Yesterday on the channel, we flew the gap rc crocodile 7 hd. You got to go back and check that one out that was a super awesome review made in flight down a river and up the mountains through the trees super fun, um kind of crazy, that being a reviewer. I can do that. I can get something brand new and just sit down a river, and you definitely want to test out your gps return to home before you go ahead and send it to make sure that your cli is all set up properly for gps return to home. Otherwise, they might not come back to you so very important. Some of these quads do not come from the manufacturer set up for return to home in the cli and sometimes they're, not even activated in inside beta flight, so make sure that gps is activated with? U blocks in there as well. Most of these are bn220 gps's that are on here. Sometimes they've been rebranded, but that's. Essentially what each of these gps's are inside betaflight? Yes, you can also put it on a switch. It will have a return to home as well on here or low voltage protection. It might turn around and come back if it gets low. You can set that voltage protection up inside betaflight as well. You can set up the return height coming back, which is also cool and there's. Some big differences between each of these frames and the gap rc crocodile baby four inch has some great differences and advantages versus the trimmer f4, and that is gon na, be debatable.

Obviously, um one of the things right out of the gates is that they did more make more of a dead cat style frame with replaceable arms for the gap, rc baby croc, so that's. One thing that they got right here, whereas i flight chimera 4 it's, going to be more durable, but it's a little bit heavier and it's a unibody frame on the bottom non replaceable arms. You would probably have to crash on concrete to break these arms um if you're out in the field doing some long range and you're crashing in the trees or the woods. Most of these frames will probably be fine, but i do like that. Flywheel explorer has replaceable arms; it also has that dead cat out of camera view props, set up on here and no props in the crocodile baby as well. Uh props and view on the cadx camera, which i thought was kind of you know the chamera like has that sort of true x, design and um for for a long range cinema rig. If you're only recording from your dji camera, you know you're going to have props and views some guys. Don'T want props and view um. I i personally don't mind it. I think it's kind of cool but um for a cinema rig that's, really not what you're. Looking for so you're looking for props out of you and these two got it right, um also, today, we're going to test out gap, rc's new 4sp, 4s 18650 battery uh.

This is a lion battery with an xc30 on here that you guys can get. That will get you in upwards of 25 minute flight times on there, so that's, pretty good, so we're gon na strap this to the baby. Crocodile baby, uh and we're gon na send it out there and the neatest thing. I think about four inch. You know versus seven inches the fact that when i'm flying long range on a four inch, quad go back and watch this one um. The long range explorer lr model from flywheel you'll see that i can go places that a seven inch can't go. Seven inch has a much bigger profile. We'Re talking, like you, know, a pretty wide um setup there. For for that, larger frame and uh, you do more big air flying with a seven inch versus a four inch four inch. You can fly long range and you can really find some small places and gaps to get into that. You normally would with uh other rigs so that that is the the magic of four inch long range that get a little closer into things and go places that are just absolutely awesome. So let's go ahead now and let's send the crocodile baby out there with the cadx receiver on here and the dji radio. I am going places with this receiver that i would typically send my tvs crossfire. So uh i'm really liking the receiver on the cadex vista by the way, guys let's go ahead and do some flying and have some fun with some long range crocodile baby.

Here we go Music, Music, Music, Music Applause. All right guys! Welcome back from the flight test. So, right away, you can see that you can go places with the four inch version of a long range quad versus a seven inch quad that you can't um. I mean it's a much smaller quad and it feels like you went a really long way with these quads, even though you're still within a mile of range. It feels like you're doing kind of long range that you get that same feeling, but closer in which is kind of cool. So if you somehow fail safe or drop to the ground or have a brown out you could you could go find it um. I think the coolest thing about this one is the fact that it does have the external beeper on there as well. The flywheel explorer also has the external beeper, the the chimner of four does not, but this model is. It has some differences on here, mainly with the dead cat style, with no props in view. We have a much lighter design and i'm going to put this on the scale and and do it versus the camera and the long range explorer lr from flywheel as well. This has a wheelbase of 174 millimeters. I like that it does have these replaceable arms they're, quite a bit thinner than the chimera 4. But in a way you get, you know, it's it's, it's, probably better, to have replaceable arms it's.

Just it just makes it nice, because if you break this one, then you're going to have to replace the entire unit body and that's, sometimes the the benefit of having replaceable arms. But this also makes it quite a bit lighter and a lot of times when you do a unibody. They used to do that when they were making freestyle rigs first started doing that to to lighten up the frame a little bit and get rid of all this extra hardware on here. Typically, these were heavier, but in this instance this one is lighter. So if you want to make this one under 250 grams, you can do that with a 4s 650 battery. If you're going to do some close in freestyle – and i got to talk about the differences between the 18650 lion pack versus something like a 4s 850, which would typically be the standard battery on this quad, the big difference is that this can be your long range Battery for medium to low throttle 18650 batteries do not like having high throttle inputs. If you go super high on the throttle, you actually damage some of the cells in here, so these are great in low kv motor setups with non freestyle type of flights uh. If you want to do freestyle, move over to the 4s lipo, something like an 18 8 850 milliamp that's going to allow you to get that major punch without totally killing your battery, because these can handle quite a bit more high throttle and that battery will get You a nice freestyle flight, so these are the ones i would recommend for that if you want to do freestyle, but 28 minutes flight time pushing 30 minutes flight time on this new gap rc battery.

This is this – is really nice uh. They also include the xd30 on there, which which really helps out a lot, but on this frame we have no props in view again, nice truck bed on the top for even a large lion type of battery. They have a big enough strap in here to accommodate all the way up to like a 1300 size battery, which is is nice because it also fits this one with no problem. We have a power system that is equal to the flywheel explorer. We have 1404 motors, and these were 2450 kv as well on the flywheel explorer so same size motors there on the chimner 4. We have 3000 kv, so they went a little higher on these zing motors. These are 1404 3000, so you're gon na get a little longer flight time with both of these versus the camera. So one thing to think about there: when you go higher kv, you get more performance but you're kind of like killing the battery a little faster. Now the next thing that i thought was mentionable in this review for the the crocodile baby is the fact that not only is this one lighter, they um, they centered up the flight controller here with the cadets vista and on this design for the trimmer. They have it riding in the back and quite a you know. They have a dual stack here for esc's and flight controllers separated, and i believe that was the sussex.

It might be. An f7 we'll go over this one later in that review, but this one feels a lot heavier and i like the fact that this one is all centered up, so it makes things kind of more simplified in here. If you blow up an esc you're going to have to replace that whole aio, because this is an aio from them, it is the new f4 20 amp version for 4s. But it really does clean up things quite a bit and you have your betaflight usb port right there and we have a very thin top plate on here around one and a half millimeter two millimeter bottom plate here with three millimeter arms as well. We have a capacitor and in the back right, there there's that external beeper – and this is great, because if you have an instance where you crash out in the weeds somewhere, this heavy battery will fly off it. Just it always does. It is pretty heavy when it does this external beeper you're going to be able to still find your quads it's going to chirp pretty loud there's a little tiny button on there. You have to press to turn it off each time you power down the quad um. So one thing to to know there and again back here: this is the bn228 it's the same gps, return to home setup that we have on all the rest of the quads uh. I i recommend that you go check out oscar lang's page, where he has the cli set up for this, and you want to go ahead and enter in those commands in the cli inside betaflight.

Because, again, a lot of these don't come preset up for your return to home, and the biggest advice i can give you guys is to to field test them. Sometimes, within the 300 foot range, if you hit recovery mode switch in your transmitter, this, this quad or or other gps quads with betaflight gps, will drop to the ground inside that 300 foot circle. So one thing to consider there think about that. There is also a command line out there that will eliminate that. So look for that. Maybe oscar lang updated that that cli gps setup, which would be pretty cool. So i really think that gap rc got a lot of stuff right on this one, and i am both a gap rc fan and an iflight fan. So these three companies seem to be back to back kind of hitting home runs on um all of their quads. That they release and and this year they've been killing it for you guys with covet and everything at least we've had like some some fun stuff to play with, because these companies are really busy coming out with new products, but let's go ahead and let's put the Baby croc on the scale and let's weigh it versus some of the competitors, all right, guys so we're at 161 grams for the crocodile baby on the scale and with the 850 batteries for s850 it's going to get you over 250 grams. If you want to get it under 250 grams, you have to fly the 4s 650 milliamp battery.

That will put you under that mark. So, with the 18650 battery, the 4sp battery is going to get you at 363 total takeoff weight, but so far this one is the lightest of the pack at 161 grams. Without a battery and let's go ahead and put the explorer on, there make sure that's out of the way and we're at 167.. This one is the second place winner as far as weight goes and with the 850 on there we're getting 271 grams, with the 4sp battery we're, getting 370 grams and without a battery again 167 grams for the explorer lr. Now for the iflight chimera it's the heaviest out of the pack 182 grams, with the 850 for s850 we're, looking at 286 with the 4sp battery we're looking at 384, so definitely the the heaviest guy in the bunch. So i i think what gep rc's done here guys is, is actually pretty damn good and i didn't expect it. This was not expected for me because i wasn't sure anybody would be able to beat the explorer lr, mainly because this one flew great um. It did have some vibes and some higher winds, but that's kind of to be expected, but i think that the tune on this one is flying smoother than than these other two, so uh gep, rc kind of wins. As far as the tune is concerned, um, i did see more vibes when i was flying both of these other two uh in the camera and that's from the stock.

Just dvr recorded footage and uh. You know i can. I can do some comparison between these three. More coming up on the channel as well for you guys but i'm, also excited that geprc released their own version of an 18650 lion pack and it's great, that it's, a 3000 milliamp, and this little four inch quad can carry that and get you around 28 minutes Flight time that's just that's that's the sweet spot uh for four inch, long range, that's, just awesome and it's great – that you can send this places that the seven inch can't go. I i just that is like a whole new level of flying. For me, flying seven inch is great if you're going to do some mountain surfing. If you want to do some sort of closer in sort of like what we would consider medium range, this would be an absolute fun quad to have because again like i can really stay low to the ground and go way out there and shoot little tiny gaps. Um with these four inch quads, these have so much smaller profile and they really are fun to fly it's, just a total different experience than than the seven inch and as far as some good things about this quad versus these other ones, uh. I like that there. This one they ended up getting the lightest one out of the bunch and that's something to be said there for gap rc, because usually they build pretty beasty stuff and it seems like iflight kind of went the the beastie durability route with their thicker frame.

I mean i'm, almost looking at five millimeter on that bottom plate right there and that's, typically something you see on a five inch for a freestyle type of quad. So this one seems more of a geared toward freestyle, with this truex style design versus the slight dead cat that they have here on this one and the flywheel. So i think these are more geared toward long range and long range cinema versus the chimera4. But again, this one was the lightest of the bunch as well. It has a dead cat, a centered up stack here, and it has the best tune on here. So there's a lot of good stuff going on for the baby crocodile, and i think they, i think, they've easily got a home run with this one. This one is one that you could buy and um bind up and be happy with pretty much everything on here, and i prefer the replaceable arms and sometimes in the past, this made these quads heavier, but in this instance it didn't because they lightened up the top Plate and these two bottom plates that hold the arms on, and that is awesome for guys that want to keep this under 250 grams, but super long flight times with the lion or go crazy with a lipo for freestyle. This quad will you'll pretty much do either or either way you go. You'Re gon na have fun with it. So just depends on what you want to do with it.

This quad it pretty much do anything you want it to do and i'm very happy with it. Um, so definitely another two thumbs up release from gaprc um. Two some here thumb here they seem to be beating the rest of the pack here but i'm going to review this one coming up on the channel and, if you're looking for something more durable, you know camera is it's the way to go. It'S, a it's, a very beasty quad uh for this four inch category, but thanks again for watching guys, i'm justin davis. Please do take care and subscribe on my channel because i'm doing a ton of testing for you guys and always trying to bring you some honest comments and uh feedback on all the testing that that do here on the channel.