light on the back of the drone will go from red to green. After about 40 seconds and then well have the dd when the pairing is completed, make sure we connect to wi fi on the phone calibrate the compass with thumbs up and in rotate the aircraft horizontally about one to two turns also. Do it vertically one to two turns to get it calibrated, also gyroscope, remember we were in for the compass out for the gyroscope and then do a self inspection about 20 seconds on a on a flat surface to make sure its groovy itll search for gps automatically And then we can start the motors by pulling down and in takeoff, is up new to flying drones. We should check the app i have flown a few, so im not too worried about that, and then common problems, friends its time to take it outside, find a place to fly.

All right. Friends lets take this little critter out for a flight powered on two taps to power. This on they say it takes about 45 seconds to connect, as you can see, that screen is pretty darn sweet im gon na wake up this screen and connect the app it is, the be wine app. I am going to confirm it switch to controls. I am going to examine im going to confirm this Music, while im here im going to switch to video mode notice right now it is still not connected because the battery is not detected im going to connect to the wi fi of the drone. While im waiting. I am connected to the wi fi of the drill. Thats cool lets go back to the app so while im waiting lets check out all the things we can find on our display, gimbal up gimbal down tells you which way youre moving it. This is zoom out and zoom mode right now. You can see it just kicked in that its ready for me to connect to it. You can see all my batteries are there so thats the 45 second weight. So right now were doing our calibration dance. Weve. All done this before switch Applause set. Her back down lets take off Music lets, get her hovering over here. Get my camera adjusted. It is a bit breezy, but, as you can see, she is staying nice and handy dandy, uh out here on the front.

This button is record video, so now we are in video mode Applause. Music lets, keep it low fly it out there a little ways and see what we can see: Music, Music Applause, Music, Music. So right now i have still got her locked in uh beginner mode, which is pretty much a good idea whenever youre starting out with a drone Music youll have lots of time to do crazy stuff. The more you play with it lets see if we can take the gimbal and aim it down at us, thats kind of fun see if we can get it on camera, you see as were flying, we can adjust it that easily lets see what it looks like. As we zoom in there, it is one click zoom, pretty wild stuff Music lets bring it in for a landing. Quick landing, of course, is super simple, simply, click the button and slide to say you really want to Music. There we go Music doesnt, get much slicker than that all righty friends. So there you have it a fun first flight and setup of the be wine f7 friends. It was super simple to fly loved the controls, the remote was awesome. The video footage was slick as well, and everything worked just like youd expect. Now friends, this is just a first flight. Ive got a lot more things to play with. I want to try all the intelligent modes. If you make sure you stay tuned to my channel, youll see those as soon as i get them created friends, im looking forward to features like the night shooting, and i can guarantee that ive already been playing with it in the wind.

It has been an awesome drone right now. You can see that you can snag it for 449. There is also, though, a 75 coupon at the moment, friends. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please give it a like. Please also hit that share button, so more people can learn about hl, mod tech. Of course, if youve got a question, comment or suggestion add it down below and if you havent subscribed.