Do it with a tiny 6 X model there's a new series of these tiny 6, 7 and 8. That came out, and I have the 6 version here so it's around 60 millimeters, and it has a 1s battery on here very simple, to charge these up and get these going. The nicest thing is that this is a ready to fly kit. It comes with everything you need a charger. It comes with an LED battery tester to tell how much voltage is in your battery and a little USB 1s charger and I'll show you all that stuff that comes in the box after you do a little line of sight flying with this guy, but to arm This one it's pretty simple, you're going to first disarm it it's gon na go to red like that you're gon na press the arm button. Once again and now you have motor throttles so let's go ahead and take off the little line. Spikes line with it – and I let a friend of mine, fly this inside in the house, the other night, because I had to let him know that this was one of the most stable, tiny, wolf style, quad copters from 1s that I've flown in quite a long Time and I was just kind of sitting on the couch flying it around enjoying it. While I was watching TV and doing a little SUV in the living room, it was really really cool, very stable kind of easy to fly.

Predictable. You wanted to get the girlfriend hooked on the SUV. This is the easiest way to do it, and this one's red so Valentine's Day is coming up, get her a red one, pretty sweet, and this is all the stock rates on here. It has bethe flight on here already. You can set up two different modes on these switches on the right hand, side, which is neat because you can go fly in an angle mode which is stabilized mode. You can fly it into risin mode and you can fly it in the acro mode and right now it's flying in angle mode, but this is perfect for beginners kids that want to fly. Fpv do fly indoors or outdoors and you're gon na get honestly. I think you're gon na get like probably around a three minutes flight time with some of the batteries that have been flying. This one asked 250 milli, amp batteries. It really lasts quite a long time. The motors were upgraded on here as well they're bigger than the original tiny whoops inductrix fpv quads, but predictable. This is why it's really stable – and I definitely wouldn't fly this if there was any type of wind outside, but right now, it's completely still and its really nice perfect day for flying squad. You can take it way up there because the range is actually really good. I flew this almost like two blocks away and my flight test and didn't have any problems of range whatsoever.

So you can take this one out there quite a ways and explore. Maybe a couple football fields, pretty awesome. So let's go ahead now and set it down. We'Ll, do a little fpv with the new tiny x6 look at that I meant off and all right guys. I get it come a little closer Music. Alright, guys welcome back into the shop. Now we can take a look at what's included with the tiny x6 version. The 6x and also I'll tell you about the 7 X and the 8 X coming up, but this was originally King Kong and it looks like King Kong has sort of rebranded themselves. I don't know if they're going away from the King Kong name. I think some other people written that before, but this is now called LD AARC and it looks like they have a copyright. All rights reserved are up on the top right hand, corner of that logo, so it looks like we're going to see something different from them. This year and I've already seen a bunch of quads coming out with that name on there. So let's go ahead and get started with this kit. It is the Advanced Edition and it is the RTF version. It already comes with receiver installed in here, and it looks like a full range type of micro, receiver and it's already bound up to this little remote control. So everything is already set up on here and it's gon na fly in angle mode, but you can go into beta flight and open up any other modes that you want to.

Ok guys, like I said before, you can put other modes on these two switches on the right hand, side and there's a little LED light on the right hand, side right here, which is going to tell you which mode you're in but again, I think, it's, pretty Cool because it does come in this nice box, it has a little latches here – it's, not lockable, but it's big enough to store pretty much all of your whip accessories in here, and you can either take this in or take it out. If you take it out, you'll have tons of extra room in here, but it's kind of nice that the controller fits down in there and it does come with one battery. I would have liked to seen that you came with maybe a few more batteries in here, but this is a high voltage battery, also so that's. Also pretty nice, so you'll see the voltage on this. One is actually four point: three five volts on a standard base charge now, when you do charge it up for the first time, it's going to be higher than that. Obviously, but high voltage it's a lot nicer on brushed motors, mainly because you're gon na get a little more punch with a high voltage battery, then you would the stock standard One S battery so so I also have some other batteries that we tested out over here. To the right hand, side and I tested out the gnb 260 milliamp.

These are HP's as well and that's thirty to sixty C on that battery, and we also tested out some of these Venom's venom was nice enough to send me some 1s batteries to test out, and these actually did pretty well they're a little bit lighter weight than The G and B batteries – but this is a 260 milliamp which is probably gon na, get you a little more flight time, but these perform pretty well. They are 30 C and they're 220 milliamps and I've also got some crazy Pony batteries which I've had for a while. These are also high voltage and they're 230 milliamps, but these are started to swell, as you can see from the side right here. Look at that that one's, already swelling up so maybe crazy pony is not the best quality. This particular battery the black and orange ones. Didn'T really seem to hold up quite as well as the venom and the G and B batteries. The stock rider that comes along with it so far, no swelling and I've had several flights on this one and I've pretty much punished this battery pretty good by flying it right down to the very end of it. So I'm, just gon na go ahead and take this shell out real quick for you and show you what else comes along with it. They have some cool stuff down here. This is the little King Kong, tiny meter. This is a 1s lipo battery input, voltage tester.

So on this side you have that larger 2.0 version and the original jst connector over here on this side and so it's kind of cool to have both options. If you have batteries with a smaller connector on this side, you can test either kind, but most of the batteries that I have now are the 2.0 version, mainly because these have a better and voltage input. So you're gon na get more power to your motors. With this larger connector, so stick to this style right here, so I'll just test this GMB. I flew this one already and it should be pretty low I'm just gon na plug this in and look at that it's only on one LED right there. So this one has been flown down quite a bit. This one needs to be recharged, and this is pretty cool, because if you take a stack of batteries out to the field, just throw them on this tester right here and you can see which one is good and which one is not. Because I do have most of these have been flown now. This one is full it's, totally ready to go so that's what it's gon na look like when it's totally charged, but this is a pretty nice accessory for anybody that has a tiny loop and it's nice that they also include it with this kit. Now also, you do get a charger in the box, and this is the charger it's, a USB style charger just plugs into the side of your computer or into maybe a little AC adapter in the wall.

But this is nice as well, because this will charge your HVS and it'll also charge those smaller connector style. So it has both types of battery connectors on here, for you, whoops, so 2.0 version and the original version over here on the right hand, side also in the Box, you get a little receiver manual on here, and most of it is in English right here. It shows you a few different setups for your failsafe when it goes red it's in failsafe. Obviously green it's connected to the transmitter, but it also talks about binding procedures. If you need to rebind this receiver, that's kind of cool that they included this as well and also in the box you're gon na need this. This is the manual to your tiny 6x. It also has information in here about the tiny 7 X, 8 X, and one side of this is in Chinese. The other side is in English, but the tiny 6 X is actually 65 millimeters from motor to motor. The 7 is 75 millimeters from motor to motor and the 8 is actually a lot larger 85 millimeters from motor to motor, so the 8 I'm pretty sure it uses different prop size, probably a prop size up from the original 6 X. But you can use the rack and heli style props on these. Those go in the dark ones will actually fit on here as well from rack and heli. So you can check those out I'll try to put the link down below for those, and I said earlier that mine was the Advanced Edition, there's three different editions here actually months, the RTF total RTF edition with the controller, the Advanced Edition is actually going to be With no controller but you're also going to get the case with it now the basic combo right here doesn't come with the case or the controller.

So, depending on what you'd like you can get the advanced one that's going to come with receiver of choice, I believe they're fly Sky, DSM X and fr sky receivers available in that one. Also, you get some more information here about motor direction. The transmitter, which is going to be needed, you're, going to need to know what those buttons are but I'm going to show you guys those, and it also has information there about your LED status, it's kind of cool that they do have some type of LED status Indicators on this transmitter and they're actually pretty easy to see on here, so I don't have any problems with the interface it doesn't have any labels but it's pretty easy. Once you've used it once and figured it out, it's pretty easy to do this one. Now. One of the reasons I like this quad so much is that it does have beta fly on here and it's flying an f3 flight controller. So you can take this into beta flight. You can change things around and you can add modes on the right hand. Side of the controller right here, these two modes will be able to be changeable, so you can turn the transmitter on and you'll be able to tell what mode you're in you can go up or down. So this first mode starts in the very middle that's going to be my agility mode. If I switch again that might be a crow and then all the way up.

I go all the way up here in the green mode, that's going to be horizon mode. So you can set those to whichever one you want inside beta Flay is pretty sweet and also you have a frequency table in here and the VTX alone here is running 25 milliwatts. But you know when I was flying this one that on the street I actually had quite a bit of range on this so I'm, pretty impressed with the range that they have on this 5.8 transmitter. Now let's talk about the quad itself. This is a pretty nice plastic looks like the Delran type of plastic around the edges of the motors, and this is a good thing, because this is super dense and it just bounces off things like swing sets and trees, and maybe your car or whatever you pop Into whatever you happen to hit now on the bottom here, if you look very closely, you can see that sort of full size, micro, receiver right there with the antennas actually snake down under this. If you wanted to increase your range even further, you could take this out and bring this up out the top through one of these holes right here and you're. Gon na extend your range even further now also under here. You have a USB port right here, but this is we're gon na plug in 2, quad, 2 beta flight and also nice guys, if you blow out a motor.

If you look on the bottom here, these wires are color coded, so you have blue here, and the blue wires are going to be your clockwise wire and the black and white wire is going to be your counterclockwise wire right there. So if you have any problem with a motor going out, you can just unplug this and plug in a new motor. Now the image transmission from the VTX and the VTX is actually coming off of the board right here, so it's a combination, VTX and board. All in one, if you look inside this little hole right here, you can see where you can use the boot button and where you can change bands and for your channel selection, and you see this little wire coming out the top right here. This little copper wire is where your video transmitter antenna is coming out right. There that's sending the video back to your goggles and the camera on here is pretty decent that's, actually, 800 TVL camera and it's a hundred and fifty degree field of view. So I can really see things side to side with this quad it's not super distorted on fisheye, but overall, like I said, it's a pretty durable frame. Everything is protected. The motors here the wires, are tucked up underneath and the battery just slides in underneath here. Just like this, so you're gon na slide your battery in this way and to plug in the quad just like this I'll go ahead and turn on the transmitter, and this battery is pretty low, so we're not gon na fly, but I just wanted to show you Also the LEDs on here because I'm going to turn this light down a little bit.

I was really kind of excited about how nice the LEDs look in the dark in the house, so let's do actually pretty well. This battery might be totally low. Let'S just go ahead and throw another battery on there. I'Ll turn it back on and look at that LEDs are actually really really nice now. It also has an indicator on here, so when your battery gets low, if you're flying this line of sight, if you're just learning how to fly a quadcopter, you're gon na get a red light flashing on here when the battery gets low on your quadcopter, so that's Also kind of cool now the transmitter actually has two extra little. What look like little joysticks down here and those are basically for your trims, so I wouldn't really mess around with these too much. Unless you see it drifting, a whole lot, one direction or the other, but generally speaking you don't have to use these now to our mat you'll notice that it doesn't armed right away so you're gon na have to do this. Just press the D power button, you're gon na see that go all the way down to red, you're gon na press. The arm button right here and now you should have power just like that so disarm it and arm it like that, disarmed and armed and there you go and like I was saying over on this right hand, side. This is two switches right here, and you see these LEDs right here.

They tell you what mode you're in so I'm starting out in my agility mode, and I can go up or down here with these buttons, a sort of an up down system and it's gon na scroll through your various modes. They set up in beta flight now right now. I don't have any other modes set up on here, except for agility mode, which is going to be your stabilization mode. But you can see here if I did have modes, that I would just scroll through each mode right there acro horizon and agility mode, but I think it's really cool that you can program this transmitter with different modes right out of beta flight that's, pretty neat and The onoff button is down here, just switch that back into the right to turn it on now. If I switch it off again, I'll show you the battery bay inside this transmitter what's nice, because I thought this one came with double A's or Triple A batteries, but no, it actually has a built in battery back here. So this is really really nice that this one has its own battery it's a little 1s six hundred milliamps, so you're going to get plenty of flight time. Out of that, we just set that right back in there and plug it in just like this. It'S got sort of this hub sand style, connector, that's, pretty sweet. Just like that. Now I can put the hatch back on and you can charge this battery from the USB port down here.

So if you plug in any type of Android style, USB microUSB, you can charge that battery inside the transmitter. Here also, this is running on 2.4 and you can also go in here and change around the way that your stick setup is. So if we wanted to change around the ta er, you probably wouldn't want to do that, but I would just leave this all stock. These switches are all the way down all the way across and I wouldn't change those, but if you wanted the ultimate setup, this is probably the way I would do it. I would get the ISDN t smart charger. This is the Q 6 plus it is able to charge a 1 to 6 S battery on here and, if you pair it up with the ISDN t, AC adapter is 160 watt AC adaptor. This is a separate power supply that you can buy to power. This one, so you can plug it into the wall, to charge your battery it's it's, pretty simple to set up, and this is the other way I would do things is. I would actually take one of these boards and I'll try to put a link down below for this one. This is the crazy Pony 1s charge board. You can charge up to six batteries at once. It also has the version 1 plug right here and a version 2 plug over here. On the left hand side, so you can charge either style 1s battery for your woops and that just plugs right into the side of my Q 6.

Like that, if it didn't come with an XT 60, you can buy an XT 60 and solder that up yourself, but as far as ready to fly whoot combos. This is awesome because you can fight an acro if you want or horizon, and you can use this sort of an acro trainer which is kind of nice, or you can just cruise around the house when it's, cold, outside and it's wet and rainy. You can stay inside and do some fpv but that's a pretty sweet, looking quad so I'm pretty impressed with what they put together here, especially that it includes a really nice case. So you have plenty of extra storage space for all your tiny boob accessories and you're going to be able to get parts for this one. So any of the King Kong stuff usually comes along about a week or two later, all the parts will be available. I'M. Sure they'll have a bunch of different color, canopies and props, and all that cool stuff. So and if you grab one at the link below, I might get a little extra kickback. That would be awesome and if you want to join our quad club, please do that. That'S a lot of fun because you might be able to get special deals on random things that I just decide that don't need so good for you, but take care guys thanks again for watching the drone camps.