So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv whats up guys, im justin davis from drone camps rc today youre going to learn how to fly your very first drone and were going to do a drone camps tutorial within five minutes. Youll know some techniques that you can carry on with you for the rest of your drone career. A little drone like this can kickstart anyones drone career just for a few dollars. Lets go ahead and get started with the first of a few. Different techniques were going to teach you on your first day flying your drone. Once you have the m drone app downloaded, you should see a real time view once you turn everything on the way to do. That is turn on the transmitter. First youll see these lights are blinking turn on the drone as well. Youll see this red lights blinking on the bottom of the drone, and when you push the throttle, stick up and back down youll see that everything goes solid here and youll get a beep from the transmitter. Then open up your wi fi connect to the fpv wi fi network youll see a series of numbers after that, and then you should see a real time view on your drone and youre ready to take off for your very first takeoff go ahead and take the Sticks down in center or to the outside, and you should see that the motors turn on once they do go ahead and press the throttle button.

So you come up off the ground and start immediately using the right stick, and what we want to do first is learn how to do a simple hover to come back and land youre just going to reduce the throttle, come back down to the ground and the Drone will turn itself off automatically then were going to fly up and were going to go into our first phase of a square circuit. So once youve learned how to hover in place go ahead and keep everything in place just like this. By holding the sticks, nice and center – and you should see that have a nice hover – this is position one so were gon na go and go to position. Number two: stop maintain that hover position, number three isnt the right stick! Only because we have altitude hold right. So now were gon na be in position. Three now were gon na come back to position four hover in its place. Only using the right stick now hover back into the final position where you originally began and at that point youve created your first square circuit. So now, at this point were also going to use the right stick again and heres. What were going to do guys were going to come back into that position. One were going to do this square circuit in reverse fashion, so go ahead and go over to the right hand, side and stop and try to hover in that same spot now were going to go to position number three hovering the same spot position four and were Just doing the square circuit in reverse now to the final position and hold and maintain that position manually.

Flying is a lot of fun, and this teaches you a lot in the long run. So now were going to do our final circuit in this series and its called the circle circuit, and what you want to do is keep the drone facing the direction that youre flying so in this were going to use the left hand. Stick this time not just the right stick so now were learning yaw and were going to forward and youre just going to turn it as you go, create a really small circle with your drone, and this is teaching you how to do forward flight and if you Just keep going around in a circle: do that for say five or six times learn how the all works im just barely turning a little bit of time, once you get used to going one way, turn around and go the other way and do a circuit. The other way this will teach you both orientations using the yaw stick on the left. So at this point guys youve done a square circuit. Youve done a reverse square circuit, youve done circle circuits and now youve graduated to forward flight. So we can go ahead and push the right stick forward. You dont even have to do any left, stick until youre ready to turn the nose of the drone, and you can see the real time view here is a little bit of lag, but now that you know how to do most basic multi rotor controls, you can Teach yourself to learn how to fly from this point on one big thing you want to teach yourself is: go out there mix the drone up in its orientation say where out you, cant really see which way it is facing and then figure out how to get It back to the home point manually and if you have a problem with a non gps drone in the future, and you have to take off your goggles or you need to fly at home manually, you should be able to do that.

Thats, a technique that you need to learn to be a sufficient drone pilot. So at this point you should be pretty self sufficient on the basic orientations of flying a drone and if you want to pass these techniques on to the next guy or share the video, that would be great because these are great basic beginner techniques. For this drone cam for anybody to learn how to fly a drone all ages, you can find the links down below for this drone and some others that i recommend for my top five first beginner drones have fun guys and we will look forward to seeing you Subscribe and see you interacting on the channel have fun guys happy, fev and drone flying ill. See you on the next one.