Both of those are included in the new tactical gear that pubgs added, which takes up a primary weapon slot in your characters. Inventory were also going to discuss the new live ping option, action, cueing and the vss and winchester 94 buff. So starting off with one of the new items, the new drone and the tactical gear. Now the drone is going to be a lootable item that you find on the ground. Itll, look like a little uav controller with a screen tablet on top of it to deploy the drone, its left, click on your mouse or right trigger on your controller, its about a five second animation delay and your character will throw the drone out in front of Them and itll start hovering and youll automatically enter drone mode. Now, a couple key things to note here, while youre in drone mode, your character is going to stay exactly where they were when you released the drone, so its important to make sure youre in good cover. You can also crouch or prone while using the drone, so it would be a good idea to stay behind an object or you know, be crouched into a corner of a room when youre going to deploy the drone. Now, once the drones deployed, you can do a couple of neat things with the drone number one. You can drive it 300 meters in any direction away from your character, thats, north south, east and west, and even straight vertical up or down youll, be alerted when youre getting to the maximum distance in the bottom left of your screen, thats.

How many meters away you are from your character once you get to about 90 meters left from the maximum distance, you will start to get an alert ping and the screen will start to fade out letting you know you need to come back closer to your character, While youre flying the drone around you can do a couple of pretty useful things number one you can use the new live ping marker to ping on anywhere on the map for yourself or your teammates, where an enemy might be or where the next rotation place may Be or we have vehicles there or certain weapons there and well go into more detail about the pings later in the video, in addition to just scouting for intel with the drone, you can also pick up and drop items that are lootable with the drone, and this Is probably going to be the drones best feature, so any item that you see its on the ground, thats lootable. It can be something as small as a bandage, a level 3 helmet or even like the new deployable bicycle. The drone can pick up one single item in its suitcase and can bring it back to your s, to your own character or you can drop it off anywhere. You want on the map as long as youre within the 300 meters distance. So, to give an example, you can fly the drone to a level 2 helmet that you see on the ground on top of a rooftop and then bring it back to your character and use it for yourself or if one of your teammates vest gets busted or They got headshot and they no longer have a helmet.

You can go fly around, find them a helmet and bring one back for them, really really cool stuff. Now a couple countermeasures here for the drone for enemies are going to be. The drone is very, very noticeable in the air, so it has big blinking, red and green lights on, especially if youre playing a nighttime mode like the kindy. Its really really noticeable, where the drone is. The drone does have an audible noise about 50 meters away from the character. You can start to hear it coming its not too too loud, but it is definitely noticeable and youll be able to start scanning around the area. Looking for the drone, once you do find the drone, it only has about 34 hp, so its almost like one shot with any weapon will take this thing down and once it is destroyed, it will leave a marker on the map for your character, letting you know Where the drone is and youll have to go all the way to that location, to pick up the drone repair it and then use it again, so on one plus side, its not like its destroyed forever, but on the downside you know once it is destroyed and Its going to be destroyed pretty easily, you have to go all the way to the drone to use it. Also one keynote thing on the drone. I think this this will be fixed before it goes, live server. The ascension key, so going up is currently unbound.

Its supposed to be spacebar or right trigger, but for whatever reason it wasnt working for myself and a few of my friends on pc. So if you find that yours is unbound, i would just say its safe to assume when it goes to live. Servers. Theyll fix that in the keybind section. Last but not least, on the drone, you can recall the drone back to your player using the right click on the mouse. I believe its a left click on controller, and this is actually a pretty neat feature. So when you recall the drone, you click it one time itll, let you know recall, is initiated and then you can swap weapons and go on about your normal day. You can loot get in a vehicle or whatever, and the drone will make its way back to you as long as youre within the 300 meter. Radius itll still follow all the way back to you now it will not go through walls and it wont change height. It just goes in a straight line, so if youre behind cover behind the wall, it will stop and it wont be able to get all the way to you and, as you can see in the video driving around on a motorcycle or a bicycle, does make it Pretty pretty hard for the drone to catch up, but it does a really good job of at least staying near your location, which is pretty cool now next up for the tactical gear, is the emt medic gear.

Now this actually works two different ways and it is gon na be pretty cheeky. I think, for squad game play number one. It does take up a primary weapon slot, just like the drone does. So you have to sacrifice one of your main weapons to hold this, but number two. You can use the benefits without actually having the item equipped. So as long as its just in your inventory, you, as the player, who has the emt gear in your inventory, will get access to a number of benefits. The biggest thing is that it only takes three seconds to use any healing item such as a bandage first aid or even a full medical kit. Now the medical kit usually takes 10 seconds, for example, and you can do that in as little as three seconds when you have this item. In addition, the med kit is going to give you full boost once you fully heal as well. So youll get a 100 health and full level 4 boost, which is really really really powerful, usually to get full boost. You have to use an adrenaline syringe which takes six seconds so youre talking about two animations that usually take 16 seconds, total youre able to do in three seconds that is really powerful in pub g. In addition, it only takes three seconds to revive a knockdown teammate, so this is like that critical response kit in paramo, but instead of it only being used one time on a teammate.

You can do this unlimited amount of times as long as you have the emt gear in your inventory. In addition, you can walk faster while using your healing items, so youre, actually more mobile, while healing and on top of that bandages and first aid kits can now heal you to maximum health. They no longer stop at 75 health. So if you have this in your inventory, you can use a bandage or first aid get up to full 100 health. You can revive way faster, you can heal way faster and you can move faster while healing so a lot of really good benefits just for having it in your inventory. Now, when you actually have the item equipped, you get those same benefits plus these new additional benefits. Here so on the bottom of the screen. Next to your health bar its going to show you which healing item you have toggled, you can toggle between bandage first aid and medkit. Now, while youre toggling between those items, youre going to be able to use any of those items on your teammate, so if you walk up to your teammate and you have your bandages toggled and you press the interact key, you will start to heal your teammates for Them and they can still be healing themselves as well, so its a way to get your teammates healed up really fast or if they dont have any heals instead of you having to drop one and then use it on them, you can use your healing item on Them – and it only takes you three seconds to do it in terms of downsides for the emt gear theres, only honestly, a couple of things number one: the fact that it takes up a primary weapon slot is going to be a big deterrent on picking this up.

In solos, and even in duo, gameplay id really love to see this go into your you know secondary slot or your melee slot and number two. They did nerf it in the blue zone. So you will not get the healing boost with a speed boost rather, and you will not get the shortened revival time, while youre in the blue zone, so you can still heal your teammates with it. You can still revive your teammates with it who are knocked out, but not not flushed, but they wont get that speed healing boost that you get while youre, not in the blue zone. All right so now lets go to the live. Pings now live pings used to be in pub g about a year year and a half ago, and they were removed due to a big amount of player backlash and they were removed for a number of reasons. So first lets talk about the positives number one. This is going to be a quick way to indicate exactly what location direction and even window or door that youre looking at while youre telling your teammates, where an enemy is number two, this ping can be seen up to a thousand meters away now, thats also going To be a negative later on, but as a positive, your teammates are able to tell you pretty much anywhere in the local vicinity where an enemy is uh where a loot drop might have landed, or you know where they want to rotate to next.

Okay. So its a quick indication of communicating with your teammates now for the negative side for the ping marker situation, there honestly theres a few of them so number one. The ping system does not automatically disappear. So if someone puts a marker down on a window or a door or wherever theyll stay there for the rest of the game, unless that player manually deletes it with a delete key or creates a new ping marker somewhere else, the ping system does go slightly opaque. Whenever you ads into the ping, but you can still see it there, even if youre trying to ads and shoot a target who happens to be in front of or behind your ping, so its going to have the tendency to get right in your face. In the middle of your gunfights, depending on where that marker is placed thats going to be very, very annoying, in addition, having the ping stay, there permanently is going to lead to a lot of scenarios where you or enemies are going to be pre firing certain locations, Because of where your teammates have called out enemy targets now, while this may not seem like a big deal, this is going to lead to a lot of cheating accusations with aim hacks or wall hacks or x, ray vision esp that kind of stuff people are going To be thinking to themselves how the heck did that guy know that i was right in this corner of the window when you know realistically, all their teammate did was just ping the window, and so the teammate pre fired thinking.

Okay, they might peak that side, so that is gon na be definitely a concern um and then lastly, the pings, i just think, should not be visible for that. Far away. Theyre, like i said, a thousand meters away, thats one giant square on your map. A ping can be seen and you can see it through the mountains and ground and whatever so its always going to be that kind of visual burden in your face. What i think they really need to do is limit the length of the live ping, so it should only stay on the screen for say a second, maybe two seconds at most, and it should disappear number two. Whenever you ads, the ping should almost disappear, so it should never really be in your line of sight, while youre ads and to shoot a target because it can really get in the way of seeing if a targets peaking or not. Or you know what angle theyre holding it just really shouldnt be that obtrusive and then lastly, you know, maybe they should limit the distance that you see a live ping to like 100 meters, like one of the small squares that way, you know if theres an enemy Nearby in the town that you and your team are fighting, they can ping them, but you know if theres an enemy 400 meters away that someones sniping at that you have no shot at shooting at you. The ping is not going to disrupt.

You know your visual part of the gameplay unless you go to the map and you see the ping on the map like normal, okay, uh, moving on to action. Cueing now ive talked about this in depth on a number of videos before but ill. Keep it simple here: action cueing is going to be one of the best quality of life, improvements that youve ever had in pub g, so ill. Give you this example, because this is going to be the easiest one to recognize. I think previously in pubg, when you would shoot your weapon and you had to stop to reload your weapon in order to re ads, you had to wait for the animation to completely finish. Then. You had to re click the ads button in order for the character to re aim. If you happen to press the ads button too soon before the animation was fully complete, their character would never ads, and you would just stand there hip firing well now, with the action cueing as soon as the reload animation starts, you can hold down your ads key And at the very moment that the animation is complete, your character will immediately ads allowing you to get in and out of gun fights much more quickly. This also applies to jumping down or up from short ledges or steps or rocks. You can now stay ads. For short distances of falling and if you happen to fall for too long of a distance where the game unads, is you as long as youre still holding the ads button, it will immediately re ads when you hit the ground and are able to aim again.

The only downside is that you will have a little bit of the weapon sway from your characters. Movement. You know going from falling to stationary and thats. Just something, i think, is a basic pubg mechanic theres no getting around that. So this mechanic also applies to things like reloading vaulting, throwing grenades, throwing melee weapons, any action that you want to do in the game. You dont have to wait for the first animation to be fully complete and run the risk of hitting the button too soon. You can now just hold the next button that you want to do and the game will fluidly transition to that next animation. So this is a big big change and a great positive improvement for pubgs gameplay. Last but not least, our vss and winchester are receiving a much needed buff now, not in terms of damage but in terms of usability. So the winchester now has an installed canted site option, so you can swap down the scope, go to ironsight mode for close range fights or swap up the scope and use the scope like you have been in the past, whatever two seasons, three seasons, so really good Change here the vss also has the same change, but instead of it having a built in canted site, you do have to find a canted site to attach to it and there seems to be a bit of an issue here with the location of the canted site.

On the vss, as you can see in this example, when you have the canted site on the vss, its so far down the weapons barrel, thats really really tiny and hard to see. And if you move too fast, you actually lose the reticle on the candid site. Very easily, if you look at the ak, the candidate side is much closer to the characters face, so its bigger, easier to see and much easier to keep track of, and control im, not sure how they can fix this without basically just making the canted sight mount Closer to the base of the weapon, as opposed to the barrel, i know that wont be as realistic because thats, not where the mounting point is, but from a gameplay perspective. I think it probably should be done here all right guys and that wraps it up for todays tutorial video. I hope you found it helpful if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up, share it with a buddy, get subscribed for new pub g content. Ill, have a bunch more stuff. Coming your guyss way, dont forget to use creator code sedum at checkout. It helps support me for free whenever you buy things in the pub g store and last but not least, dont forget to check out our ultimate pub g guides. I have over 19 videos where we detail all of the need to know things about pub g. So if youre, a new player or returning veteran looking to brush up some of your skills, go check out that playlist ultimate pubg guides.

Thank you guys for watching and ill see you on the next one.